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Donald Trump. A Man on an Ether Binge.

“As I have stated strongly before, and just to reiterate, if Turkey does anything that I, in my great and unmatched wisdom, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve done before!). They must, with Europe and others, watch over…”

— Donald Trump


The drugs kicked in somewhere north of Mar-a-Lago.

If you had any doubt he was insane, a danger to himself and others, and if you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a mash up of the Middle Ages and an episode of Monty Python, with liner notes by Tarantino after several pounds of Bolivian flake, here’s your opportunity.

Except, unlike Python, this isn’t contained by your TV and unlike the Middle Ages, this isn’t the distant past, and high tech is not a bow and arrow or a broad sword and Quentin is busy planning his retirement.

The man is insane and even if you tried to grant the premise and said, he’s bluffing, the fact is, someone in that position, who thinks talking that way is a legitimate bluff, is insane and an idiot.

Of course neither the spineless Republicans or the spineless Democrats are going to do anything “dramatic” despite the fact that the president is doing the political equivalent of marching to the sea and ordering the ocean to obey him.

The 25th Amendment should be used but it wont be and the cowards in the so called “resistance” – which always has been and continues to be a Pepsi commercial – will wait for tribal Muppet chiefs like Colbert to crack jokes and then wait for the slow, creaking wheels of the corrupt House to vote on impeachment – which should take about 6 months.

And even if it happens sooner, the psychosis inherent in the Saint Vitus Dance foreign policy that is currently Turkey, is just the start.

Faced with the blunt force trauma of impeachment Trump, who was an unstable moron to begin with, will retreat further into delusions and god only knows what he’ll do.

A barrage of radioactive hamsters fired at Japan?

Try to steal the Queen of England?

Sell Spain to New Zealand for a box of smokes and a place to stand?

You think this is far fetched?

Try, ordering a carrier battle group into San Francisco Bay for target practice, or a division of marines being ordered to stage a mock landing in Europe?

Or getting on the phone to tell Putin the name of a CIA source?

The fact is, the statement is not any better than when Nixon was gorked on booze and pain killers and thought the portraits in the White House were talking to him, and the president’s Hands ordered the military to double check his orders with them before doing anything rash, like dropping a few fat ones on the Vietnamese, or Seattle.

My great and unmatched wisdom?

Who talks that way?

Insane monks curing hemophiliac czarevitchs with their hands, prayers and a bag of feral cats, and deranged Roman emperors and people on psych wards waiting for their lithium big gulp.

Obliterate Turkey’s economy?

That’s the sort of statement that makes otherwise sober minded accountants on the Bourse and the Nikkei, start buying gold and stocking bunkers with canned food.

And what the fuck does he mean, have done it before?

Is that more psychosis or is there a dark nasty secret floating around in the various roach motel corners of what passes for the man’s mind?

Mitt Romney, who as a sign of how far the Republicans have sunk, now stands as the voice of honor, is along with a Democrat in a used toga, calling Trump’s Turkey shoot out as a bad decision that will have grave consequences yada yada yada – as if this were just a bad foreign policy move about which reasonable people can disagree.

The truth is, the order to abandon the Kurds, while bad, and fraught with bad consequences, pales in comparison to the radioactive temper tantrum language and what it suggests is down the road.

We are beyond that and now are racing into disaster.

The former president’s are by tradition supposed to keep their mouth’s shut.

No more.

Sordid, narcissistic war criminals, spineless, not wrong about everything, right about some things, even a few that truly matter, they have a duty to the nation (and the planet) to speak out as a group (along with every still living former cabinet member, diplomat and every former member of the Joint Chiefs) and demand the 25th amendment be used to remove this lunatic from office.

The House and the Senate have the same duty.

Of course between corruption and tradition forget any of that.

That there should be a general strike or a series of large scale work stoppages to force the government to do its duty to defend the constitution is as likely as Trump snapping out of it and saying he’s resigning because he needs to check himself into a hospital.

So, buckle up, we are officially in Crazy Town and the mayor is the guy in the green suit, with the rictus grin, waving a can of gasoline and a box of matches in the air and has the fucking nuclear launch codes in his pocket.




