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The Anti-Semitism of Anti-Zionism. Notes on Michael Brooks, Majority Report and the New Left.

Anti-Semite and Majority Report talking head, Michael Brooks, coughed up a video today in the wake of the recent Ilhan Omar dog and pony show.

In it Brooks, utilizing his tone of assumed moral and intellectual superiority common to non-tenure track adjunct professors at community colleges everywhere, (based on the assumption that there is no legitimacy to any contrary points of view) pronounced a standard agit-prop theme among the left wing of the anti-Semitic “left.”

“Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism” he declared right after announcing that it was a matter of fact that Israel is an apartheid state, that it is essentially without freedom and smells bad.

Okay we made up that last bit not that it matters because even if you focused only on what he did say would you really be able to distinguish it from a stream of rhetorical vomit?

Of course not because his comments, and the faux left bigotry it repeats is a-historical shit on a stick.

We begin with the claim, popular among the “Progressives” and “new new new” left who are at pains to convince both themselves and everyone else that they don’t hate Jews, that Zionism is apartheid, that it was nothing more or less than a colonial con job, that it was all about the Benjamins and ethnic cleansing and that being against it doesn’t make you a bigot.

Except none of that is true as we’ve detailed elsewhere – there’s more than enough contextualizing blame to go around as after all, from Jabo fascists to when Palestinians (in the form of Grand Mufti Faizal Husseini) go to Berlin to offer to blow the SS, it’s the sort of thing that will make any reasonable person heave and run for the nearest exit, as will America’s support for not so ex Nazis like Klaus Barbie, and a who’s who of other not so ex Nazis brass, and helping the French transfer not so ex SS troopers to the Foreign Legion all night casino in Vietnam, to teach the delicate art of efficiency and discipline to the otherwise lax Vietnamese, the use of not so ex Nazi scientists, not so ex Nazis like Adolph Galand, and Kurt Waldheim, the use of not so ex Nazis for Operation Gladio, the importation of not so ex Nazis to develop gas filled missiles to turn Tel Aviv into a cemetery, the use of Koran humping theocratic thugs, in order to exterminate the authentic Arab left, the embracing of Soviet imperialism, and the general stupefying, soul crushing acceptance of the Orwellian dialectic and jazz improv of the Baath Party in Syria and Iraq – and because being against Zionism in this context, and in the context of Europe in the 19th and early 20th centuries is precisely and decidedly anti-Semitic, precisely and decidedly because in order to justify one’s antagonism, one has to either be a fascist in favor of well run train systems, or one has to amputate all context from Zionism which means you’re making a distinction without a difference.

As a result, to deny the urgency and essentialism of Zionism in the context of the period that begins with the Dreyfus Affair and ends amid the burned out husk of Europe in 1945, is to engage in a bespoke form of de facto Holocaust Denial.*

If you’re an anti-Zionist based on a retrograde elision of context, you’re in favor of the Jews giving up on being Jews as they are assimilated into the Marxist-Borg collective and/or you’re in favor of the Jews saying, well sure Auschwitz was bad but such small portions we forgive you! And we’re perfectly happy to return to Poland and Russia or move to America and so on.

As an aside to the – they should have just gone back to their Europeans homes -narrative favored by left crooners all over, we turn to noted anti-Zionist Tony Judt who in his useful if turgid tome, Post War, points out that one of the reasons Jews were in Displaced Person Camps in 1945 is because, with a few notable exceptions, the European states all said that if Jews wanted to return to Warsaw or some other garden spot, they would have to show documentation proving citizenship, residency, and all the rest of the bureaucratic detritus required.

Needless to say most if not all of the Jews still alive in Europe after Germany’s epic fit of Wagnerian overkill took a look around and said, yeah the SS guards at Birkenau didn’t return my luggage or my passport so, no thanks.

In order for Brooks and the other Jew obsessed pinheads who are “anti-Zionists” to be correct, the truth is that claiming a distinction between Zionism and anti-Semitism is like claiming that MLK’s core message was distinctly and precisely divorced from the cauldron of the Black reality in apartheid Jim Crow America in the middle of the 20th century and was instead, only a universal call for universal emancipation.

In other words, Brooks and his friends transform Dr. King into a minstrel wearing blackface and thus into a fetish for faux woke white hipsters.

And they do the same for Jews.

Zionism is the vaccine for anti-Semitism.

The side effects may include anxiety, heart palpitations, loss of appetite and a pressing need to watch Seinfeld reruns, but it remains the best treatment available to what is otherwise a nearly always fatal disease.

Claiming otherwise is just another in a long line of shabby attempt by bigots to convince everyone that they mean no harm.

If you believe Zionism can be marked off from anti-Semitism and that the essentialism of Israel’s existence can be amputated from the Holocaust, you are holding up a sign that says: Work Shall Set You Free.


See Brook’s Bund Rally here:



*Ironically this places Michael Brooks and his allies in the same position as noted Beatnik and authority on Postmodernism, Jordan Peterson who, as we’ve detailed elsewhere, doesn’t deny the Holocaust occurred, but robs it of context as one of the central engines of Western culture, in his efforts to act as a cheerleader for Capitalism and against the Yeti of his imagination “Postmodern-NeoMarxism.”

When one listens to Brooks, and Ash Shakur, Chapo Trap House, and other hobgoblins of the left, one of the dance hall and Bund rally favorites they always perform is that Zionism just happened, and that while bad the Holocaust has neither moral or political context and connection to the (re)creation of Israel, or if it does it only does in the same way that a set of lock picking tools has a connection to a sketchy pawn shop. In other words Zionism is just another Jewish scam.

This is followed by insisting they are not anti-Semites and Gaza, Gaza, Gaza.

But of course what it really means is that they are perfectly willing to fight to the last dead Jew.

