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Alabama Secedes from the Union.

“Of all the tyrannies that affect mankind, tyranny in religion is the worst; every other species of tyranny is limited to the world we live in; but this attempts to stride beyond the grave, and seeks to pursue us into eternity.”

― Thomas Paine



Alabama has passed a fascist religious-cult law making abortion illegal. This Gilead-esque attempt to set fire to the Bill of Rights is an attempt to resurrect the ideology of the Confederacy and establish a religious dictatorship.

It substitutes a cult of misogyny for a cult of bigotry but in the end it is a distinction without a difference no matter how righteous its advocates claim to be.

The liberals, rudderless as always have responded with their usual playbook by enlisting the well intentioned ACLU, and the voices of their liberal standard bearers like Senator Warren who, rightly denounced the measure and said it will be resisted.

The problem of course is that the fascists want the fight because the courts have been sized by the fascists precisely because the liberals not only have done nothing useful to prevent it, but because they are and always have been the lite version of the Republicans.

When the nominal leader of the Democrats says, we’re capitalists, get used to it, and she is not denounced by any liberal of any stature for being complicit in the destruction of the working class, only a fool or a ruthless cynic would be surprised that millions of idiots vote for a malignant roll – who in turn throws party favors to fascists and evangelical fanatics who stack the courts with sociopathic ayatollahs.

Welcome to the doorstep of Gilead.

It is likely the Alabama decision will reach the Supreme court. If not because of this case then another. It is likely that the Court will overturn Roe V Wade.

Following that the inevitable protests will be the least of your concerns as it is obvious that left based, anti-Trump terrorism in on the horizon.

If the liberals were actually the authentic opposition and if the “Resistance” was anything more than a Pepsi commercial the following steps would be taken:

1. All liberals, Progressives and Democratic Socialists as well as anyone of conscience would announce a boycott of Alabama.

2. The wealthy liberal aristocrats would create a trust fund to pay for legal fees, transportation, medical procedures and safe haven for anyone seeking an abortion.

3. The wealthy liberal aristocrats would also use their vast financial and social resources to fly people out of the country for medical procedures if needed.

4. The forces arrayed against the new tyranny would then begin a series of rolling general strikes to force the system to recognize that there must be a separation between church and State.

Anything less than these actions represent a capitulation to tyranny and those who do not actively resist are complicit in the establishment of a dictatorship.

But of course the “resistance” is a Pepsi commercial.

Expect the worst.



Update: 5/17/19

Cautious optimism:

Update: 5/26/19

Cautious pesimissim:

While violence on the right or from the more extreme wing of the Evangelicals is not unlikely, and the movement remains the refuge of the vast distillation of the Confederacies’ vapor trail, it is also likely that those same factors along with Trump’s fascism, the support he receives from his enablers in what used to be the Republican party, as well as the pro Wall Street liberals and the on going Freikorp actions of the NRA, could provoke left wing violence.*

*As we said:

3 comments on “Alabama Secedes from the Union.

  1. You get a gold star for beginning with a Paine quote. The prediction of violence, that goes without saying.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rauldukeblog says:

      At the rate things are going to shit the gold star will be for a classroom conducted in secret in a cave or the forest.

      Liked by 1 person

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