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England on the Brink.

“Thought you were clever when you lit the fuse,
Tore down the house of commons in your brand new shoes,
Composed a revolutionary symphony,
Then went to bed with a charming young thing.”

— The Jam, The Eton Rifles

“The British people must now take to the streets, and deploy the tactic used by their ancestors to secure the rights of women, of workers, of minorities, of LGBTQ people: peaceful civil disobedience. If parliament is to be shut down, MPs must refuse to leave it. It should be occupied by the citizens it exists to serve. Other acts of peaceful civil disobedience – including the occupation of government offices across the country – should follow. If a general strike is necessary to defend democracy, then so be it.”

— Owen Jones, The Guardian



They would say that woudn’t they, is not an unreasonable response but the fact is, England is on the brink of becoming a blunt dictatorship and or slipping into chaos and violence.

As England goes, so (potentially) goes the stability of the European Union.

A no deal Brexit will result in the break up of the United Kingdom with Scotland and Ireland becoming independent or resisting English occupation.*

A no deal Brexit will create chaos, civil unrest, a state of emergency and for the Tory fascists, exactly what they want – the authority via a state of emergency to make arbitrary arrests, and the targeted arrests of their “enemies” and to manifest their fantasies of the “Blitz culture” replete with what amounts to public floggings.**

The left – or what passes for the left – is split and the people running sock puppet Jeremy Corbyn, are not that different from the Tory fascists. They want the chaos because it will create the opportunity for civil unrest – a fantasy of storming the Winter Palace except in this case it’s storming Parliament.

Last minute efforts to use the courts, and a weakened Parliament to block the coup may slow the hemorrhage but are unlikely to succeed in any final way.

A broken (no longer) United Kingdom, a weakened England as a rump state, facing sanctions from the EU, an outraged, organized and determined Irish American community committed to protecting the Good Friday Accord, and a bankrupt Tory government unable to sustain months of civil unrest including but not limited to funding for police, emergency services, the NHS and quite likely, having to deploy the military, is a catastrophe.

This England, dystopian, tyrannical, fascistic, fractured and unable to meet its regional and international commitments is a threat to the already increasingly sclerotic stability of what is quickly becoming the old world order.

The EU cannot allow the UK to walk away without paying a high price, because if they do then other equally sadistic gangs in other member states, will have no reason not to attempt a coup of their own.

With the United States already a corporate dictatorship and facing the prospect of four more years in which Trump Inc. could push the environment off a cliff, and destroy what little remains of the “republic” the need to “save the United Kingdom” from itself could not be more obvious.

As to how this will be achieved is uncertain but do not be surprised to see the police having to storm Parliament and arrest MPs and citizens who have occupied their own government in an effort to save it.

Nicola Sturgeon emerges as the voice of both leadership, and moral certainty in the face of a-moral mendacity but beyond Scottish independence, it is unclear what other cards she can play. That she has called Boris Johnson a tin-pot dictator is both accurate and alarming. The truth of the statement will manifest in whether or not a coalition can be forged to stop the coup or not and the UK slips into V for Vendetta territory.

Take note that the former head of the British civil service has publicly stated that the civil service must seriously consider refusing the orders of the government if Parliament has been denied or thwarted in its ability to debate and decide the nature of Brexit or if Brexit should be postponed or stopped.

This is the language of civil war.***

This is the language of revolution.

This is August 2019 but if you come to the window and listen, and you don’t hear echoes of August 1914, you’re not paying attention.

And not because we foresee a continent wide calamity of war but because once again, Europe is setting itself on fire and history does not need to repeat in order to rhyme.



*We are aware of the distinction between Ireland and Northern Ireland but we mean it as, in this context a distinction without a difference – a point that will undoubtedly irritate some and amuse others.

**Anyone who thinks Johnson’s Richelieu, Dominic Cummings, isn’t a fascist, and willing to have his enemies arrested is a fool.

Anyone who thinks he has already gamed out a plan for what to do when the opposition blocks a no deal Brexit, isn’t paying attention.

The man is a borderline Mussolini thug and it is more than likely he has been in contact with Farage to coordinate action if Parliament asserts its power to hinder or stop Johnson.

And crucially there is still the fact that the House of Lords could gum up the process and hand the initiative back to Johnson.

