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Mayor Pete Rage and the left.

Here are two samples of anti Buttigieg  rhetoric – one from The Guardian’s comments and the other from the comments below a recent Sam Seder Majority Report video:

“Elf on a shelf looks like Peter Buttigieg. And Butti is pals with Zuckerberg who is so helpful in mass surveillance. Also with China’s biometric pal Gates.”

“He is clearly premenstrual. That’s exactly how I respond when my kid asks me to drop everything and do something she could easily do herself and I am 20 minutes from starting my cycle.”


Over the past few weeks a wave of “Mayor Pete” rage has roiled across the media specifically among the so called “alternative media” with Sam Seder’s Majority Report and TYT taking the lead.

The vitriol from Seder and his band of angry Muppets is so consistent in tone and skewed content that a reasonable person might consider it is based on a coordinated set of talking points being sourced by the Sander’s campaign or a surrogate.

This meshes with earlier anti-Pete rage covered in a NY Times’ article that attributed most if not all of the hate to Buttigieg’s youth, intelligence and relative success.

These are all factors and as several anonymous sources frame it, if the other candidates were having the same relative success they’d attract rhetorical fire as well.

In other words, the spite is essentially “democratic” (sic!) and not pathological.

We don’t dispute the everyone is fair game aspect but beneath the surface there is a seeming confluence of several traditional All American attitudes – and pathologies.

First the obvious – yes, homophobia is an issue but, crucially, it’s among mostly white “woke” Progressives, who employ rhetoric that is not isolated, infrequent and is consistently aimed at Buttigieg’s “masculinity” or directly aims for his orientation.

Calling him “premenstrual” is both homophobic and misogynistic.

That it is posted to a “Progressive” media platform and not called out either by the platform (which consistently “likes” comments of which it approves thus establishing it is aware of content from viewers) or other viewers is ugly at best and rancid at worst – as it mirrors the toxic antisemitism of Labour.

Couched in “Progressive” talking points about Mckinsy and corporate sleaze it either begins or ends with comments that use barely concealed homophobic tropes.

A survey of the comments on The Guardian, TYT, Majority Report etc reveal the same tropes employed with anyone who deviates from the Bernie will save us orthodoxy (recalling the Bernie Bros of 2016 who like their Gammergate cousins used misogynistic rhetoric at HRC supporters and at HRC her self while insisting they were down for “the revolution.”) as well as the same rhetoric used to denounce anyone who deviates from party dogma vis the Middle East, the Palestinians and Israel. (another point of friction for Buttigieg who has offered a nuanced set of comments on that dynamic – to the disgust of the orthodox left who believe history is responsive to a swift kick in the ass and their self-proclaimed moral superiority).

Which is not to say working for a corporate behemoth is off limits as a question of the man’s character.

However, as with those issues, any suggestion of nuance let alone even a qualified support for “Mayor Pete” is met with denunciations of apostate and fraud and worse.

That this style of self-righteous dogma and “party discipline” invites a circular firing squad atmosphere that in turn weakens the anti-Trump effort, is dismissed with the pretzel logic one expects in cults and traditional left polities – deviation is unacceptable and to prove it you must not deviate!

And then there’s good old American anti-intellectualism.

Sanders is “a man of the people” as long as the people are defined essentially as under 50 because of course there are millions of people over 60 who define Biden as a man of the people – “Hardscrabble” Joe from Scranton who rides Amtrak and probably splits wood, grows his own apples for cider and is “folksy” so long as no one mentions that even if his son and he didn’t break any laws, it’s sketchy as fuck that his son, with zero practical experience, worked for a Ukrainian energy firm (and was paid 50 fucking thousand a month!) while his father was VP.

Warren of course may be an academic (and for conservatives the worst sort because she taught at the people’s republic of Harvard) but she’s done and said nothing to be smeared with the sobriquet of “intellectual.”

Besides, she loved Game of Thrones and Ballers and The Rock and he’s “the people’s champion” so you wont catch her learning some Scandinavian language to be able to read a novel in the original and by the way Buttigieg’s favorite novel is THE apex predator among huate intellectuals – Ulysses!

If that’s not queer (and un-Amuri-kan!!!) than what is?

And so we round up the usual suspects and change x for y.

Ask let alone demand of a Sander’s foot soldier exactly how their fearless and well intentioned leader is going to beat Trump’s obvious race baiting (Trump: Oh here comes crazy Bernie Bernstein to take your money!), the gerrymandered districts, the corrupt courts and voter suppression and a Pelosi were capitalists get used to it cadre of Wall Street liberals, their sudden allies among the Republicans, the fascist wing of the Republicans, Wall Street, the establishment media, and the intelligence goons, and you get the same rhetorical shit on a stick you can find in the remainder bins across the UK along with Labour’s manifesto – Sanders is right! Universal healthcare, erase student debt, create jobs, save the environment!

And as we’ve said previously, all true.

Which is how the alternative media always frames the argument – to question how the sausage will get made is to be a heretic Trump goon!

What is never explained is exactly how, given the systemic corruption of the system, Sanders will enact his ambitious program.

