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Is This a Dagger Which I see Before Me.

“Consider this
The hint of the century”



Supreme Court Associate Justice, Brett Kavanaugh.

Let that sink in and put down roots in your soul.

Trump, the malignant troll, is a professional demagogue and an amateur fascist. As we said some time ago that is a distinction without a difference.

Trump was installed because of a coup. Progressives hate that idea because it suggests that Hillary really won which in turn means that more people want her than Bernie.

That’s not necessarily true.

More than one thing can be true at the same time even things that contradict each other.

We all know the story.

She didn’t pay attention to key demographics in Michigan and Wisconsin.

It’s also true that petulant fools voted for Jill Stein and others refused to recognize that Hillary at her worst is superior to Trump at his best.

If the Russians hadn’t been left unchecked, and if the above had not occurred, Merrick Garland would be on his way to the court or, no one would be until after the midterms. And then RBG would retire and another liberal would be installed on the court.

No one would be threatening your right to an abortion, and no one would be telling you homosexuals can’t get married, no one would be accelerating the destruction of the already perilously endangered environment, and no one would be passing draconian laws in support of a resurgent gilded age reactionary corporatist fascism.

It’s also true that with a Hillary regime you would still have the Orwellian tyranny, and endless drone warfare, the impossible contradiction of support for sustainability, and support for the market as if that was not the root cause of the collapsing environment.

But you know the truth.

Hillary would have been not awful and Trump is a disaster.

Which brings us to the truth about both the Republicans, the evangelical fascists and the liberals.

The liberals and the left wing of the liberals, who call themselves “progressives” but are really just liberals with an attitude promoting a tepid New New Deal, all believe in the power of the vote. If you vote, in sufficient numbers, you will get the government you want.

If you believe, Tinkerbell will live.

The truth is, the Republicans who were always the party of bigots, have become honest about it and where their coalition used to be polite stealth bigots out in front, blowing the dog whistle, and the neo Nazis, Confederate 2.0, assorted Klansman and Aryan nation goons behind, it is now reversed. Generations of stealth bigots finally lost their hold because the crash of 2008 was seen for what it was – a betrayal of the White racist working and middle class by the White racist Wall Street class, and with Trump the bigots reversed the scheme and seized control of the party.

Which brings us to Mitch McConnel, Orin Hatch, Lindsey Graham, Bob Corker, John Cornyn, and the rest of the reactionary aristocrats who are perfectly willing to use Trump as their cudgel to stack the court, and achieve the Republican dream – the destruction of the New Deal and the Great Society and through gerrymandering and overt gangsterism backed by in your face fascism, establish either a virtual Gilead or the no doubt about it Bible-thumping dictatorship.

Anyone who thinks McConnell isn’t delusional and an ideologue, committed to tyranny, need only consult recent reports that in the run up to 2016, when told by then DCIA John Brennan, that sources inside the Kremlin were reporting that the Russians were actively trying to disrupt the election, accused Brennan of trying to throw the election to Hillary.

And a word here for the utterly vapid, moronic “leftists” wo insist that the “Russians did it” is a diversion cooked up by Strangelovian goons acting out some private X-Files fantasy – Go fuck yourselves.

But make no mistake, the Republicans are being assisted by the liberals.

The liberals keep showing up to political gunfights with squirt guns. They refuse to say what is obvious – that Trump is a fascist, that McConnell is committed to the destruction of the political order and wants to return the country to the apartheid era before the Civil Right’s Act of 1965. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren can get outraged and say all the right things but notice that they wont say what matters – that McConnell is a thug using Trump to set fire to the constitution and that there comes a moment when you must place yourself on the gears of the machine to stop it.

Instead of huffing and puffing about his lack of decorum, when McConnell blocked a hearing for Merrick Garland, the Democrats should have sat down on the floor of the Senate and said they would bring the government to a halt until or unless McConnell allowed a vote. They should have chained themselves to the podium on the floor of the Senate, and they should have said that McConnell’s actions were a blatant subversion of the norms that sustain even a modicum of republican rule and the stability of the government.

