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Rheichstag Fires.

Guns are to America in the 21st century, as slavery was to the 19th. The minimum gain is exceeded by the maximum evil.

The 2nd Amendment’s meaning is clear and explicit despite the psychotic, fascist, piratical obfuscations of the professional cynics and their terrorist allies. The well regulated militia, is clearly the clause, upon which gun ownership is based. To separate ownership from regulation is sociopathic, and as morally irresponsible as allowing people to own and parade a full grown lion down Main Street. To own a gun requires that the owner belong to a well regulated militia. Any other interpretation is at best sophistry and at worst advocacy for terrorism.

The purpose of this advocacy for terror is the destruction of the post Civil War society. Unable to defeat the federal government through direct military means, the pathologies and banal day to day habits of the Confederacy have morphed into “gun culture” with a lexicon of codes, that all indirectly support the ideologies of the Confederacy.

These include but are not limited to, racism, patriarchy, tribalism, White nationalism, violent antagonism towards diversity, equality, and support for a federally controlled infrastructure, as is appropriate for a vast, complex, modern, 21st century nation.

Wrapped in styles of music, cars, language, cult-based ideas about masculinity and femininity, assorted fetishes, and alternative forms of meaning – as in Fox “news” and its propagandistic fictions, the paranoid rants of Alex Jones, Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. – the Confederacy never died, but instead went into a semi-comatose state broken up by periodic spasms and fits of violence.

From anti-bussing riots in the racist city state of Boston, to the Archie Bunker fascism of suburban New York, to the official bigotry of the rural South and the GOP’s Southern Strategy, and the “War on Drugs” the Fascist Party of America – in conjunction with its morally atrophied twin, the Fascist Party of America aka, the Democrats – the old beast has come around again.

The Republican wing of the Fascist Party is comprised of three main groups. The professional cynics who hate everyone unlike themselves, but are not ideologically racist, and whose goal is power no matter the cost, the professional bigots who are committed racists and fascists, and the religious fascists who are biblical literalists and moral hypocrites, combining a twisted sexual psychosis, with a sadomasochistic cornucopia of spastic impulses, towards violence and self-flagellation.

Mitch McConnel is a reactionary Southern aristocrat and a bigot who, in the manner of a German industrialist, or a depraved British lord from the 1930s, sees Trump as a hammer with which he will destroy the thin remains of the New Deal, and The Great Society, and return the nation to the end of the 19th century. Psychopaths, devoid of any ideological center, like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, are willing accomplices because their drive is for power and the opportunity to be sadistic. That they are willing to align with bigots and fascists is almost of secondary importance as their pathology is first and last, about power. Mike Pence, a man with a bag of hair shirts and jugum rings, instead of a soul, is the personification of the Handmaid’s Tale fascism of the resurgent Southern and Border State fascism of the Civil War, and clearly, he is salivating and praying for Trump to either be forced out, or to have a stroke.

Floating in and out of this new Confederacy are the antis – anti- immigration, anti-environmentalism, anti-equality, anti-Feminist, anti-diversity, anti-urban, etc. By any means, and without ideological coherence they are the Brownshirts for the new Fascism. Their core is power and violence which they attach to whatever political slogan seems appropriate. The goal is their one consistency – power and the subjugation of anyone they hate.

Trump suits this movement perfectly precisely because he is ideologically incoherent but is consistently violent and sadistic and is against order. Order is the DNA of a modern bureaucracy and Trump’s psychosis suits the new Fascism perfectly, because it combines the terminal authority of a cult, with the atavistic violence of a mob, which in turn creates the means to destroy civil society.

The goal of this hydra is to create a state of perpetual crisis in which the rule of law is rendered arbitrary and is replaced by a constant state of emergency – constantly waiting for the next mass terrorism event – which requires – mandates – the abandoning of Civil Liberties either directly through emergency decrees, issued as a fatwa in response to the deliberate sabotaging of social norms, or indirectly through sparking acts of terrorism (though reckless rhetoric and fabrications disguised as fact based “news”) in the form of mass shootings, which in turn make it impossible to participate in the commons as they become unsafe.

And crucially, this indirect use of terrorism is an outgrowth of the deliberate trafficking in guns and drugs, within the context of the inherently and by design racism of the “War on Drugs” whose express purpose was to demonize minorities, gin up votes among the atavistic White base, and to create a culture in which the “Ghetto” became both a free-fire zone but also, a subset of the rest of the nation, in which civil liberties are suspended. Stop and frisk, permanent surveillance, Stingray, and a thousand Freddie Grays, constitute a fascist paradigm that is now being deliberately metastasized to the rest of the country.

This is setting fire to the Reichstag not once, as was appropriate in an early 20th century and relatively small state like Germany, but a series of Reichstag Fires set at random anywhere and everywhere, in order to create a state of terror, in which the entire system breaks down.

Backed by an all pervasive but deliberately lopsided and inefficient system of mass surveillance, in which political opposition is crushed by the Stasi, but violent White terrorism is allowed to wreck havoc, the legitimate, natural and organically occurring opposition to fascism is destroyed.

The corporate liberals, the de facto other wing of the Fascist Party, with its mantra of we’re capitalists get used to it, is just as guilty. While offering a pantomime of opposition, and hand wringing about gun control, and the environment, it is in truth, covered in blood.

The illusions of a functioning democratic republic remain. “Elections” a “free press” and the “right” to speak “freely” all continue to shoot off sparks, while the limbs, spine and soul of the body politic atrophy and turn gangrenous.

Cornered by the system cannibalizing itself, Trump and his gangsters attacked a reporter and then, in a blatantly fascistic maneuver, created a fabricated video of the event. Backed by the fascist delusions of cyber Brownshirts, they have unleashed the soft fist of fascism’s iron violence in the form of Orwellian, Soviet style official lies. But, neither the corporate liberal media or even the “alternative media” are calling it fascism, but instead are dithering and offering snark and calling it, an example of Trump being in panic mode. Even if one grants the premise, defining it simply as an example of his panic, which it certainly is, removes the ugly truth from the narrative.

Faced with a crisis, with the fact that he was incapable of achieving absolute power through the vote, Hitler and his gangsters, cheated, and set fire to freedom by setting the Reichstag on fire.

The world burned.

Trump, McConnel, their allies, and the complicit, hacks of the establishment are soaking everything in gasoline and are throwing matches in the air.

2 comments on “Rheichstag Fires.

  1. Yeah. That is exactly what I’ve been feeling.

    What goes for the political left always seems several steps behind, as if they can’t see what is happening in front of them. They are too cowardly to call authoritarianism for what it is because then they’d have to face their own hypocritical support of authoritarianism when it serves their own purposes.

    They are in a bind. And reactionaries, knowing they have (what goes for) the political left by the balls, just have to give a bit of twist in order to get the liberals back in line. The shapeshifting lizard men make noises and, as if they had called a tune, the whole system goes to dancing.

    Trump is a pathetic demagogue. But considering the pathetic opposition, he comes off as an idiot savant.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rauldukeblog says:

      Had to laugh at Trump as “…an idiot savant” because it’s true as a comparison. He’s the insane bully who falls bassakwards into a pile of shit but finds the correct answer.

      It’ s cliché but nonetheless he whole thing has become “Kafkaesque.”

      the distinction between Orwell and Franz being that Orwell was more didactic – not wrong just more blunt where Kafka captured the misty sense of shadow bureaucracy combined with the blunt instruments of power. Of course a central European would be less blunt than a Brit but still…

      The liberals and the Progressives are like Socialists in the 19th and early 20th century – with you right up to the point where they have to take an authentic risk.

      Liked by 1 person

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