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Murder Incorporated. Khashoggi and Liberal Hypocrisy.

“I’m a bigot but, for the left.”

— Woody Allen, Annie Hall

“It aint complicated, you’re dealing with
Murder Incorporated.”

— Bruce Springsteen, Murder Incorporated


It is not funny, says Raymond Candler, in The Simple Art of Murder, that a man should be killed, though it is funny that he should be killed for so little and, that we call his death the coin of civilization.

Jamal Khashoggi was a foolish man but even fools deserve to be protected by the law, from the gangsters who use the legal code as toilet paper and for target practice. He was a fool because he seemed to believe that the Saudi Arabian “government” (which is a government that way a corporation is a citizen) wouldn’t dare murderer a man in one of their consulates and that being affiliated with the Washington Post was some type of protection.

The Saudi’s of course are decadent and depraved and have the ethics of a crack dealer selling a mixture of bath salts, crack, laxatives and rat poison, they mixed up in a rusty bucket. And America, the beacon of freedom to which the world turns, because there’s no way off this pale blue dot, is king pimp.

All of that is also so obvious as to be banal. But what is amusing amid this carnage, (as we listen to the twisted metal of America’s fenders being torn off, as the national soul exceeds the G-force tolerance of honesty, and slams into the guard rails of history) is that while Trump is a malignant troll, with the intelligence of a cockroach and the moral sense of a virus, the fact is, that while the liberals and the “Progressives” wail about morality, and hypocrisy, and the venal Oil barons, and the arms dealers, and poor Khashoggi, they are conveniently forgetting (or succeeding in not mentioning) that their hero, former Constitutional Professor, Barak Obama, used what he claimed was “secret evidence” to justify the execution of an American Citizen.

Ah yes, ethical consistency sure is a bitch, isn’t it. See, when the liberals soak the Bill of Rights in gasoline and throw matches at it, it’s justified, and it’s for your own good, and you have to see the big picture, yada, yada, yada.

But when the fascists do it, well then it’s vile, evil, toxic and a threat to the rule of law.

The fact is that Obama and everyone involved in the murder of Anwar al-Awlaki, are guilty of any number of crimes including murder, and being arrogant mother fuckers, who are either too fucking stupid to know that they are on a downward trajectory towards tyranny or systemic apathy. In the former case, either they will have to rule by force or the inevitable revolutionary government will have to rule by force. In the latter they will get to watch as the people of the world just give up and wish they could grow gills as the seas rise and everyone drowns.

That is the meaning of Khashoggi’s murder and America’s complicity. The only people left, who still believe in the government, are the fanatics and the idiots. Everyone else is either a future revolutionary or a committed cynic, or both. Neither group offers much in the way of hope but the deeper the hole the government digs, while demanding obedience and cheerleaders, the worse the shit storm will be when the system falls apart.

To paraphrase a certain Irish gentleman, the liberals lack all conviction while the rest are full of shit. The “Progressives” are idiots, and arrogant, and worst of all, they are just limp, coughing up nothing more than New Deal 2.0, while pretending that they’re all as militant as a Maoist cadre beating university professors to death with little red books. If they had a sense of ethics they would have mobilized years ago and called for a general strike, but they want capitalism with a smile, and a seat at the table. They hate Nancy were capitalists get used to it Pelosi, (with good reason) but they also hate her because she’s sucking up the dollars and they want their cut.

Lost in the shrapnel storm is the ugly truth. Khashoggi’s murder became inevitable when Obama Incorporated got away with murder.

The entire system is a shit sandwich and everyone involved is a fucking lizard but less charming.

Using what you claim is “secret evidence” and having your utterly spineless Attorney General spout bull shit that would have made Kafka cough up a lung, means you are a god damned gangster. It means you’re a fucking hypocrite and a textbook example of hubris.

Trump is a puddle of vomit but he’s doing the same thing as all the rest of them. The world runs on oil and the Saudis have oil and they have sand and no one gives a fuck about the sand.

Jamal Khashoggi was a fool but then, so is everyone else, and we all have as much protection under the law, as he did.

6 comments on “Murder Incorporated. Khashoggi and Liberal Hypocrisy.

  1. This is how, as many have noted, that the Democrat’s not-so-lesser evil supports, promotes, and justifies ever greater evil. The Saudis are the kind of people that Obama and the Clintons love. It’s the marriage of neoliberalism and neoconservatism, profit and power.

    Trump was a Democrat for a long time, a family friend and financial supporter of the Clintons. He is a product of the Democratic Party, demonstrating that there really is no difference between the two dominant parties. He is acting on the precedent and extension of executive powers of the Obama administration. Obama was acting on the precedent and extension of executive powers of the Bush administration. And on and on it goes back. The two parties in their symbiosis of evil are not only of the same coin but essentially the same side of the same coin. It is irrelevant that they sometimes play the good cop/bad cop routine.

    That is what frustrates me and plain saddens me. I personally know many partisan Democrats, most of them typical “good liberals”. Millions of innocent people in the US and around the world have been imprisoned, harmed, and killed during the watch of the Clintons and Obama. The dissociation, though, disallows the connecting of dots. Some of these good liberals are parents. They are fine when Democrats support actions that maim, kill and orphan children, as long as they are poor brown children elsewhere. They entirely lack the ability to feel empathy and compassion, to imagine how they’d feel if a foreign government killed their own children and many other American children.

    The hypocrisy woudn’t smart so much, if not for the cold-hearted cruelty and brutality of it. There is something fundamentally sociopathic about the average ‘liberal’. And as you know, I say that as someone who has long identified as a liberal, the very reason I take it so personally. The liberal dream is beautiful, while the liberal reality is too often horrifying.

