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A Very British Revolution.Brief Notes on Extinction Rebellion.

There’s a story from the era of May 1968 in which a group of French would-be revolutionaries, with experience confronting French cops, explained to British protestors that the easiest way to break up a cavalry charge of mounted cops, was to roll hundreds of marbles in the street as horses would not be able to go over them without falling.

The British recoiled, said no to the tactic, as they feared it would injure the horses.

Whether or not the story is true it is accurate in conveying a particularly English sensibility. It is crucial to not be sentimental of course as there is precious little about the Empire that was genteel. The English are as capable of savagery as anyone else. As Berthold Brecht put it in a slightly different context when someone criticized him by pointing out that the English had after all produced Shakespeare: Yes, even barbarians have heroes.

We were thinking of all of that after watching the video below about the Extinction Rebellion movement in the UK.

For the third day hundreds of people have blocked significant streets and hubs in London.

Take note (in the article linked below) of the way the cops are responding and contrast it with how the cops in the average US protest would react.

But also take note of the fact that the protests are having an impact on what matters most to the government – money.

Money is power and there’s no power without money.

Of course while often stupid the government is not an idiot (no, really) and they are quite capable of increasing the pressure on protestors and demonstrating the cost of resistance.

But the facts are on the side of the resistance in that being a Tory doesn’t allow you to breathe underwater.

To that point consider that yesterday two of the most prominent bankers in the world wrote a joint letter stating that climate change has the potential to destroy the world economy.

This is in historical terms like the bankers telling a king your majesty is most wise but also broke and if you’re broke, you can’t pay the army, and if you can’t pay the army there’s nothing between you and the angry hungry mob except your wig.

This is all going to get much worse before (if ever) it gets better.

No one will go broke overestimating corporate greed and ideological short-sightedness.

But the protests are not going to stop, they’re going to expand and very quickly reach a crisis point – a nexus of desperation, lost revenue, government panic vs a need to show they are still in control, and all the while, the glaciers will continue to evaporate, the oceans will rise, the storms will get worse, people will move in increasingly large and unmanageable numbers, Trump and assorted morons will become increasingly desperate and everyone will have a front row seat to the greatest gladiatorial clusterfuck in history.

The Revolution has started.

Buckle up.


See details here:

For details on the bankers comments on climate change:

Update: 4/18/19:

There really seems to be nothing more quintessentially British than this:


Update: 4/19/19:

A sure sign the protests are having at least one desired effect as the all too easily panicked Tories aim to prove they have big cocks:

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