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A Very British Revolution. Extinction Rebellion.Update.

“This is a wonderful, strange movement and new people continue to come along.”

— Dr. Bing Jones, commenting after being released from jail in London


Occupy failed for two reasons. First because it had no coherent objective and secondly because like most people those involved overestimated their intelligence and underestimated the cunning of the state.

Extinction Rebellion has an advantage in that it has a central unifying agenda: Everyone is going to die unless the environment is saved.

Few thing focus one’s attention as forcibly as the possibility of death.

While the Tories have started to wave their dicks in the air and are demanding the police start busting heads, to their credit, the austerity limited police have made it clear that peaceful protests do not justify a harder response.

Therefore don’t be surprised if elements in the intelligence agencies stage a provocation.

They did it during the coal miner’s strikes during the iron yeas of the Thatcher regime and given that Theresa May is “PM” in name only, there is a power vacuum and anything is possible.

Since anything is possible logically one must also consider that with an underfunded non aggressive police force, full of people who know they can’t breath underwater, and a rudderless Brexit-hangover borderline comatose government, a somnambulant “opposition” and a growing diversified protest movement, it is not unreasonable to consider the fall not only of the odious Tories but the fall of the Corbyn-istas.

In typical fashion Corbyn, the Uriah Heep of British politics, who looks in the mirror and sees Lev Trotsky, has been MIA.

Confronted by protestors outside his home he ran away, said he doesn’t talk to people who do such things and said he would meet with them next week.

Another profile in courage.

As things stand now Extinction Rebellion has momentum but it could evaporate in an afternoon.

The movement is growing, the police are limited and the government is torn between Labour’s faux Trotskyists who believe there’s no revolution until they say there’s one (which is why the Momentum Gang that runs Corby like a sock puppet have all stayed out of the limelight) and the sadistic and politically masochistic Tories.

In other words a growing potential for a perfect political storm.


See details here:

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