There is also a two-headed psychological component at work in this and to which we will return later with a deeper excavation.

However for our purposes here we can break it down as follows:

Philosophically the left holds that nationalism is antithetical to the dialectic and the Marxist paradigm therefore, Zionism is reactionary and must be defeated.

Even if one grants the premise the dreary facts remain – the NKVD, the KGB, and the gentleman with the leather fetish from Berlin, not to mention everyone from Henry Ford to Charles Lindbergh, Father Coughlin, Faizal Husseini, the Pope and a cast of millions, were determined to kill Jews, or look the other way while someone else did it and claiming you had converted from being a Jew to a Marxist was as much use as a prayer is for treating a burst appendix.

The second issue is that since the left was crushed and betrayed and cannibalized itself and Zionism emerged victorious, if even just provisionally, the anti-Zionist anti-Semites are consumed with jealousy.

This can’t be overstated.

The left is consumed with and by an outsized obsession with Jews, Zionism and Israel decidedly out of any authentic proportion to reality.

In other words, they protest too much me thinks and the reason(s) are the Jews got organized, fought, and won and the left got it’s ass handed to it on a rusty platter.

And the left is still disorganized, self destructive and essentially useless.

The second psychological factor that applies mostly to anti-Zionist Jews but has echoes among non Jews is anxiety in the face of Post Zionist Isralies.

We can call this the Gal Gadot factor.

The truth is, she’s not an anomaly as Israel is full of people who look like that and compared to the aesthetic malignant trolls and assorted mutants, who poured out of the ghettos in the late 19th and early 20th century, it’s as if she came from another planet.

Turn to the end of Portnoy’s Complaint when Portnoy recounts his attempted seduction/rape of the kibbutznik and gets tossed (pun intended) like a sack of dirt.

She is described as more less looking like a tractor engine.

The efficacy of that description is its use by mostly American Jews (of both sexes) who when confronted by “Gal Gadot” types feel their dicks go limp and they counter it by screaming about moral failures and political sleaze and Gaza, Gaza, Gaza.

Roth’s The Conversion of the Jews here becomes authentic except in a Wiley e Coyote ACME blow up in your face sort of manner, that reveals the anxiety and jealousies of non Isralie Jews who have turned Israel into a fetish – both desired and repulsive.

Needless to say all other criticism is legitimate – Netanyahu is a gangster, Avigdor Lieberman is a second rate reheated first phase Jabotinsky wannabe goon, and history in Tel Aviv just like in Tokyo, Paris, London, Madrid, and San Francisco, is more like a George Grosz painting than not.

Of course as authentic leftist and non-Zionist Jew Walter Benjamin said in one of his more interesting kaons:

There is no record of civilization that is not also a record of barbarism.

To which we add that he’s correct regardless of the story going right to left or left to right.


In the gutter with The Guardian.

Today’s Guardian has an article headlined:

“Pro-Israel donors spent over $22m on lobbying and contributions in 2018 ”

This is bolstered by a sub-heading that declares The Guardian has investigated this issue and “discovered” that pro-Israel lobbyists have spent money, are very active and aim to advance their agenda.

One assumes this breathless homage to Woodward and Bernstein will be followed by an equally impressive piece of investigative (faux) journalism that discovers bears shit in the woods, the Pope is Catholic, and the check is in the mail.

The article goes on to point out that pro-Israel expenditures by all lobby groups is a fraction of the amount spent by everyone else from the small business lobby to the real estate lobby and the likes of the gun industry and behemoths like Boeing.

So, in other words, The Guardian has a headline that reads:


Except, they spend far less than everyone else who in turn get far more bang for their buck as witnessed by stubborn and dreary facts like how the US spends twenty times what it spends on Israel to keep US forces in Europe – where they act as one diplomatic wit put it – to keep Russia out, America in, and Germany down.

To which we would add they are also there to subsidize the Germany healthcare system and six week paid vacations.*

Since the entire Ilhan Omar the Jews and money equals sinister power routine rests on the bigoted assertion that the amount of coin equals more influence, it’s worth pointing out that the US has fought more wars in Europe and on behalf of the Arabs than for or on behalf of Israel, spends more in Europe, the Gulf and in Japan and Asia than in or for or with Israel, and that a host of lobbying Gargantuas all out spend AIPAC and J-Street the way Steph Curry and Klay Thompson outshoot everyone else.

It’s rarely if ever close.

And The Guardian knows it but blasts an anti-Semitic headline anyhow and then below the fold has another article entitled:

“Antisemitism rising sharply across Europe, latest figures show

France reports 74% rise in offences against Jews and Germany records 60% surge in violent attacks”

Gee, we wonder if there are any correlations between gutter journalism trafficking in stereotypes about Jews and money and a rise in anti-Semitic attacks?

See The Guardian’s efforts here:

And here:


*For a look at the cost breakdown of US/NATO see the following:

In other news: Labour, you have a problem:

Update: 2/19/19

We are shocked that The Guardian has posted a nuanced article addressing the growing anti-Semitic rot at the heart of the Labour Party, and that the issue includes what should be obvious – the current Likud regime is as distinct from the issue and context of Zionism as Trump is to Walt Whitman and 1776.

For reasons we can’t quite make out the Labour Party has been hijacked by a gang of faux Trotskyists who get a political hard on for blaming Jews for all of their problems. That they are antagonistic towards oligarchs and assorted Tories is one thing but as the article says, trading an orgasm for gonorrhea is hardly anyone’s idea of a fair deal – unless you’re Jeremy Corbyn who seems to have decided that his love letter to political suicide and the empty legacy of anti-Semitism should have as it’s mission statement: With you no matter what.




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  1. Which one of your articles on antisemitism should I start with?


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