Point out that even left oracle Chomsky has publically stated Sanders is fucked (precisely by the combination of factors we mentioned above) and you get a move the goalpost non response about polls in California showing Sanders with a commanding lead – as if California was suddenly going to have a seizure and vote Republican for the first time in 40+ years – and as if it’s somehow significant that Sanders is doing well in a liberal bastion and that in turn is indicative of a nationwide trend.

And even if it were the fact is, polls are not a political Maginot Line – this is not static but fluid and Sanders v Trump is not Sanders et al v Trump.

Months of consistent Bernie the kike is coming for your money is not something the pollsters are going to ask now or even in a few months except as a useless vanilla “question” that only reveals if average possible voters have a concern about a Jewish president – not what do you think after being subjected (or subjecting yourself) to months of Stockholm Syndrome bombardment by Trump, Fox, Breitbart and Limbaugh about Bernstein.

And so back to Mayor Pete.

The official alternative media attack focuses on a combination of “he’s a corporate pig” with insistence about “barely suppressed rage” “being smug” “arrogance” and how “South Bend is a joke” and besides, he must be a bigot because he hasn’t solved America’s systemic bigotry and the legacy of centuries of racism.

Versus Sanders choice of anti-Semite Linda Sarsour.

And even if we were to grant the premise that her “criticism of Israel is about policy differences and is not racist” (we don’t) the fact is the cadres of Sanders’ enemies will use Sarsour as a toxic talking point just like the rancid Tories used “Hamas are our friends” against Corbyn.

If the establishment media is as toxic as Sanders and co claim (it is that toxic) then why toss them a bucket of political rhetorical chum?

Sanders will no doubt say it’s because he believes she’s right and he wants to collect political iou’s and because his recent article on his seldom discussed origin story was an attempt to split the difference- Zionist and politically “progressive.”

Fantastic except if Pete can be beaten over the head for a 2 year stint at Mckinsey only a fool would think Sanders wont be beaten over the head for his problematic choices.

And so the left goes on doing what it does best – eating its own, enforcing Orwellian purity tests, avoiding the messy blunt business of winning, and dances around a bonfire of self-righteous tribal animosities with its underwear over its head while spraying itself with lighter fluid.

And adds accelerants borrowed from the fascists who hate queers and intellectuals but really hate intellectual queers – almost as much they hate queer intellectual Jews.

With friends like these…




Here’s an example of self-righteous Pete Rage that suggests working for McKinsey is morally analogous to working for the people who manufactured Zyclon B without bothering to mention that if said work is immoral then exactly how (to consider just one of several hundred inconsistencies) moral is it to pay taxes to a government that used your money to pay for environmental destroying oil, coal, and the Cobalt that powers this and all other slave manufactured government sanctioned tracking devises?

And here’s some inside dope on McKinsey:

The Atlantic has an interesting article on this issue and of the points raised the most interesting to us, is anxiety – as in, younger voters (aka, Millennials) hate Buttigieg because he’s an establishment success – Harvard, Rhodes Scholar, vet, gay/married, mayor and now a national figure – who speaks 7 languages.

In other words neither a Gen X “slacker” nor a victim of the truly unjust system but someone who, by bourgeois standards has “made it” – or to put it another way, he’s Benjamin Braddock if Ben had loved plastics and not Mrs. Robinson.

There is also the possibility of the narcissism of small differences – Buttigieg is just that much different from so many and yet, he’s within shouting distance of the White House and becoming an iconic and transitional historical figure.

But he’s not working as a barista, isn’t talking about getting the band back together, and isn’t sleeping on someone’s couch.

Therefore, he must be destroyed.


Below is a link to the self-righteous Kyle Kulinski in which he claims Saint Bernie has dismantled Mayor Pete’s “BS” about healthcare.

Buttigieg, as most readers will probably know, advocates what he calls Healthcare for all – who want it.

The idea as such, is that telling people they have to take government healthcare wont go over with a lot of Americans who, Buttigieg is smart enough not to define as paranoid, neo-John Birch-esque loons.

Which they are.

These are the people who Obama said were clinging to god, guns and bitterness.

These are the goons threatening violence if Trump is removed from power.

It’s not an unreasonable view by Buttigieg however “vanilla” it tastes.

Per Kulinski and Sanders however, it’s bunk because, as Sanders says, it leaves in place the for profit manipulators who run private insurance at the expense of human lives and rights.

And that’s true.

We repeat: That’s true.

The problem for Sanders and his cadre is that Buttigieg’s also correct and secondly, there’s something far more important: As Buttigieg’s plan is to Sander’s critique, so to is Sander’s critique to the rest of American capitalism.

Sanders wants to eliminate student debt.

That’s a legitimate idea.

However he has no plan to nationalize the banks, the hedge funds, or the debt market.

Which leaves in place the for profit manipulators who, faced with losing hundreds of billions if student debt is eliminated, will race for the nearest exit, create a debt crisis elsewhere and turn a profit from their manipulation(s) of the market.

This is because Sanders is an old fool, and a limp “socialist” who appeals to the limp “woke” keyboard warriors who think “revolutions” can be voted into power and that even if we’re living in an Orwellian corporate dictatorship, all that’s required is electing a righteous dude with the Bill of Rights in one hand and the complete works of Chomsky in the other.

After all, like a villain in a Scooby Doo cartoon, the oligarchs would have gotten away with it if not for those pesky kids, their dog and…look! It’s old man Sanders from the abandoned saw mill!


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