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In A Weimar Whorehouse.

“Elihu Willsson opened the meeting. He said things couldn’t go on the way they were going. We were all sensible men, reasonable men, grown men who had seen enough of the world to know that a man couldn’t have everything his own way, no matter who he was. Compromises were things everybody had to make sometimes. To get what he wanted, a man had to give other people what they wanted. He said he was sure that what we all most wanted now was to stop this insane killing. He said he was sure that everything could be frankly discussed and settled in an hour without turning Personville into a slaughterhouse.”

— Dashiell Hammett, Red Harvest


“I read the news today, oh boy
Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire
And though the holes were rather small
They had to count them all
Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall…”

— Lennon/McCartney, A Day in the Life


“It would require a near criminal lack of imagination to be true”

— Hannah Arendt, commenting on people who denied knowing about the Holocaust.




We’re living in a Weimar whorehouse.

Everyone is complicit.

Some are more complicit than others.

Bernie Sanders is a hypocrite.

He has spent months talking up his alliance or, de facto alliance with Warren and while saying that publically he has been privately scheming to beat her.

Like every other greasy politician does about their opponents, he either ordered his team to game an attack on Warren, or looked the other way while they gamed an attack on Warren.

The talking points were that Warren’s appeal is to wealthy (i.e., bourgeois) liberals and left of center liberals. As such she will lose the “working class” morons who were stupid enough to vote for Trump after having voted for Obama-Biden.

As is often the case with these sorts of things the memo, like a virus, got loose and leaked to the media.

That the leak may have also been deliberate should not be discounted.

And by deliberate we mean two scenarios:

In the first Sanders leaked it though that seems unlikely given the shit hitting the fan that has ensued.

The second scenario suggests the standard dirty tricks of politics – a Roger Stone style move either by the Republicans or by Biden.

That is, they have someone inside the Sanders’ campaign.

Think they wouldn’t or that such things don’t happen in saintly America, then you’re an idiot.

However the most likely case is that Sanders is a jackass, his campaign is like all campaigns, running on Redbull, coffee, and no sleep and is disorganized because Sanders is the chief of his own cult.

Or as Fran Lebowitz said: He’s a weird old narcissist.

Notwithstanding her being contextualized by centuries old tribal feuds the comment remains on point.

Amid the ensuing back and forth it has, so far as we are aware, not occurred to anyone that there is a perfectly logical reason for Warren’s retaliation.

Consider the timeline:

Sanders’ memo is leaked.

Warren rightly feels betrayed.

Sanders fumbles the non-apology.

Warren rightly says, fuck you and retaliates by referencing a semi-private conversation accusing Sanders of being a sexist pig.

Sanders retaliates by in effect, calling Warren a liar.

The surrogates obeying their programing, spaff bullshit mostly leaning towards the myth of Saint Bernie, who does no wrong.

What goes missing is that Warren knows Sanders isn’t a sexist and that he didn’t say a woman can’t be president because women aren’t as sleazy as men but that given the systemic sexism of the culture, and Trump’s brutality, and the braindead clickbait crack pipe ethics of the media, a woman can’t win.

But Warren was retaliating in kind.

Claiming she only appeals to yuppies invites accusations of a similar kind.

In this case if Sanders is going to roll in the gutter and try to scare people, and talk out of two sides of his face, Warren reached into her tool box and, as the cliché has it, played the card she has – accusations of sexism.

Amid all of this shit, what has also gone missing is any honest assessment of what a typical political animal Sanders is and how his cult is a blind rutting pig.

Sanders was aiming to break Warren while talking out of the other side of his face about Progressive unity.

In another corner of the whore house, The Guardian ran a piece by a middle of the road conservative who gave the standard head fake and opened with: I like Bernie – and then checked off the boilerplate on why he appeals – he’s got a sense of humor, and he speaks for the workers left behind, yada yada yada.

Followed by all of the standard reasons as to why Sanders, if he gets the nomination, will be America’s version of Jeremy Corbyn.

As we’ve said for some time, all of those reasons are on point.

Grant the premise that the smear campaign would use lies and distortions and you still are left with a massive media machine dedicated to spreading lies, smears and distortions.

We don’t grant the premise because many of the criticisms of Sanders are valid.

Sanders, like Corbyn, refuses to admit that a central cadre of the left is anti-Semitic.

And even if they aren’t they in turn attach Sanders to people who are and no American (from the left) is getting elected president with baggage like that.

Anymore than a Brit is getting elected PM by calling Hamas friends and saying they sympathize with the IRA.

Add to that Sanders as a Jew will be vilified by the bigots on the right.

And then there’s his trips to Nicaragua to cheer on the Sandinistas.

It doesn’t matter that Somoza was a thug and America is as always guilty of supporting fascists.

It should but it doesn’t.

It hasn’t mattered for decades any more than it has ever really mattered that we employed Nazis.

It should but it doesn’t.

And if all of that weren’t enough the fact remains that if he actually wins, the corrupt gerrymandered House and the depraved Senate will block him at every turn.

And that includes Nancy Pelosi and the Wall Street liberals who will unite with the Republicans to fuck Sanders.

As Sanders critique of Warren is to the 3% of the “working class” who voted for Trump so to are the 3% of bigots and USA Number One! morons who will hear “communist Sanders” and vote for Trump.

