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Postmortem. Corbyn, the left and the Gravedigger.

“In town I pass Sal’s grocery
Barber shop on South Street

I looked in their faces
They’re all rank strangers to me

Well Veteran’s Hall high upon the hill
Stood silent and alone
The diner was shuttered and boarded
With a sign that just said “gone”

It’s gonna be a long walk home
Hey pretty darling, don’t wait up for me
Gonna be a long walk home
Hey pretty darling, don’t wait up for me…”


— Bruce Springsteen, Long Walk Home




What the fuck is wrong with the left?

A near perfect storm of circumstances have emerged that should see them advancing from success to success.

The environment is collapsing, wages are stagnant except where they are in free fall relative to the cost of living, the right is almost as blatantly vile as when it barfed over the planet in the middle of the last century, social media has made information available at an extraordinary volume and notwithstanding the toxic brain dead quality of much of it more people have more information than at any time in history.

Climate refugees and apocalyptic weather events are regular if not routine and yet, despite Trump and BoJo being demonstrably insane, the left can’t seem to avoid blowing its own head off in a fit of self-harm.

Granted the media is at best corporate and at worst fascistic (thus defining the distinction without a difference between say, MSNBC and Fox), the education system is designed to crank out Deltas and Epsilons, the world is living under the boot of an Orwellian panopticon, and people even under more dire circumstances are prone to acting like sheep except when they act like wolves.

And still, the British left decides to run Jeremy Corbyn and the American left (when not eating its own – see below) is likely to either lose to Biden or run Sanders who is approximately 800 years old has a bad heart and will be labeled by Trump – crazy Bernie Bernstein coming to take your money.

Vile? Racist? Idiotic?


Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

First to Corbyn.

On what planet does anyone believe the English would vote for a man who said he supports (or is ambiguously sympathetic to) the IRA?

One may grant the premise (we don’t) but running for PM of the UK and saying you support the IRA is like crewing with Quint and saying you support the shark.

Is the never ending occupation of Ireland a crime?


So say that, directly and also condemn the IRA.

And then like every other PM hold secret talks with them to work out a deal.

But not Jeremy.

And if that wasn’t enough, he calls Hamas, friends.

Again, grant the premise (we don’t) in some sort of post-colonial anti-imperial show of solidarity and still who in their right mind believes that the utterly loathsome Tories wont hang you with it?

Want to complain about the corrupt tabloid Murdoch gutter press?

Ok but that doesn’t get air time or ink and if you grant that premise (we do) – that the British press is a gutter dwelling roach motel of whores, fascists and fools – then exactly what is your plan for defeating them?

Singing the Internationale?

Or spending a few years tripping over one anti-Semite after another( who all work for you) while getting bogged down in rhetorical trench warfare?

And then going on television and spending an agonizing minute in prime time refusing to either apologize or pivot the conversation and instead digging an ever deeper hole and saying – blah blah blah Tories bad vote for me maybe because I’m against Brexit except maybe not so much meh.

And then there are the freaks and assorted goons with their hands up Corbyn’s ass.

Consider former Guardian reporter, Seamus Milne who is on record saying that Hamas and the IRA can’t be guilty of terrorism because they are defending themselves.

Therefore, blowing up a pub in London or a nursery in Ramat Gan is acceptable.

As, one assumes, is killing Seamus Milne.

Again, grant the premise as much as you like (again, we don’t) but do you really believe anyone in their right mind is going to vote for a government that is committed to not defending you?

And then there’s The Guardian.

Running a postmortem of the catastrophe they went on for a dozen or so paragraphs before mentioning Milne and then ignored his insane views on political self-harm and instead presented him as just someone with an alternative POV caught up in a wider context that includes political in-fighting.

Sort of like discussing the Titanic without mention the iceberg. Or Lincoln and ignoring the trip to the theater.

Corbyn of course is psychologically committed to not being a leader because he believes in the “party” and “the people” and views his (now former) job as being only the man who implements the will of the party because, everyone is equal.

All well in good except we live in a world where that attitude versus a psychopath like Bojo is like going to a gun fight with a spatula.

