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Political Self harm or Trump’s Gift to the Democrats.

Fresh from the political hand job he recieved from Attorney General Barr, Trump, like a coke addict with powder caking his face, went from you beat the rap baby to, barfing all over himself.

Lindsey Graham, the empress of the Senate had, in the wake of Barr dancing on the ice and distracting everyone to buy Trump some time, told Il Douche, he had new political capital and a new lease on life – what, asked Senator Scarlett O’Hara, did he want to do?

Because Trump is an idiot the way a Blue Whale is large, and because he’s crazy the way a Black Hole is deep, decided he wants to completely eliminate Obamacare.

Never, said a famous general, get in the way of your enemy when he’s making a mistake.

By declaring he wants to toss tens of millions of people into poverty and wants to make them suffer slow agonizing deaths, by stripping them of what little healthcare they have, Trump has handed the Democrats a lifeline.

Since the Democrats are leaderless and must rely on Nancy were capitalists get used to it Pelosi, they are always one step away from catastrophe.

But here comes their best friend, Donny Dimwit, to save the day.

Here are the bumper stickers for 2020:

Vote for Trump and lose your health insurance.

Vote for Trump and starve to death.

Vote for Trump and die a slow agonizing death as you choose between overpriced blackmarket meds, or paying your rent.

Of course don’t expect the Democrats to run up the score because while Trump is an incompetent elephant turd lunatic, the liberals aren’t much better.

But for a little while at least, the political pendulum has swung in their direction.


See some details here:

2 comments on “Political Self harm or Trump’s Gift to the Democrats.

  1. That offers some perspective, I guess. I’m not exactly sure what it means. But it sounds like Trump is keeping things interesting.

    It sure throws the DNC gang off their game because he gives them every opportunity to take advantage by shifting left. That puts them in an uncomfortable situation since they are looking for every opportunity to keep going right.

    Meanwhile, the GOP is chained to a madman. But they aren’t prepared to start sawing off limbs to gain their freedom.

    It makes for a glorious show, all around.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rauldukeblog says:

      “A glorious show, all around” was sort of my pov when I wrote it – a sense of being resigned to the circular firing squad aspect of it. I support Pelosi only in the sense she’s against Trump but of course she’s to blame for Trump as much as the Breitbart goons.

      They’re all part of the old regime.

      Liked by 2 people

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