Instead, under the tutelage of Nancy were capitalists get used to it Pelosi, and the fossil that is the Dowager Feinstein, and the Uriah Heep of their camp, Barack Obama, with his dedication to being reasonable, they gave everyone the mantra that they can raise money and by gosh if you will just get out the vote…

And this in turn brings us to the useless, arrogant protestors who show up at the Senate and scream at racist old White millionaires and can’t understand why they keep losing.

The answer is simple: Who in their right mind thinks that a gang of racist old White men are going to listen to a bunch of women screaming at them?

Instead of protesting, they should be organizing a series of rolling general strikes in which they gather a few million people who agree to not use the internet for a day, and then three days, and then a week, and as the billions in lost revenue from the absence of eyeballs on clickbait accumulate, they could then count on the system getting the jitters and shakes and the government would begin to panic.

Following the panic would come the accusations of aiding the terrorists, and being a bunch of Bolsheviks, and then, threats of legislation to force you to use the internet followed by, negotiation.

But of course the liberals are whores and their pimp is Wall Street so the last thing they want to encourage is anything that disrupts the power of America’s King Pimp – the Stock Market.

After all, if they did someone would accuse them of being Marxists, and nothing scares a liberal more than the thought of someone accusing them of being a leftist.

The result of this is what you now have.

The weak but self-righteous progressives.

The spineless liberals.

The fascists in bed and surrounding Trump who are, day by day, setting fire to the system.

Historically when political systems cannibalize themselves and create an atmosphere where compromise becomes impossible the only thing left is, violence.

Make no mistake, America is racing towards a cliff.

When the bullets start flying, perhaps you can hide behind Brett Kavanaugh’s beer keg.

14 comments on “Is This a Dagger Which I see Before Me.

  1. I would make several points.

    I honestly can’t say that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have been worse. It is why Jimmy Carter originated so-called Reaganomics with its destruction of organized labor. It is why Bill Clinton could push corporate deregulation in a way that a Republican president never could accomplish. And it is why Barack Obama could deport more immigrants than any president in history, not to mention his pushing healthcare insurance corporatism that no Republican president could’ve gotten away with. It always takes a Democrat to shove everything further right. Trump, as a former Democrat himself, inherited that Democratic tradition and ran with it.

    I suspect that we would have seen fascism take hold in even more powerful and insidious ways with a Clinton presidency. And what would have made it so dangerous is few would have noticed. The situation we now face is both what we deserve and what we need. It forces us to admit to the situation and to stop acting like the slowly boiled frog, as we did under Obama.

    The pretense of democracy no longer matters, not that it ever did matter. And our complicity in entertaining that fiction is a luxury we can no longer afford. This isn’t only about an American democracy that never existed and so was never lost. We as a global species are at a do or die moment. We either revolt and overthrow those who are threatening our existence or we accept self-destruction. It is largely irrelevant which authoritarian overlord is in the presidency and supreme court.

    It isn’t our government. It doesn’t represent us. And it can’t stop us from doing whatever we choose, assuming we take our own moral responsibility to demand and to take action. Once a government loses its legitimacy, it simply no longer matters. The more out of touch Republicans get, with the help of Democrats, the closer we get to revolution. That is our only hope of avoiding doom. But that would have been just as true under a Democratic-controlled administration and supreme court. We still would have had authoritarian corporatism, military imperialism, and looming ecological disaster. Democrats would have slipped us a sleeping pill to soothe us as the house burned down around us.

    It’s time for Americans to wake up. And it’s time for those in government to wake up. The rule of law no longer applies. If you work in an alphabet soup agency or work for a senator, now is the time to turn on your masters by leaking documents, sabotaging evil schemes, or whatever. The same goes for those working for evil corporations such as Google that is helping authoritarian regimes. Hard choices will have to be made. This is a declaration of war, not just class war but the kind of war where people will die. This is not a time to hesitate and quibble. Bold action has to be taken.

