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A Very British Revolution. Extinction Rebellion.Update.

“One manifesto from Farhana Yamin, an international environmental lawyer, advocated a “pause” in disruption next week to better project their demands and press for negotiations with government.”

“The London mayor, Sadiq Khan, said the disruption was “counter-productive” to the cause of climate change and was stretching resources so much it could damage police’s ability to fight violent crime.”


These two quotes demonstrate the knife’s edge on which the protests stand and the relative success of Extinction Rebellion.

The threat of mass arrests, the statements by the government designed clearly to shift blame to the protestors in the event of localized crime or, terrorism (see Sri Lanka) are both authentic and authentically political acts of manipulation.

At the same time the very threat of force and the heated rhetoric show the protests have been effective. That some elements of the movement are suggesting “negotiations” automatically elevates the narrative from protest to Revolution.

Extinction Rebellion is now a political force operating outside of the establishment and, to paraphrase JFK speaking about LBJ, pissing into the tent.

They have successfully taken the agenda hostage but unlike terrorists they haven’t set off bombs or fired guns.

That in turn puts the government back on its heels.

Hence the mayor’s comments.

A failure to negotiate means the Rebellion/Revolution goes on and potentially spreads.

Cracking heads or making mass arrests has the same effect.

As we said previously don’t be surprised if the goon squad stages a provocation.

Keep in mind the utterly useless invisible man of British politics, Jeremy Corbyn, is nowhere to be seen. No doubt his Momentum Militant handlers haven’t decided which program to insert into him and thus, devoid of a script he’s gone mute and missing.

The equally useless but sadistic Tories can of course be counted on to wag their dicks in England’s face while screaming at the police – whose budget they set fire to – to beat some sense into the ‘dirty hippies.’

This means it could go either way.

Such Rebellions are highly combustible and prone to tactical if not strategic suicide while being too self righteous.

The government however remains a post-Brexit shell with no leadership  which means mistakes or power grabs or both are possible.

May you live in interesting times.


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