As the old(er) left used to say about the right, vis Vietnam – and the old fool said, push on.

Which brings us to America.

The left side of the chattering class has been quick to denounce Biden for his tap dancing on Labour’s corpse saying that the comparison between the British scene is distinct from our own.

And in many respects that’s true but Biden either truly disagrees or doesn’t care and knows a good hunk of political red meat when you hit him over the head with it.

And so back to Sanders.

As we’ve detailed previously it’s not that he’s wrong about healthcare and the dangerous obscenity of three people owning more than half of the entire wealth of the nation. He’s not wrong about the environment, or education, or wages, or housing.

What he’s catastrophically wrong about is underestimating the power of the ruling class the combination of apathy and suppression that stalks the country, and that he’s almost 80 and just had a heart attack.

And that there is not one example in America’s history of calls for radical change not being met with crushing violence.

That is analogous to any one or three of Corbyn’s acts of delusional self-harm.

And then add in his choice of a surrogate (Linda Sarsour) who like Corbyn, Milne and the gentle Zen monks of the IRA and Hamas, will be rhetorically beaten to death by the establishment media and the Republicans because, she’s not going to denounce terrorists, and wont denounce goons like Louis Farrakhan.


Because they’d rather be right than win.

And because they actually believe there are more of them than the bigots and the fascists and the terrified who will vote for Trump.

Get into the booth to pull the lever and millions of people who may not be concerned with a Jew, and a left-ish one at that as president, will think twice about his VP and the people he calls, friends. And at least that many times about him.

Fran Liebowitz may be a poor man’s Dorothy Parker but she wasn’t too far off when she called Sanders a weird old narcissist.

Were he a statesmen, then after his heart attack, he would have dropped out of the race and thrown his support to Warren – with conditions.

Including pulling her further from the center.

Clearing the field would boost her against Biden’s dead on arrival Mayor of Bedford Falls centrism, would have blocked Mayor Pete’s centrism and combined the two most dynamic figures into one focused point of attack.

Instead we were treated to Sanders endorsing Cenk Uygur, who announced he’s not taking endorsements, Sanders withdrawing his endorsement, and Uygur being crucified by left media harpies over comments he made a decade ago and has repeatedly repudiated.

Specifically, while a Republican and an adolescent in an adult’s body, he posted online comments about women that range from the problematic and sophomoric to the misogynistic.

He later grew up, evolved, took the comments down and on several TYT broadcasts said he was sorry.

Not good enough for Jezebel or The Guardian which saw fit to say about this (emphasis added):

“But this is another twister in a significant political storm, as there has been uproar about Uygur running for the seat of, of all people, Hill.

Hill was obliged to resign from Congress over allegations of a rule-breaking sexual indiscretion, which she has denied, and an acknowledged previous affair with a campaign subordinate – all wrapped in an atrocious onslaught of digital bullying (aka revenge porn) from her ex that garnered criticism of a double standard in Washington for female politicians.

And there had been growing disquiet about Sanders cozying up to Uygur with an endorsement yesterday. Uygur is a host of the TV commentary show Young Turks and has a long history of making wildly sexist comments. Jezebel called him “gross” earlier today.”

This is a blatant distortion and malicious lie.

Saying he has a long history implies it’s an ongoing issue.

Layering it within the fact that he’s running for a seat that had been held by a liberal woman forced out by a savage right wing media, her ex-husband, and her own mistakes, only makes the circular firing squad more effective.

In contrast a veteran Labour figure remarked about watching a Tory press scrum and overhearing a young Labour activist say about it: God the Tories are so boring they just repeat the same thing over and over again.

Yes they do.

While Labour was feeding itself to the sharks and blathering and hemming hawing and engaging in what one insider called political incontinence, the misanthropic, pathological gangsters and sadists were repeating their big lie.

Point to the polls as much as you like and insist Sanders does well with the 2 or 3 percent who went from Obama to Trump.

And then try to understand that it’s not the Maginot Line.

What’s true now or next week is useless when you’re inside the end of years of being beaten over the head by propaganda, you’ve got the jitters and shakes because a lunatic is in the White House, and your side keeps scoring on its own goal except for when it’s eating its own wounded.