Addendum: We add to clarify that the former CEOs of american Inc. would naturally have any number of rationales for keeping quiet. Not wanting to gum up the impeachment process, not wanting to upset tradition and engage in politics post facto, yada yada yada.

Since the entire contraption is a bag of rats there is a certain febrile logic to the silence is golden idea.

Of course while they’re keeping mum, the disease spreads.

Oh well, who cares.

Jennifer Aniston has joined Instagram.


Update: 10/23/19

There are a few other points regarding all of this that deserve some consideration.

The default reading is either or as in either Trump is insane or he is using the appearance of insanity as a dodge.

Years ago a Mafia Don spent his time pretending to be insane and, for example, knew he was being watched by the geniuses from Hooverland, and shuffled up and down the street near his home in a bathrobe, pajamas and slippers.

Trump is not pretending.

He is insane.

But while insane it is also possible that his spasm around the Kurds was precipitated by pressure from the Russian hand firmly attached to his nut sack.

That he freaked out is understandable.

A less hysterical version might be a US Senator who is so far in the closet he could start receiving mail there and holding meetings. Terrified of some dirt Trump Inc has on him he might, hypothetically, start shifting his stance on things like the Kurds, or impeachment or the environment – like a man whose dancing shoes are on fire.

To game this out, imagine the Russia have dirt on Trump.

It’s easy if you try.

Without rehashing the saga just conjure a lunatic, with enough quirks to keep Freud in cigars for decades, and then imagine him doing sketchy as fuck business between New York and Russia.

You can’t shake a stale NYC hot dog vendor without hitting some wise guy and as we’ve considered previously, no one slithers in and out of the New York real estate machine without being in or next to a series of radioactive and toxic dumps.

And so, via some back channel, Putin Inc. presses the button that tightens the hand holding Trump’s nutz and he squeals, fucks the Kurds, and into the breach steps the Russians, linking Assad, the Iranians, and the mercurial suiqrrely as fuck pasha of Ankara, creating a land bridge and after centuries of “Great Game” psychosis, plants the double-headed eagle more firmly into the local scene.

But, and this is crucial, it’s also possible the marble in Trump’s head, rolled to a slot marked, fuck the Kurds and Putin, while insane not an (complete) idiot, saw an opportunity, and jumped.

Or both scenarios could be true at the same time.

Plans with many branches is a truism in Cyrillic just like English.

What stands out amid the wreckage is the fact that seemingly out of nowhere, Trump appears to have just on a whim, decided to shit on the Kurds and a large chunk of foreign policy.

That’s odd and not because Trump isn’t odd but precisely because his weirdness has been consistent in tone and style.

You expect him to be incoherent and a bigot and stupid and sadistic.

Usually all at the same time and of course a raging narcissist.

But while he might have tossed off nonsense about blowing up NATO, or canceling joint exercises with the South Koreans, the dumping of the Kurds stands out for its suddenness, the relative speed of the post statement movement of US troops, the weird two step by Lindsey Graham, the relative speed of Russia’s troops movements, and how the whole mess has somehow more or less folded back into the general white noise blast of the day to day madness of all things Trump.

Granted between impeachment and things like the political ether binge that is Brexit and the slow motion popularity contest with its, they shoot horses don’t they tone of the Democratic debates, it’s sort of understandable.

But, it’s all a little too neat when you step away from the noise and think about it.

Some time ago, former mandarin of the system, Richard Clarke, asked if Trump wasn’t a tool of the Russians and you examined his behavior, would you be left with a distinction without a difference?

The answer was (and remains) yes.

Amid the metaphors meant to suggest the insanity of it all, in the post above, we also mentioned Trump throwing an asset overboard.

Well, isn’t that exactly what happened?

And there’s another question: A sudden major shift in military posture, and a Political Crazy Ivan, were all conducted, apparently, without input from the usual suspects.

Where one might ask, were the Joint Chiefs and more importantly where were the in the shadows, but inside the White House “resistance”?

One of them is about to have a book published detailing the interior efforts to keep Trump from doing things that are even more crazy and dangerous then the things he gets away with or, is allowed to get away with.

All of which raises another set of questions.

The tendency in the media is to speak of things in fixed terms.

It’s like the equivalent of trench warfare – as if cell phones had never been invented.

