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Vienna Waits for you.

Here at the Ink were generally skeptical about the data we get from WordPress. Not because we think the geeks and assorted Keebler elves at WP are dishonest but because we just as a kind of default, really don’t place a lot of faith in the data points.

Sometimes they feel perfectly accurate and other times they feel odd.

Sometimes it’s just a question of search string errors.

For example some time back we posted a brief piece on Chinese tourists visiting North Korea because they were fascinated by images from the Maoist era and because they found the poverty intriguing.

We called it tourism porn and because of how we titled the post, people searching for North Korean porn ended up here instead of at the Hot Tractor site.

Once we changed the title the number of hits decreased until it reached zero.

We mention all of this as part of an open letter.

Between yesterday and now (per the dateline clock used by WP) someone or several people somewhere in Austria have visited our humble blog nearly 100 times.

We’re not complaining.


But, it seems odd.

Then again, properly viewed, everything is odd if not mysterious.

So, whoever you are, if you have question, comments, editorials, jokes, bromides or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line.

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