    The Kavanaugh appointment was a suicidal act. The GOP has signed its own death contract. Bannon wanted things to be as exciting as it was a century ago. He is going to get his wish. That means mass riots, marches on places of power, armed battles in the streets, assassinations, and further terrorism. It is inevitable. But that is a good thing because it is our only hope. We either stop this death machine in its tracks or it will be the death of us all. The Democrats are not going to save for they are part of the reason we are at this point of existential crisis. We have to save ourselves, if it isn’t too late.

    A generation of revolutionaries shall arise to do what we older generations refused to do. Or else far worse consequences will be on their way. We don’t need a better supreme court or whatever. We need a better government and economy. The slate has to be wiped clean. And it won’t be easy. But there is no avoiding it. This is good thing, in its own way. It’s better to deal with this now than to put it off when it is far worse and never doubt that it can get far worse.

    “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”


    1. rauldukeblog says:

      Well, I’m not sure and my instinct is that warts and all, HRC would not have been as bad as Trump.

      I think our views overlap in a few places but diverge in others.

      As I said the primary faults with HRC are the expansion of the Orwellian system. After all she was part of the Obama regime that used what it claimed was “secret evidence” to justify the murder of a US citizen. Secondly I have no doubt she would have expanded drone strikes and augmented them with assorted “boots on the ground” adventurism. And third, she seems to not grasp that support for the market is at odds with “sustainability” and it seems likely she would have tried to square the circle.

      However, no Brett & co with all that means.

      On the other hand we’re back to the central dilemma which is the age old dilemma of reformists everywhere – the question of violence. “Revolutionary terror” is all well and good in the abstract but when you have to start actually executing people things get complicated.

      I have no doubt that things will never change without violence – and that’s the same truism that faced the generation of 1776. It is not the innate radicalism of the revolutionaries but the innate violence of the ruling class that leaves revolutionaries no choice.

      Except that there is I believe a option. The system is extremely vulnerable as it is overstretched and morbidly obese.

      A general strike and a “Selma” style boycott of the internet would collapse the system and force change. Of course one shouldn’t underestimate the COINTELPRO bag of tricks as a response but so what – a neo fascist court is a neo fascist court. But I have no doubt the “opposition” would rather look good at a protest than do good by becoming a sabot.

      I also have no doubt as I said that anyone who thinks all of this isn’t America heading towards a cliff is a fool and is whistling passed the graveyard. The gangsters have decided in their panic to cheat and by doing so they leave the opposition exposed as weak and that gives rise to “radicals” or it forces the opposition to absorb the “radicals” and fight back.

      I was amused to see Elizabeth Warren raise a revolutionary fist at a rally but my amusement was ironic. I don’t see her staging a protest on the floor of the Senate and calling Mitch a reactionary mother fucker.

      Which means we’re walking in a circle.

      And we end where we began.

      I would add that you may be right about Bannon and the suicidal nature of it all and the bankruptcy of the dems and the system in its entirety.

      Bannon should indeed be careful what he wishes for.

      It may not be true but supposedly there is a Chinese character that means both danger and opportunity. Even if it’s not true it’s a useful idea.

      If the “progressives” were serious the hundred or so people protesting on the steps of the Supreme Court would be back every day in their thousands until the court had to relocate or the DC cops had to surround the building or the N. Guard had to be called out. But it’s not 1968.

      Netflix and chill seems to have more strength than give me liberty or give me death.


      1. As you know, I see it as being inevitable. Empire never ended and revolution never ended.

        So, we are already in the middle of “revolutionary terror”. That is what the 9/11 attack was, a revolt against empire and a first shot across the bow. Osama bin Laden was rather clear about that. And it was only a couple of decades ago when the largest terrorist attack on American soil was from American right-wingers. Revolution may not take the form we expect it. And it may make for strange bedfellows.

        There is no avoiding it. That isn’t the choice we have, but we can choose how to respond. The point is that there is no way of finding a way around violence and death. The time for avoiding such a fate was decades ago. Our only choice now is how to play out the end game.