Wail about Blair as much as you like; call him a war criminal.

But he was right when he said, you can’t govern unless you win.

The tragedy of politics, a smart man once said, is that it must translate ideas into facts.

The facts are that there is something terminally wrong with the left as currently constructed.

Committed to being right instead of winning it reminds us of the old joke about the Spanish Civil War.

We may have lost all the battles, say the leftists, but we had all the best songs.



See some details here:


Update: 12/16/19

If England was an alcoholic, there would be an intervention and having 80 members of the House of Lords publically demand an apology from an anti-Semite member of the Lords is essentially an intervention. Note however The Guardian chooses to ignore this*:

*Lady Tonge was last in the news at The Guardian back in 2016:

And then there’s this:

The deeper one digs into the sewer of the British left and its mouthpiece, The Guardian, the more moral fatbergs emerge.

Baroness Tonge is (in)famous for a string of comments about Israel including the updated blood libel trope in which she peddles the charge that IDF personnel sent to Haiti for earthquake relief assistance, were harvesting organs to sell on the black market.

No evidence was provided beyond claiming, well, isn’t that just like the Jews.

Lady Tonge also has been in attendance at events where she shared the stage with charming and thoughtful people who believe the Holocaust was a Jewish plot.

All of which you can read about via the links below but what stands out is the third rate attempt at being reasonable which is really just gas lighting and more of The Guardian’s effort to normalize anti-Semitism.

The article offers the usual head fake and see, nothing up my sleeve, common to anti-Semites on the left – oh says the author, Tonge sure has said some stupid things in the past but c’mon, what we need isn’t censorship of her words, just dialogue.

This in turn is used to conceal an attempt to normalize the elimination of Israel – by suggesting that it’s normal to think about how nation sates, currently configured, never last forever.

And that would be a reasonable point of discussion if it were coming from someone who wasn’t saying it while holding a copy of Heinrich Himmler’s favorite love poems and who believes in blood libels, and is okay hanging out with people who think the Waffen SS got a bum rap.

Read the radioactive fatberg here:


Update: 12/16/19:

Here’s The London Review of Books offering two things on the crushing defeat of Labour: First, like an addict in denial about their addiction, there is no mention of either Corbyn’s anti-Semitism, or the blatant anti-Semitism of too many in Labour, and secondly a solid example of the looming crises headed Johnson’s way, including Scottish independence:

And regarding both Labour’s anti-Semitism and the general blind eye of The Guardian which likes to pretend it’s paying attention to this issue, below find links to an open letter about why anti-Semitism was preventing influential people from voting for Corbyn, and a link to an article about the letter.

While having john Le Carre take a stand against Corbyn and Labour is significant enough consider crucially that Tom Holland – Spiderman* – also signed the letter.

First, anyone who thinks a prominent celebrity (regardless of relative fame or the inherent emptiness of fame) calling you out isn’t a sign of impending political death, is an idiot.

Secondly notice how it was a non-issue in the wider media.

In other words, Disney/Marvel called in favors and it flew under the radar.

Thus, secondly as with Larry David, Gal Gadot and “The Palestinian Chicken” the switch get moved or not and “outrage” is a function of click bait and not an organic expression of emotions.

*We admit to confusion here over which “Tom Holland” signed the letter.

The other one is a British novelist and on the surface far more likely to have signed such a document. Several media platforms have however stated that it is, the actor famous for his role in the MCU.

And here is a link to an article specifically mentioning the confusion over which “Tom Holland” signed and also stating it’s far more likely that it was not the one filmed swinging around the world or on other spaceships.

‘UK Celebrities Declare They Cannot Vote Labour Due to Antisemitism Concerns

Two Dozen Prominent British Figures Sign Open Letter Urging Vote Against Labour Over Antisemitism Issue

Update: 12/17/19:

This could be written better and could be more expansive but is, despite the expected anti-Semitism of The Guardian, well worth considering:

Update: 12/19/19:

Hardly takes a genius to have seen this coming but take note that Nicola Sturgeon has attached Scottish independence to the EU forcing the EU to attach itself and Brexit to Scotland.

Buckle up.

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