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Rashida Tlaib: The Low Rent Logic of a Clever Bigot.

Here at The Violent Ink we are on the left because we are against capitalism.

We are against capitalism because it is a form of slavery and a corporate dictatorship that lives and breathes a soul crushing fascism.

However we are utterly irrevocably opposed to the racism at the heart of the official left in which significant cadres ranging from avowed communists, to the intellectually irradiated leadership of the UK’s Labour Party, to so called “Progressives” and “Democratic Socialists” expresses an industrial scale, Orwellian double speak, in which up is down, left is right, and what is blatantly anti-Semitic language is defended as a reasonable criticism of Israel but is in reality, an expression of a hatred of Jews and pathological antagonism towards Israel.

That this places us on the same side of an argument as the depraved racist imperialist Trump enablers and assorted fascists, speaks not to a lack of integrity in our position, but directly to the cancer at the heart of the Euro-American left.

The left is a baggy suit, a big tent full of a wide variety of groups that do not now and historically never have agreed on much of anything.

When we say “left” we refer specifically to the gutter dwelling keyboard and video warriors who like to pretend they are the reasonable face of the huate left – draped in woke, and “resistance” to Trump.

They are however, hypocrites and dangerous fellow travelers and useful idiots with the radical racist right resurgent across Europe and America.

Insistent that they are not bigots, they repeat that criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitic and then proceed to utter anti-Semitic propaganda.

Disregarding the Daily Stormer style comments posted on YouTube below their videos, they chant for responsibility among others who they say are ginning up the mob.

Twisting the Historical facts to suit their racism they repeat the same lies, half truths and distortions over and over again.

Given the atrophied, mongoloid jackboot style rhetoric of so many on the right, and the spineless feckless bend the knee cynicism of still others in what used to be the Republican Party, these leftists by comparison appear to be The Night’s Watch atop the wall.

But with the recent comments by Rashida Tlaib, the cynical defense of her comments by the Democratic establishment and the Orwellian double speak and gaslighting by the “alternative media” has reached a truly dangerous breaking point.

Here is what Tlaib said:

“There’s always kind of a calming feeling, I tell folks, when I think of the Holocaust, and the tragedy of the Holocaust, and the fact that it was my ancestors — Palestinians — who lost their land and some lost their lives, their livelihood, their human dignity, their existence in many ways, have been wiped out, and some people’s passports, And, just all of it was in the name of trying to create a safe haven for Jews, post-the Holocaust, post-the tragedy and the horrific persecution of Jews across the world at that time. And, I love the fact that it was my ancestors that provided that, right, in many ways, but they did it in a way that took their human dignity away and it was forced on them.”

First there is the blatant illogic of claiming an attachment to genocide by way of attaching genocide to a claim of being a noble victim of her ancestor’s alleged goodwill towards Jews.

The ideas, such as it is, that there is a moral symmetry between the Palestinians and, for example, the martyrs of The White Rose, or the 101st airborne, would be funny were it not so rancid and sinister.

If as she claims, the Palestinians were victims of a sacrifice and the sacrifice was betrayed in that the otherwise noble Palestinians were thrown under the historical bus, than the creation of Israel as the culmination of Zionism is at best morally compromised, or at worst immoral and thus, illegitimate – which of course is her stealth point because of course she is being completely disingenuous.

And when she says “goodwill’ we assume she means the pogroms in the 1930s, the Arab Legion guilty of war crimes in Europe, and the importation of not so ex Nazis to help the Arabs finish the job.

In other words, if we posit the Palestinians as being as human as everyone else than the fact is that Hamlet and Quentin Compson are also Palestinian and the full range of humanity is as much there’s as it is everyone else’s. Which of course means Palestinian fascists, sociopaths, bigots, psychopaths, imperialists, rapists, misogynists, religious fanatics assorted Ahabs, Kowalskis, Macbeths, Lears, Magic Rats, Pinball Wizards, and Elanor Rigbys.

Secondly she had elided everything else that occurred including but not limited to Arab bigotry, terrorism, wars and declarations of a commitment to driving the Jews into sea, which is a euphemism for genocide.