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    1. Yesterday, I was watching Hassan Minhaj’s new Netflix show. He discussed the fucked-up relationship between the US and the Saudis.

      It was interesting for a number of reasons. He is a brown person hosting his own show on a mainstream media source. And he is a Muslim criticizing the demented nature of this special relationship, specifically in how Saudis end up representing Muslims around the world.

      White people on mainstream media have tended to spin the rhetoric in defense of the Saudis, in a way they never do for any other brown people. Saudi money buys good press and, as Minhaj notes, Saudis are heavily invested in the US economy.

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      1. rauldukeblog says:

        Comedy under assault by various forces – has been far more honest than just about any other platform. America’s writers were compromised a long time ago and the one’s who weren’t have been silenced by the Stasi’ 24/7 eye that never blinks. the British author Jan Morris way back in 2005 wrote a piece saying everyone of her American author friends believed they were under surveillance. Of course the article received zero attention amid the you’re either with us or against us atmosphere.

        To make it all even more awful it’s 2,000+ years ago that a Roman said: “In times of war the law falls silent.”

        The other issue is of course as you say that there’s this disconnect – If the Saudi’s were selling sheep we’d have invaded years ago and paved the place over with Starbucks and been done with them.

        I am convinced that the only way out will entail a civil war. There’s a nexus of issues – the sick vapor trail of the Confederacy with “gun rights” and bigotry and sexism as their ideals, married to Wall Street psychotics like the Koch brothers and the neoliberals. It’s a mix and match amalgam but I noted with both amusement and dread an article the other day that highlighted how rising sea levels are threatening Norfolk naval base – that’s where they repair the subs and the aircraft carriers.

        That starts to go underwater and all of a sudden the government will discover a solution to rising sea levels but the root cause of capitalism will have to go the way of domestic slavery but that wont happen without bloodshed.

        And I’m not cheerleading – after all, I don’t advocate for earthquakes but I’m aware they occur.

        The Saudi’s are a prime focal point. The government covered for their involvement in 9/11 and now is doing it vis the murder of JM.

        Shit like that always comes back to bite governments on the ass.

        Every single time.


    2. rauldukeblog says:

      Needless to say I agree.

      The situation is fucked up any way one looks at it unless you’re a sociopath – and as you point out, the liberals are clearly engaged in a sociopathic state of disassociation. They call it compartmentalization but that’s what a sociopath would say.

      Hypocrisy is of course not new but the rot has reached a terminal stage. The system of which Trump is only an example has given a blank check to gangsters everywhere to murder journalists and of course it has given itself the same exemption vis the al-Awlaki.

      After he was murdered a journalist made the point that he was almost certainly a terrorist but that executing him and making the argument that “due process” does not mean review of evidence by judges renders citizenship meaningless or at best arbitrary.

      What they left out were the points you made – one could easily make the case that the US is engaged in state sponsored terrorism from mass murder in Yemen to any number of other cases – Pinochet and operation Condor, and death squads in Vietnam. Hitchens in his book about Kissinger makes the case that Kissinger and Ford knew exactly what they were doing when they gave the Indonesian junta the ok to kill half a million people

      Beyond that and a hundred other cases the other issue is how this all is the true context of Trump.

      Trump is a political Frankenstein’s monster but Dr. Frankenstein is the system that created him by murdering people and outsourcing genocide.

      “The liberal dream is beautiful, while the liberal reality is too often horrifying.”

      “History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.” (James Joyce)

      My hunch is the world will wake up and it will either be homicidal or it will be too late or both.


  2. Here is a decent overview of the present decline of the American Empire.
    And here is a quote that clarifies it is actually a more insidious imperialism, that of global capitalism and the transnational plutocracy that rules it.

    “The U.S. state is a key point of condensation for pressures from dominant groups around the world to resolve problems of global capitalism and to secure the legitimacy of the system overall.
    “In this regard, “U.S.” imperialism refers to the use by transnational elites of the U.S. state apparatus (soft and hard) to continue to attempt to expand, defend, and stabilize the global capitalist system. We are witness less to a “U.S.” imperialism per se than to a global capitalist imperialism.
    “We face an empire of global capital, headquartered, for evident historical reasons, in Washington.”
    ~William Robinson, Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity

    So, if the American Empire collapses, an entire global order will disappear with it. There will be no easy transition to another empire, as happened in the past (e.g., the passing of the baton of power from the British Empire to the American Empire). This can only end in destruction.

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    1. rauldukeblog says:

      Very interesting and essentially correct.

      We’re at the tail end of the Breton Wood New world Order – the system set up at the end of WW 2.

      But it’s a crucial point – the US stepped into the void created by the collapse and bankruptcy of Europe, Russia and Japan.

      When the US empire crack up there will be attempts at filling the hole by India, China and Russia but they will all be sucked into the vortex. New York/DC are the capitals of the world and when the environment capsizes Wall Street everyone will suddenly be bust.

      I have a feeling that the brightest of the pols believe they can fix things but their definition of fixing is a kind of status quo based on things not being apocalyptic vs things being good. As long as the engine is still running they define it as a success.

      But of course it can’t last. The smoke from the CA fires has reached the East coast.

      The global capitalist system will not willingly change and that leaves force and force provokes force and then we’re looking at some iteration of 1860-65 or 1789/1917 all of which were of course catastrophes.

      I’ve mentioned it before but there’s a great description of the old Bourbon monarchs: They have learned nothing, and forgotten nothing.

      That’s the sort of situation we’re in – a purgatorial politics with freaks periodically screaming about one thing or another while the environment burns.

      I am not optimistic.

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