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Where ignorant armies clash by night. Notes on Brexit.

“Sup up your beer and collect your fags
There’s a row going on down near Slough
Get out your mat and pray to the West
I’ll get out mine and pray for myself

Thought you were smart when you took them on
But you didn’t take a peep in their artillery room
All that rugby puts hairs on your chest
What chance have you got against a tie and a crest?

Hello-hurray, what a nice day
For the Eton Rifles, Eton Rifles
Hello-hurray, I hope rain stops play
For the Eton Rifles, Eton Rifles

Thought you were clever when you lit the fuse
Tore down the House of Commons in your brand new shoes
Composed a revolutionary symphony
Then went to bed with a charming young thing…”

— Paul Weller (The Jam), The Eton Rifles


” The repulsive courtesies began once again, one of them passed the knife over K. to the other, who then passed it back over K. to the first. K. now knew it would be his duty to take the knife as it passed from hand to hand above him and thrust it into himself. But he did not do it, instead he twisted his neck, which was still free, and looked around. He was not able to show his full worth, was not able to take all the work from the official bodies, he lacked the rest of the strength he needed and this final shortcoming was the fault of whoever had denied it to him.”

— Franz Kafka, The Trial


The good news about Brexit is that (so far) for once, as Europe engages in its every hundred years (or so) round of self harm, it hasn’t involved violence.

That is unlikely to continue to be true.

In prior annual episodes of mass psychosis there has been an effort to kill and maim as many people as possible. These industrial scale episodes of political Tourette’s are well documented but as with most things, no one will ever go broke overestimating the human capacity to be catastrophically stupid.

Which brings us to the British political class. While the so called Hard Brexit gang is comprised of reactionaries, neo fascists, and assorted morons, all sharing various forms of fantasies about making Britain great again, from the high church feudalism of Jacob Rees-Mogg, to the, if you squint your eyes and tilt your head so you’re looking up at your crotch, I’m just like Winston Churchill, fantasies of Boris Johnson, and the troll under the bridge neo-fascism of Nigel Farage, the fact is that Jeremy Corbyn’s antagonism towards the EU, is as shameless as Appeasement.

You could look at the Tories and say, well they would wouldn’t they, and you wouldn’t be too far off from the whole truth. In Corbyn you have a man both so feckless and so ideologically self righteous, it’s a wonder he can actually get his head to follow his legs as he stumbles from one self inflicted wound to the next.

Why does Corbyn support leaving the EU? Because he’s willing to hold England’s Labour supporters hostage, while pulling up a drawbridge that throws the rest of Europe and the millions who comprise the blowback of centuries of British imperialism to the wolves.

Instead of saying, the EU has cocked up immigration and England is also responsible for the mass immigration dilemma precisely because it has spent centuries skull fucking the world, he said something that sounded mostly like an excuse for having killed his parents and demanding of the court that he be recognized as an orphan. Oh dear, Chuka Umunna is also at the meeting?!? Right, I’m off! Like a princess pissed that some other would-be dowager is wearing the same dress.

The Hard Brexiters on the other hand are either too stupid to understand what they’ve done or too cynical to care. Or some combination of both.

If it’s the former they are criminally negligent, and they have no business being in charge of anything let alone a soon to be former world power. If it’s the latter they are criminally negligent and have no business being charge of anything, let alone a soon to be former world power –  even if it’s one that while economically and culturally comatose, still has the bomb.

We suspect that the Hard Brexiters know exactly what they’re doing. We suspect that they all harbor Boarding School fantasies about being spanked by upperclassman and buggered by the head master. Or some combination of both.

And no, that’s not a metaphor. As the late and sometimes missed Christopher Hitchens said about Maggie there’s no such thing as society Thatcher – she loved the idea of giving a boarding school spanking – because it fused discipline and punishment with government policy. And mind you, he said that after she had smacked his ass with a rolled up copy of The Daily Mail (or a report from the Exchequer – who can tell the difference).

The neurotic if not psychopathic refusal to contemplate the potential catastrophe of setting the Good Friday Agreement on fire, would be enough to both prove the assumption but also more than enough to haul the entire gang in front of a tribunal as terrorists.

In addition, the refusal to contemplate the logistical facts of Brexit, ranging from the nightmare that will be the former trade route from Dover to Calais and back, and from Rotterdam back to the UK, proves that the UKIP/Hard Brexit Gang are criminally incompetent on a level not seen since Neville Chamberlain told the Germans, with you no matter what – so long as you keep your guns pointed East.

Beyond all of that what looms for the rest of the world, is that like the Titanic trying to push the iceberg out of the way, the sinking of the United Kingdom is a disaster for everyone on board.

While Farage and BoJo and Mogg & Co (like the human turd, Mark Francois) will get rich in the manner of pirates and decadent feudal lords enjoying Prima Nocta, the new peasants of the former UK will be pushed into a state of desperation which will lead to mass unrest.

The potential for mass unrest is serious and it is likely that as neo-fascists, and reactionaries, and aristocrats, the Hard Brexiters want exactly that outcome, as it will give them a burn the Reichstag excuse to declare rolling states of V for Vendetta emergencies and the establishment of a de facto junta in the form of a “coalition government.”