That Cummings has publicly disparaged Farage and Ukip, does not mean he isn’t capable of flirting with both or above using them as a cudgel to gain power. Like any other populist neo fascist goon, the ends always justify the means.

***We do not mean armies fighting over the Thames estuary but once you have major media platforms and political figures throwing rhetorical IEDs anything is possible. Johnson is clearly closer to being a tin-pot dictator than not and Sturgeon, having walked out on to a high branch doesn’t have that many options. That The Guardian would run an opinion piece calling for what amounts to revolution is not surprising but it is also not unimportant and it is volatile.

For a look at the rest of Jones’ article:

For a look at the comments by the former head of the civil service:


For a look at the utterly tepid attitude of some in the “opposition” see the following in which we are told the Tories are not nice and cheat.

That no doubt will force the government to surrender.

Also take note that the referendum on Brexit was made possible by an Act of Parliament – which makes it sound legal, except that, like The Patriot Act, the governing body has no legal authority to vacate its own authority (or in the case of the Patriot Act to treat The Bill of Rights as multiple choice) with the result being, in both cases, illegal legislation.

Further, in regards to American corollaries Mitch McConnell’s refusal to allow a vote on Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland is analogous to Johnson’s call to close Parliament.

It is not illegal though it is so blatantly outside of the established norms and so clearly an attempt to thwart the normal order it heaves into tyranny.

To return to the beginning in the UK, had Labour been an actual opposition party they would have blocked the referendum to begin with but, they weren’t then and aren’t now and here we are.

And in regards to the second link, consider the scenario in which a senior Democratic Senator or member of the House called for a general strike and a campaign of mass civil resistance.

Needles to say, we agree:

Britain’s Reichstag Fire moment

Update: 8/30/19

Funny but not:


Udate: 9/4/19

While watching Johnson get a beatdown in Parliament is both enjoyable and gives some hope crucial issues remain.

If Parliament blocks no deal, and blocks a snap election the Tories will become the British White Nationalist Party with Farage as fascist in chief and a junta of asorted stock exchange thugs behind him.

This process has been underway for some time. Accelerated by Johnson’s purge and night of the long lies multiple grand old Tory fossils have been exiled.

You know things are both absurd and crazy when Winston Churchill’s grandson has been shoved off stage.

If on the other hand Labour caves or stumbles or gets outflanked (or some combination of all three – after all Corbyn is the sort to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory ) and there’s an election Johnson will campaign to the right of Farage and pit Parliament against “the people” in a populist neo fascist march on London.

In this phase of the fever Johnson and Farage will gin up the mob with stab in the back rhetoric and dog whistle calls about the elite and foreigners and respecting “democracy ” defined as: just so long as we win.

It would make sense to allow Johnson a graceful exit but it may not be possible and a confrontation with Farage and fascism is probably inevitable.

Update: 9/5/19

While Farage Inc lurks in the near distance, it is worth considering the following as an example of a version of democracy in rude health:


Update: 9/7/19

Piers Morgan may be a professional dunce and parts of the exchange may sound like Python’s Argument Clinic on cocaine but anyone watching this who doesn’t see that Nigel Farage is a demagogic neo-fascist, and a threat to the United Kingdom’s national security (as well as a threat to the EU) should be labeled either a fool or a fascist or both.


You are living in a moment when an establishment member of the Tory machine has to discuss the possibility of what would happen if the PM, refused to obey Parliament and disregards and refuses to obey the law.*


*More on this soon but for now: If Johnson refuses to obey the law and defies Parliament, he will be arrested and sent to jail.

This will make him a Brexit martyr, a demogoge and a tyrant as well as the chief of the Ukip, New Tory/White Nationalists.

It will alos make him Nigel Farage’s hand puppet.

If he refuses to obey the law and resigns, it will force the Queen to ask Corbyn to form a government which will reveal the inherent splits in the “rebel alliance” as the anti no deal Tories hate Corbyn as PM as much as they hate a no deal Brexit, Dominic Cummings and Johnson – and not necessarily in that order.

Following Corbyn’s likely inability to form a government, there will be another election.

In which, as was the case with the tactical voting in France to block Marine Le Pen, the Lib Dems, the anti no deal Tories, and the SNP would have to coble together something resembling a political consensus in order to prevent Ukip coming to power with Farage either as PM or as the de facto PM with his hand up Johnson’s ass.