        Revolution is already here. We just don’t recognize it. And the GOP is the walking dead. They also don’t know it. Whichever party is in power when the crisis hits, as Strauss and Howe predicted, will be out of power for a generation. Because of the GOP’s suicidal bravado, I’d take it a step further. The GOP is doomed and defunct and will be replaced or else the whole system will be eliminated.

        It doesn’t matter who wants and doesn’t want revolution, who does or doesn’t join the revolution. When the crisis bursts to overflowing, revolution takes on a life of its own.


      2. rauldukeblog says:

        I’m not sure I’d disagree with any of that. I wrote a piece last year about McVey and I agree one can have a narrative that has this as a Revolutionary moment (by which I mean a moment that covers decades if not centuries).

        The GOP is doomed which in part explains its transformation from stealth fascist to outright reactionary and neo fascist. But a radical violent minority gangster party may attempt to stay in power. that of course would provoke violence.

        Regardless I agree that we’re clearly in a moment where violence can erupt at any moment and from any direction.

        I viewed and still view the Las Vegas shooting as a kind of Reichstag Fire moment. Neither the alternative nor the corporate media has discussed it that way but I mean it in the sense that it fits your point – revolutions don’t ask for permission. Clearly there is something on the loose.


      3. By the way, I just had a conversation with my Republican father. You might recall he didn’t vote for Trump and what has followed has shaken his faith. But like my mother, the Kavanaugh situation brought out his partisanship.

        Still, when I told him that the GOP was the walking dead, he couldn’t disagree with me. Even as they are temporarily victorious, he sees little if any hope for the Republican Party. And like me, he suspects major changes are on their way, although his business background causes him to look more to financial collapse.

        Many Republicans have left the GOP. The only remaining are the radical reactionaries. And in voting for Trump, they might want to destroy the system more than anyone else. The suicidal aspect of the GOP might be more of a feature than a bug. That seems to be the role reactionaries play in uncertain times, to antagonize divisions until they fracture.

        The reactionaries are doing a good job at this.


      4. rauldukeblog says:

        Interesting anecdotal information but also a sign of the national mood.

        The fanatical aspect of the GOP is increasingly evident even if the liberals are too afraid to say it publicly. They hint at it but of course they don’t want to scare the corporate donors/pimps.

        It is certainly possible if not likely that something will cause the system to breakdown. The tariff/trade war, the recent revelations about Trump’s tax scams, and of course one should always be on the look out for the “thing no one expects” the sudden event that changes the atmosphere/debate.

        Long term I can only see the “GOP” surviving by becoming increasingly and blatantly authoritarian and fascist. That of course is suicidal but such regimes can survive for a while and do extraordinary damage.

        Another aspect is that the more extreme they become the more they leave the assorted opposition groups no option except radicalization.


      5. Most Americans forget (or rather never were taught) that the American Revolution was preceded by decades of riots and revolts. The revolution proper was simply when it all finally boiled over.

        The founding fathers came to the game late and then claimed victory. But even then the revolution continued with further riots and revolts. The entire era of the American Revolution covered about a half century of ongoing conflict with multiple points of violence.


      6. rauldukeblog says:

        Quite right. And “The Whiskey Rebellion” is a continuation of the revolution but it’s not the way the story is told. The same could be said (at least by me) that The Alien and Sedition Act was part of the counter revolution or an American Thermidor but again it’s not told that way.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. The American Revolution was in part a response/continuation of the English Civil War.

        Recall that the Glorious Revolution that set the stage for the new British imperialism happened only a quarter of a century before Benjamin Franklin’s birth. That is about an equivalent time for WWII for late GenXers such as myself, well within living memory.

        Also, shortly before the Glorious Revolution there was Bacon’s Rebellion in the colonies. Later on, immediately preceding the American Revolution, there was the Regulator movement in North Carolina.

        It was an entire era of conflict, revolt, and violence. The American Revolution was less unexpected than is typically portrayed. The only unexpected part was how it ended, in the loss of the colonies.