Her professed love is in fact the neurosis of the cult of the Nakba which serves to enforce conformity of opinion, and elimination of dissent by invoking a biblical supernatural explanation for the plight of the Palestinians.

This removes responsibility, while asserting private memory as public ritual which then claims the privileges of responsibility with none of the cost.

The result is a Palestinian fiction in which they exist inside History as perpetual victims, but outside of History devoid of agency or culpability for the attempted crime of genocide, and repeated efforts at mass violence and systemic bigotry and dictatorship.

The reason this dichotomy exists is because either Tlaib is a spectacular moron or a catastrophically stupid liar and moderately clever bigot.

Or some combination of both.

She is appearing to enter through the front door of reasonable, if aggrieved victim committed to justice, but is exiting through the backdoor of left bigot fascist.

She is of course entitled to her opinion but as the saying goes, she is not entitled to her own set of facts.

Zionism was never a secret.

It was openly discussed and debated across the political spectrum and the Arabs were kept fully in the loop.

If the Palestinians were screwed into exile than it’s because no one told them the hard truth:

Get better generals or avoid wars you can’t win.

The stubborn facts however, remain.

Many Arabs and key figures in the Palestinian leadership, including the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Faizal Al Husseini, allied themselves with the Nazis and Italian fascists before, during and after the war.

Following their defeat they participated in the UN sponsored negotiations regarding the British Mandate for Palestine and then participated in the legally binding vote on Partition.

Following their loss in that process they declared and began an illegal war with the aim of either genocide, enslavement or both with an attached forced expulsion of the Jews back to the scene of the crime or into a perpetual exile.

This too is part of her legacy and the “goodwill” of her ancestors and pretending it isn’t true, claiming it didn’t occur or that it is somehow a twisting of the facts is a lie in the service of a crime.

It may not be Holocaust Denial but it is a footnote to the denial of the truth which becomes a distinction without a difference.

The fact is that the Palestinian exile came after and was a result of the illegal war started by the Arabs.

If the Arabs claim that Israel was forced upon them then they should never have participated in the negotiations or the UN vote and having participated and lost, and started a decades long war of attrition and attempted annihilation, they can’t now claim to be victims unless like a child who has murdered their parents, they want to stand before the court and beg for understanding because, they say, they are orphans.

As a result of their failure to win the war, their failure to exterminate the Jews and their failure to accept any responsibility with and to the wider community the Palestinians were screwed and were sent into exile.

The Palestinian exile is the fault of and responsibility of the Palestinians and the Arabs – within the wider context of the blunt realities of the post war political diktat which contextualizes everything within the narrative of imperial hegemony.

All subsequent attempts at genocide by the Arabs are to blame for the plight of the Palestinians.

Had they accepted the fact that they had backed the wrong side during the war, and had they accepted the fact that by participating in the UN vote they were legally required to accept its outcome, they would have had all of the territory they subsequently fought for and lost.

Tlaib’s sickening, twisted distortion of the truth is mendacity as a neon sign; it is an attempt on par with the worst of Trump’s hall of mirrors psychosis and the defense of it by so called leftists represents the final proof if any were required, that the contemporary left is spiritually and intellectually bankrupt or decidedly, toxically, bipolar. Or both.

The idea that the moral hermaphrodites of the right end up being correct should set off alarm bells everywhere in the so called “resistance.”

That the right wing defense of Israel is coldly cynical, opportunistic and hypocritical, that it is as useful as trading an orgasm for syphilis, is no small issue because the conservative who is your friend today is the one burning a cross on your lawn next week or making excuses for the thugs in white hoods holding the can of gasoline and torches.

But that does not change the truth.

Tlaib’s comments are a rancid twisting of the facts in the service of a concerted effort to eliminate Israel.

The Palestinians did not nobly sacrifice anything.

They were either silent and complicit in the attempted genocide, victims of their morally bankrupt leaders, or they were willing participants.