Sanders can’t or won’t admit that.

His supporters can’t or won’t admit it either.

And they are all racing towards a cliff.

In another corner of the whore house we learned in the last 24 hours that Trump Inc had the US ambassador to Ukraine under surveillance.

Perhaps for a hoped for chance at blackmail, or a chance to have her accidentally fall down a flight of stairs six or seven times.

Yes Trump is that stupid, that violent and that much a gangster.

As are the gangsters and assorted Quislings surrounding him.

Among the most important of the lizard people around him is Mitch McConnell.

If the reports are true – and there’s no reason to really doubt them – Mitch is obligated to investigate them.

But because he’s a not so crypto confederate asshole committed to the establishment of a theocratic tyranny in which the evangelicals and the reactionaries destroy the remnants of the New Deal, he won’t lift a finger.

If the Democrats had any spine, or a spine not made from rusty slinkies, they would charge Mitch with obstruction.

The president’s henchman were targeting an American diplomat to further a scheme to undermine an election.

Refusing to investigate that is obstruction.

But they won’t.

Which brings us to another room in the whore house.

Here we have Nancy were capitalists get used to it Pelosi wringing her hands at the unseemly mess of it all.

She is, she says, unsure if the Attorney General is the puppet for Trump or the other way around. But either way, he (William Barr) won’t appoint a special prosecutor.

Which is Pelosi’s way of appearing righteous while simultaneously dodging the mess of responsibility and the discomfort of taking any action.

And she mentions that she’s raised a record 87 million dollars for Democratic candidates.

The media is of course silent on who gave her the cash.

One assumes it was the Knights of the Round Table  and Vestal Virgins– on Wall Street.

Which means that the same people invested in all of those companies that employed Hunter Biden because he’s a genius but not because he’s the son of the former VP, spaffed up the millions to buy Democrats.

Because when you exit the whore house you enter the whore house.

And amid all of this shit, no discussion of how a wilderness of mirrors pervades every aspect of everything.

Does anyone with any sense (a small, small, small, number of people) really believe the goons aren’t the mafia?

And by goons we mean the government goons.

And does anyone really believe the mafia isn’t the other side of the same coin as the feds.

In an episode of Shameless tribal chief Frank ends up on jury duty.

The case involves a kid caught selling counterfeit designer purses.

The jury is all set to convict when Frank, desperate for some more beer money, makes a speech:

Don’t you fools get it, he says – the sweatshop where they make the fake designer purses is across the street from the sweatshop where they make the authentic ones.

And they’re both owned by the same people.

Of course, he’s right.

The pimp is a cop.

He gives a split to the chief of the vice squad.

The madam is fucking the banker who launders drug money.

The drugs move in and out of the city where you live because politicians have created an economic stimulus plan for the dealers.

It keeps the cops and the lawyers and the media and the other whores employed.

It pays for economic development and gentrification which produces jobs for people to talk about gentrification and corruption.

And the whore house is inside a real estate portfolio owned by the people who contribute millions for campaigns where people talk about ending corruption.

And while the Trump goons were targeting the ambassador the federal goons (that is, the other federal goons) were watching the Trump goons and all of them were being watched by Ukrainian goons, in turn being watched by Russian goons, being watched by British goons who work from time to time with ex not so ex British goons, who are hired by American politicians to dig up dirt on their rivals, and who are in turn watched by still more goons, who are watched by goons hired by foreign governments concerned about being watched by goons.

And then there’s Harvey Weinstein who has an entire whore house to himself and who employed an army of ex not so ex goons to watch the people he was terrorizing.

While everyone who was sucking his dick claims they knew nothing about what he was doing.

And then there’s Ghislaine Maxwell who reports claim, is in hiding, being watched by ex not so ex goons to keep her safe, from the goons hired by other goons to see what she does or doesn’t do.

All breathlessly reported by media machines addicted to clickbait systems owned by people invested in companies in which Maxwell and Weinstein are also invested.

And from which they take money to pay the lawyers who pay goons to keep an eye on the people investigating Weinstein and Maxwell.

Who employ goons to keep an eye on the goons employed to keep an eye on them.

And so it goes.

Hey Joe, says the whore, I love you long time.






For an example of the insanity of the Sanders’ cadre see the link below and pay attention to the total distortion of the context and the attempt to smear Warren as a “corporate” hack. (and if you can stomach it read some of the hundreds of comments directed against Warren – that use standard sexist tropes about women being too temperamental, etc)

Also take note of what isn’t said: there is no mention of the Sanders’ memo and the goal of painting Warren as unelectable because she only appeals to wealthy White people.

Per this drink the Kool-Aid bullshit, the memo was never written, never leaked and poor Bernie is being attacked by the corporate goons who Warren has joined

Drink the Kool-Aid


For a look at the chaos and bull shit inside the Sanders’ campain and the memo* see the following:

*We’re surprised it hasn’t been called “memogate” by the stylistic savants in the media.

Here’s another example of the delusional, sexist cult of Sanders drink the Kool-Aid rhetoric – this time from [poltroon oracle, Michael Moore.

While it’s possible the comments were edited, we doubt it and Moore, like the rest of the cadre is pretending Sanders didn’t shoot first with the, sje only appeals to the elites, memo:

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