In other words, if one posits Russian involvement with ( let alone control of) Trump, and the public knows about “resistance” inside the WH, then obviously, so do the Russians.

And naturally, they would adapt.

And so, seemingly out of nowhere, Trump, who is an unstable moron, outflanks, the military brass, their massive staff, the NSC, the spooks, and the interior “resistance” and drops a giant turd in the political punch bowl.

Along the spectrum of the possible, many things are possible but, few of those things are probable.

While the whole things is ripe for some X Files or Section 31 nonsense, the problem is, the whole things reeks of the X Files and Section 31.

And if Trump isn’t an asset, of the Russians, and the whole things is just an anomaly within the consistent nature of his insanity, the results are indistinguishable from his being an asset of the Russians.

While reasonable people may disagree on the morbid and often shambolic aspects of US foreign policy, generally, and specifically in regards to the psychodrama of the Middle East, Trump Inc, in charge, is, to borrow an old joke, like running to the bridge of the Titanic, after it hit the iceberg, only to discover the captain is Daffy Duck – high as a kite on meth, and threatening to build a big new beautiful ship – made from icebergs, which he owns.




6 comments on “Donald Trump. A Man on an Ether Binge.

  1. Ron Pavellas says:

    … and yet, he’s handing the Kurds over to Erdogan. Once again the USA betrays the Kurds. (I am neither a Kurd, nor a co-religionist of any Kurd.)


    1. rauldukeblog says:

      Yes and it’s awful but the comment is a blunt factual example of insanity and the man has the power to order the military to abandon the Kurds and…any number of other things.

      Needless to say, I refer you to the post.


  2. You know why nothing can be done? That is because Trump has been part of the system of power for a half century. He knows all their secrets. He is connected to many other powerful figures. If anyone attempts to take him out, he could take down the entire system with him.

    They are handling him with kids’ gloves because there isn’t a single person in DC who is innocent. The wrong secret slips out and any of them might end up the next scapegoat rotting in prison. And some lesser figures might simply find themselves ‘suicided’. Trump is a ticking bomb ready to blow.

    Everything is out of control. It’s not limited to Trump. No one is at the wheel. But many are struggling to gain control. What is going on behind the scenes transcends Trump’s raving madness. The structure of power could implode on itself. The ruling elites might turn on one another. It could quickly everyone for themselves.

    Impeachment probably can’t be stopped at this point. But it is irrelevant. The insanity will have to play itself out. And it’s anyone’s guess what will happen or what will be left in the aftermath. Those in the deep state are walking a tight line at the moment, trying to avoid even a single wrong move. They all know they could be the next Manafort or Epstein, once having been among the most powerful men in the US oligarchy.

    We are past the point of fixing the problem. They are all swamp creatures. There are no noble patriots in DC politics to defend the honor of the American way of life or whatever.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rauldukeblog says:

      Essentially yes to all of that.

      A circular firing squad.

      Murder on the orient Express comes to mind where in the end everyone is guilty.

      A complete rancid clusterfuck.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. By the way, what do you think of the intriguing connection between the Reagan Republican Paul Manafort and the Clinton Democrat John Podesta, two more powerful men in Washington DC? It’s the closest we get to that supposed ‘balance’ of bipartisan and centrist politics, in it being right in the center of the deep state.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rauldukeblog says:

      I think it’s Chinatown, so forget it Jake;-)

      The entire system is crooked.

      You can aim a rhetorical squirt gun in any direction and hit a target.

      Biden’Jr. may not have technically broken the law but wtf does it say about the current historical moment that the son of the former VP is on the board of a gas company in the Ukraine?

      And would any reasonable person, for 3 seconds, believe he wasn’t being watched by every spook in the world?

      And the people he worked with by definition had to be on the radar of the mob and the spooks so when someone says Podesta wasn’t doing anything illegal – yeah as long as you don’t define the whole system as crooked.

      Except it’s all organized crime.

      Who should I believe? Coppola in the Godfather films or the establishment media and its friends?

      Of course the most telling difference between Trump Inc and everyone else is a question of relative sophistication.

      But it’s not a question of the difference between legal and not – though as the law is all about technicalities, the other guys can always say, we didn’t break the law.

      And it’s not mass murder, it’s foreign policy;-)

      Liked by 1 person

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