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Hey Joe! Don’t Bogart that J!

“Roll another one,
Just like the other one.
You been holding onto it,
And I sure would like a hit!

Don’t bogart that joint my friend,
Pass it over to me!
Don’t bogart that joint my friend,
Pass it over to me!”

— Don’t Bogart that Joint,  Elliot Ingber / Larry Wagner



A cop once told us that it was statistically true that weed was a “gateway drug.”

Our response was that the data sample was flawed.

How’s that, asked the cop.

Because, if the philosophy and law grad students at Yale and UC Berkeley have been busted for weed, it’s not as if they didn’t get expensive lawyers to keep them out of prison. As a result the sample only consists of people either too poor or too stupid to wield their (admittedly flimsy) rights, at the cops and, throw their get out of jail free cards at the local DA.

Which brings us to Joe Biden.

He’s announced he isn’t sure if weed is a “gateway drug” or not because there hasn’t been enough study.

He also thinks it should be moved from Schedule 1 (where it sits along side Heroin, etc) to another category which would facilitate further examination of its effects.

He also said he thinks people serving time for minor weed offenses should be released from prison.

Of course the terminally outraged Bernie supporters, and the hipper or woker than thou cadres supporting Warren and who live for the next tribal utterance from, TYT, Majority Report, Kyle Kulinski and Pakman, et al, will both ridicule “Granddad Joe” and express their moral superiority – they will cloak themselves in righteous solidarity with the victims of the war on drugs (victims indeed of a systemic racism, corruption and class warfare) and tell you Joe is either a foolish cynical pol who doesn’t understand his own bigotry, or that he is all of that but knows exactly what he’s doing.

The truth is, he’s an expert political animal who just stole a march on Sanders and Warren.

How’s that, you ask?


He’s done exactly what he said he would do – compromise, split the difference and invite everyone into the gooey middle.

His first target is the Union for cops.*

The war on drugs is of course systemic racism; a Jim Crow 2.0.

It’s also, jobs and billions in budgetary power and favors.

Biden has offered to keep the financial buffet in business which wont cost cops their jobs and pensions.

But he’s tossed a meal to the liberal side of the left by saying, we’ll change the definition and allow the states to sort it out and increase federal “study” which amounts to a wink and a nudge to the states to continue to decriminalize.

This splits the left and peels votes off from the Sanders/Warren camp.

It rests on math which has convinced Biden that even if fewer people vote for him they have more establishment power than the greater numbers voting for Warren and Sanders.

And he’s not wrong.

Under 40 and watching TYT/Sam Seder et al, and feeling the Bern and liking how Warren has a plan for that, is not the same as the ability of the people inside the room, to get out the vote and grease palms.

The finer point being that doesn’t mean it isn’t corrupt.

That doesn’t mean it will work but it is not as haphazard and old as it will be spun by the dull witted and smug.

This is Biden 101 within politics 101.

This is what he meant when he said he was able to talk to old bigots in the Senate.

This is what he meant when he said the money is problematic but lobbyists aren’t innately bad people.

It’s what he means when he says at the end of the day you have to be able to get the sausage made.

He’s talking the way people over 60 talk – who didn’t march against the war in Vietnam but who voted for Carter, Clintonx2, and Obama/Biden.

The problem is of course the system is in terminal decline full of distinctions without a difference.

Biden is attempting to repair the gunshot wound to the head with a polite bromide and a cold compress.

All social cadres eventually face extinction.

The refusal to compromise leads to people storming the Winter Palace and telling King George III to stuff it.

Eventually History forces people to take bold risks or find themselves being swallowed by people taking bold risks because the alternative is death, or worse.

Hey Joe, don’t Bogart that joint.



For a look at Biden’s, moon shot, and big kiss to the unions:


*As we mentioned previously in regards to the calls to create universal health care, the change will eliminate millions of jobs or bloat the budget and rob Peter to pay Paul.

The cops and their unions are also their dependents, and the vast network of people who rely on the cops for money in the form of everything from donuts to guns, to advertising, to tech companies, and pension funds that prop up corrupt money laundering banks nesting inside Wall Street.


Update: 11/27/19

Who the fuck knows? Maybe Joe is as daft as he sometimes seems or maybe since it’s a holiday and no one is paying attention he figured he could cough up some flim flam and and dodge the issue?

Was he quoted accurately to begin with or has he been misquoted this time?

Our best guess is a combination of all of the above – secure votes, mumble-stumble, prevaricate and keep moving.


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