Even then, with some rough beast in Downing Street, the fact remains, Parliament will not allow a no deal Brexit.

This then becomes a not United Kingdom unable to function and unable to effectively govern and historically in such situations, nations become ripe for a blunt coup.


4 comments on “England on the Brink.

  1. It is a fantasy. And my sense is even those living out this fantasy don’t really believe in it. It’s the meeting of the psychopathic and reactionary, in how both get a boner for chaos and excitement.

    It’s the deviousness of the attempt itself that motivates them, not confidence that it will succeed or benefit them. It’s the joy of gambling everything, to manipulate others and get away with it, even if only momentarily. They have no sense of consequences. They aren’t capable of that. It’s simply a game of power.

    It won’t likely end well for anyone involved, not even for those who are attempting the coup. And many of them know it, but they can’t help themselves.


    1. rauldukeblog says:

      Over the years various people have made efforts to address the instability rising from the tv/video saturation environment but the Borg are resilient. Round up the usual PoMo suspects add in seminal freaks like Allen Ginsberg and it’s an impressive list but here we are with coups as infomercials.

      Guy Debords society of the spectacle is on point but he’s French so who listens.

      Today there’s a headline in the grd that one of the senior members of the junta michael gove refused to state flatly if the regime would accept parliaments decisions.

      That’s really where the wheels start to come off.

      Labour in addition to being stuck with corbyn is not pro eu bcs immigration costs jobs and puts a hole in labour support but being useless Cornyn dithers and makes passionless statements while the coup roles on. Nicola sturgeon has more spine and has been doing what’s right but beyond taking Scotland out of the union I’m not sure what she can accomplish though Scottish independence is hardly a small issue as it cripples labour and paints Johnson as the pm who “lost scotland” which is like a us lol circa 1950 who “lost china.”

      I figured a gang of swamp creatures would go to Boris and threaten him and sure enough they are having a meeting today.

      I also guess a far more important and off the record meeting will take place with Boris and the military brass the police and the spooks who will split between the apolitical follow orders types the not too closet fascists and a not insignificant cadre who will tell Johnson they can’t guarantee the rank and file will obey orders to haul people out of parliament or arrest conscientious objectors in the civil service.

      And at that point were talking anything is possible including violence assassinations and a scene analogous to post Soviet Russia or Yugoslavia minus the genocide.

      All of that then squares with your points about assorted pathologies and psychosis.

      Johnson like Trump is dictatorial without ideological fervor but does have the fervor of an out of control narsacist which is a version of Burroughs addict hooked on power.

      Rees-Mogg is ideological but also delusional combining 13th century faith with a commitment to the fetish of wall street and both clearly are sadistic and no doubt privately discuss the need for discipline.

      Farage is clearly a fascist of the gutter type who despises the upperclassmen not bcs he wants to eliminate them but bcs he wants to join them and they look down on him as a peasant.

      He has threatened Johnson and has positioned himself as a true apostle of Brexit so that if Johnson is exiled farage will Mussolini style march on London in the next election.

      More to follow


      1. If one maintains a pitch-black dark sense of humor, it is sort of amusing watching all these forces at play with their various agendas and neuroses. There really is no one fully in control (that is no one in control who isn’t controlled by their need to control).

        This is what keeps me from being a conspiracy theorist who sees everything as connected. There is no single conspiracy but thousands of conspiracies. In some ways, that is worse. The grand conspiracy theorist at least has the comfort reassurance in a faith that someone, no matter how evil, is at the wheel.

        The world is splintering, power is splintering, and the coup will splinter. Jean Gebser talks about this, a favorite frame of Scott Preston. Our sense of reality refuses to remain contained.


      2. rauldukeblog says:

        “Lol” i views graveyards as the funniest places on earth. Jokes on me, jokes on you:-)

        Slightly more seriously if we change our definitions society is a conspiricy. And within that within class and education and environment and so on we find as you say conspiracies inside each other and people dependent on their place in one of those “conspiracies ” tend to have no self awareness. The sort who would say, I’m not a bigot some of my best friends are…

        I’m suddenly reminded of the end of strangelove. Lol. How I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb😅

        Liked by 1 person

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