      8. rauldukeblog says:

        As always the change in information changes the entire narrative.

        Regarding the Regulators – coincidentally just last night I was talking to someone about the connection between drought, migration, strain on infrastructure and then rebellion. And the situation leading to the Regulator rebellion is essentially identical.

        Of course yet again we see how the narrative system is created. “1776” becomes its own alpha and omega. B’s Rebellion and Regulators more or less vanish from the narrative system.

        Of course then by attaching them the narrative not only changes but then the contemporary situation takes on a different meaning. Suddenly McVeigh and Oklahoma city are part of a different narrative as are the other players in the current drama.

        Just saw there’s another comment of yours in the thread. I’ll read it and respond.


  2. “I viewed and still view the Las Vegas shooting as a kind of Reichstag Fire moment. Neither the alternative nor the corporate media has discussed it that way but I mean it in the sense that it fits your point – revolutions don’t ask for permission. Clearly there is something on the loose.”

    There have been many shootings. The Las Vegas shooting does stand out. But the school shootings are also interesting in the pattern many of them follow.

    “Whatever they identify or don’t identify as, many and maybe most school shooters were raised Christian and one wonders if that plays a role in their often expressing a loss of meaning, an existential crisis, etc. Birgit Pfeifer and Ruard R. Ganzevoort focus on the religious-like concerns that obsess so many school shooters and note that many of them had religious backgrounds […] It is quite significant that these American mass atrocities are concentrated in “small, isolated or rural communities” that are “frequently in areas with a strong conservative religious population”. That might more precisely indicate who these school shooters are and what they are reacting to.”

    Those like Beck, Bannon, and Trump have appealed to a need for meaning in reaction to a sense of loss of meaning. That is maybe why it is hard to figure out motivations for certain kinds of terrorists and I would call these shooters terrorists since if nothing else their purpose is to cause terror, as the loss of meaning can be terrifying when corresponding to a loss of identity and respect — James Gilligan connects violence to shame. That is the attraction of Trump, a social dominator who can’t be shamed. And with Trump’s positive thinking background, he makes his own meaning which is whatever he shamelessly declares to be true, no matter how psychopathic or absurd.

    “Of course then by attaching them the narrative not only changes but then the contemporary situation takes on a different meaning. Suddenly McVeigh and Oklahoma city are part of a different narrative as are the other players in the current drama.”

    There is also Joe Stack. His terrorism was an interesting case. Like others, it is hard to pin down his ideology.

    “The fanatical aspect of the GOP is increasingly evident even if the liberals are too afraid to say it publicly. Another aspect is that the more extreme they become the more they leave the assorted opposition groups no option except radicalization.”

    There is the link between the radical and the reactionary. It is sometimes hard to tell them apart, as reactionaries sometimes like to pose as radicals and indeed what they promote is radical. But reactionaries can from almost any direction. There are others who don’t fit easy or typical categorization. Jared Lee Loughner had paranoid schizophrenia and was described as having had a personality change, some having perceived him as having been liberal at one point but later he espoused right-wing views (after all, he did shoot Gabrielle Giffords, but he also hated George W. Bush). Then there was James Hodgkinson who, as a left-winger, shot at congressional Republicans.

    I’m only surprised we haven’t seen more of these kinds of violent actions. Stressful conditions of inequality, as Keith Payne argues, lead to social and psychological instability. It effects everyone and, as I’d argue, increases reactionary attitudes across the political spectrum.

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    1. rauldukeblog says:

      I focused on LV but in subsequent posts addressed the wider aspect of multiple shootings and also connected the LV shooting to John Brown – apropos of your points about recontextualizing things like the Regulators/Bacons/the glorious Rev. I saw/see LV as part of an atmosphere that defines the current social situation as being similar to the Bloody Kansas years.

      I generally agree with the points you mentioned and the links.