Tlaib echoing the racist rhetoric of others has coughed up a rhetorical black hole and at the event horizon the truth vanishes as it exceeds the g force tolerance of her shit on a stick soft-peddled, bespoke vengeance weapon.

As to her claim to be an advocate for a “one state solution” we reject it completely.

Having revealed either her stupidity or her bigotry or both, with her collapsing of the historical time line, she can not be trusted as either an honest interlocutor or as an intelligent partner for peace.

Since she has dressed up lies in the costume of gossamer heartfelt pleas for sensitivity, it is clear that her goal is to insert a rhetorical trojan horse into the essential need for Israel to exist.

As with the blatantly neurotic rhetorical tics of one state advocate Tony Judt – a man who however flawed, is intellectually to Tlaib as a cheetah is to a brick in a race – Tlaib’s offer is clearly nothing more or less than the same old “final solution” in a new mask.

The conditions for considering a one state solution or any peace plan including a two-state solution, must be first a formal declaration by the Arabs that they are responsible for the Palestinian diaspora, that they have spent decades engaged in attempted genocide, terrorism, and systemic hypocrisy including but not limited to embracing Soviet imperialism and state terror, American and European imperialism and state terror, the subjugation of their own people including but not limited to the suppression of civil liberties, the subjugation of women, ethnic and religious minorities, periodic spasms of mass murder against their own people, and in conjunction with every other state actor the whole sale destruction of the environment.

They must then declare a commitment to free speech, freedom of religion, an independent and non-religious judiciary, fair trials by independent juries, a non militarized police force, free and fair elections, emancipation of women, and protection for a free press and the right to dissent and freedom from assault against citizens by the government.

Nothing less than a formal commitment to the basic tenants of a free and pluralistic society are acceptable as a basis for peace.

The organized bigotry and corruption of the Israeli right is not now, or will it ever be an excuse for the systemic bigotry, tyranny, spasms of violence, and hypocrisy of the Arab dictatorships or their apologists among the left.

The facts, the stubborn facts, remain and unlike their Arab counterparts, former terrorists and fascists like Shamir and Begin, retired when they lost their last elections and again, unlike their neighbors, they did not have the opposition executed or demand a recount until they got the results they wanted.

Rashida Tlaib is complicit in the on going, increasing dangerous assault on Jews and civil society. The on going attempt to normalize the destruction of Israel and anti-Semitism by disguising them as “reasonable criticism” must be resisted.

Claiming anything else is to insist lynching was intended as a way to teach arboreal respect, and slavery was a way to teach a sense of belonging, and that the official seal of the former Confederate states should be the Stars and Bars, while the official song should be Strange Fruit and no one in this Orwellian gaslighting, is supposed to say the contradictions are vile, sinister and a threat to freedom.



Addendum: It should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention or who isn’t an idiot, The Guardian, as the flagship media platform of left bigots, dropped an anti-Semitic turd in defense of Tlaib and their joint effort at eliding the facts.

From an article in today’s Guardian:

“Tlaib had tried to speak about the interwoven tragedies of the Jewish and Palestinian people, of the Holocaust, and the Nakba (in Arabic, the catastrophe). Though perhaps in a manner less than ideal, Tlaib was attempting to broach a difficult subject—how the creation of a national home for Jews in the wake of the Holocaust also led to the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.”

Less than ideal?

Yes in the same way that claiming you had to destroy the village in order to save it is less than ideal.

“…how the creation of a national home for Jews in the wake of the Holocaust also led to the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes during the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.”

This is like saying the intervention of a weather event prevented The Challenger from reaching space.

What goes missing of course are the facts and the actual sequence of events.


First there is the fact that there were negotiations in which the Arabs participated.

Second, there is the fact that there was a legally binding vote in which the Arabs participated.

Third, there is the fact that the Arabs lost the vote and subsequently started an illegal war with the aim of genocide, enslavement and expulsion.

Fourth, there is the fact that each of those other facts led to the Palestinian diaspora.

Fifth, ignoring these facts or claiming they did not occur is fundamentally racist and a mutation of Holocaust Denial.

See the propaganda here:



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