The use of and exploitation of nostalgia in the form of “Blitz culture” – a retrograde callback to the nebulous if paradoxically sharp edged reality of England in 1940 – is the English iteration of standard neo-fascist, populist, bullshit. It is toxic whether it comes wrapped with fish and chips or Trump’s bigly steaks.

While there are any number of reasons to criticize the EU, from its cynical, iron boot response to the collapse of Greece (and its bloody part in creating the financial plague), its mishandling of immigration, and its tone deaf bureaucracy, to its love affair with neoliberalism, the idea that the answer is Brexit is like saying the solution to a headache is the guillotine.

The refusal of the spineless liberals to admit that neoliberalism has been a cure that also caused a new social disease, the refusal to admit that joining a series of disastrous neo-imperial foreign adventures resulting in a series of rolling genocidal catastrophes, was both decadent and depraved, along with the rise of the new aristocracy, with its sadomasochistic operas of stupidity, all not only point to a collapse of intellectual capacity but also are jet fuel for atavistic neo-fascist hysteria.

This is a circular firing squad. This is the return of August 1914 but with new uniforms and better graphics. This is Munich in 1938 but with new uniforms and better graphics. This is Metternich and Talleyrand but with better hair and less syphilis.

If the UK crashes out of the EU and the UK fragments, and Ireland reverts to its the center cannot hold atavism, then a high-tech version of the crack up of Yugoslavia is on the horizon.

Would the new IRA return to bombings in London?

Would the Ulster DUP fascists set off bombs themselves?

Would you bet against BoJo and Rees-Mogg and Mark Francois let alone Farage ordering the army back into Ireland?

Think the murder of Jo Cox was something out of Berlin in the 1930s?
Just wait until you see what’s coming down the road as the housing market and the farm industry crash and burn.

Is it farfetched to follow the pro-Brexit money along the rat line to Cambridge Analytica, Gruppenführer Steve Bannon, the Russians, and assorted European mafia, all of whom know that a unified Europe is bad for (their) business?*

The lights have not yet gone out across Europe, or for that matter in America. But it is dusk and night is falling.

Come to the window if you have the spine for it, and take a long hard look at the horizon.

Where ignorant armies clash by night.



We have deliberately not mentioned the current PM because while clearly both incompetent and dangerous, in the manner of an intellectually atrophied militant political zombie, she is nothing more or less than a sock puppet.


It is completely reasonable to ask if Brexit, was and remains at some inner level (like a series of nesting dolls) a slow motion coup.

Take note of this:

Consider the following from the MOD’s plans for post Brexit:

“The document warns that agencies and government departments must assume they will be working non-stop for an extended period. The 12 high-risk areas that have been identified as being of particular concern include transport, healthcare services, and food and water supplies.

“Under the planning assumptions it is assumed that the command, control and coordination arrangements might last, during the critical phase, for a minimum of 12 weeks and might require 24/7 working for all involved departments and agencies,” the document says. “Some impacts may be felt for up to 24 weeks.”

Make no mistake, this is a description of a state of emergency in which the military, the police, and no doubt the branches of the Secret Services, will be operating as the de facto blunt end of the government – and, crucially – “the government” will be operating on a razor’s edge between hysteria, gross fatigue, systemic incompetence, byzantine court politics, blood feuds, fear of being blamed for both authentic and fabricated failures, and the very real possibility of small scale and large scale terrorism events and domestic unrest.

Either the Brexiters and Corbyn, want chaos and are criminals, or cannot comprehend the potential for catastrophe and are criminally negligent.

This is England standing on the brink of its worst crisis since 1939.

Consider this crucial section of the MOD/Government plan:

“The most important decisions in response to any potential crisis will be taken by the little-known European Union exit and trade (preparedness) subcommittee, which was set up in January, and is chaired by the prime minister. That will have sweeping powers to intervene and order emergency measures, including mobilising the military, and getting rid of regulations if necessary, the document suggests.

“The committee will be available to take an overview of the situation and make any relevant decisions including on the following areas but not limited to legislation, identifying funding opportunities, allocation of national level resources (such as military, law enforcement or civil service resources, direction of government bodies and relaxation of regulations required at the ministerial level.”

This is a clear cut blueprint for a de facto establishment of a junta.

We also take note of President Macron asking the leader of Ireland if Ireland will be “alright” should a no deal Brexit occur.

What matters here is what has gone undiscussed by the brain dead media: Macron must surely have in mind a potential “UN intervention” in Ireland should Ireland be pushed and/or jump back into the maelstrom.

Anyone who thinks that conversation hasn’t occurred is whistling passed the graveyard of Europe.

Macron and the pro EU camp cannot allow a no deal Brexit that leads to violence as it will be seen as a green light to violent tribalists across the continent.

If you’re not having flashbacks to September 1939 and August 1914, you should check to see if you still have a pulse.

*Consider this:

Update: 3/26/19

Exactly as we described last year and as the above makes perfectly clear, the article below is proof that the ERG/Brexit gangsters are comprised of two main cadres – the reactionary neo-imperialist and neo-fascists, and the catastrophically stupid.

That the former is also in good standing with the latter and visa versa should not be dismissed as obviously Jacob Rees-Mogg and BoJo & Co are, in addition to being fops from the dead past, au current in their membership on the council of stupidville.

See the details of the looming nightmare here:

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