      I have had the sense that the shooters live in a non-specific state where they are in a sense post ideological but are still not only terrorists but are being ginned up by multiple reactionary sources ranging from the neo fascist NRA (and La Pierre’s rhetoric is identical to 1920s-20s style European fascist rhetoric with its diatribes about “socialism” and “elites”) to the GOP both in its radical form (your average in your face neo fascist congressman) or its “respectable” form (McConnel & co).

      In this version of events the NRA is to mass shooting as Sin Fein is to an IRA bombing or execution.

      The conservatives, especially the conservative commentariat (Fox, Alex Jones, Limbaugh, CRTV, Peterson, etc) are the first to scream the loudest about how there is a connection between the rhetoric of those they define as “left” and the wider culture but of course they deny any connection between their rhetoric and mass shooters/terrorists.

      That of course also echoes early 20th century fascism – egg on the mob and then say who me? when the bombs go off and then blame the violence on the “depravity” of the “left” and the “decadent culture.”

      There’s a point here where several strands merge. The crisis for a tormented “Christian” deeply imbedded in a specific cultural zeitgeist (e.g., rural, pastoral/Eden being spoiled or perceived as being spoiled) merges with something post ideological (again how I see the LV shooting) but at the same time while the terrorist is w/o ideological identity, their action is both the result of ideological narratives and is used post hoc ergo propter hoc as an ideological event.

      That brings to mind another factor that we’ve discussed – control of the narrative.

      I abused myself yesterday and listened to a pair of Peterson videos and in both he referenced and extolled the merits of two economist/demographers – Pareto and Gini both of whom were Italian fascists working for Mussolini and in one case (Gini I think) being involved in Nazi eugenicist schemes. My point here is not to bash J.P. but that in both cases the meta-narrative is definitions.

      Peterson speaks as if in both cases the systems employed to define issues like “crime” and “poverty” (the “specialty of Pareto) are objective and not clearly subjective as in, is the government “managing the pharmaceutical industry” or is it a drug dealer and therefore, “organized crime” and a “federal mafia?”

      Needless to say, I believe it’s both but part of the issue here is control of the narrative system. As a result, the mass shootings are not defined as terrorism (though there is some limited pushback on that) and that prevents any wider discussion of the system as a whole – thus “poverty” is “poverty” and not a “crime” perpetrated by the government, etc.

      Rereading the thread another point occurs to me: the only place where there seems to be a larger discussion of all of this is in pop culture which ironically is then absorbed into the machinery that produces the violence.

      For example, multiple episodes of the X Files and quasi reactionary films like Falling Down (back when the media used the phrase “Going Postal”) depict both an “individual” “snapping” but also, indirectly depict the “individual” as being the symptom of a wider systemic nervous breakdown with post industrial anxiety or “aliens” as a metaphoric substitute for post industrial anxiety.

      But of course because they are commercial enterprises no matter how well done or well intentioned they have a hollow center.

      We may draw meaning from them and attach meaning to them but they wont stop bullets.


      1. For all my talk of revolution as inevitable, I can’t ignore that gnawing feeling that eruption of violence will mostly be reactionary. And any attempt at revolution faces a near impossible situation. Besides, if anyone attempts to violently overthrow or take over the government, it is more likely to be right-wingers than left-wingers. I just don’t see an organized left-wing capable of doing much. Reactionaries love to fear-monger about the left-wing. And I wish they were right that we had anything to fear from the radical left. But I just don’t see it.

        Though maybe after much mass violence, rumblings of revolution might kick into gear. Still, I’m not sure what use it is to speak of ‘revolution’ when it is clear that reactionaries love revolutions, both as something to co-opt while its happening and to oppose afterward with counterrevolution. Trump would relish a revolution as much as he would all-out war, as long as he can portray himself as the center of the storm.

        I never speak of revolution with a sense of hope. In the end, revolution always indicates failure. It happens for reasons that have nothing to do with any moral claims, good or bad. Frustration makes me care so little since I doubt it will end well. If we don’t have a revolution, everything will get worse as authoritarianism rises to new levels. But if we do have revolution, there will no doubt be much suffering. It’s a shit show either way, a continuation of what we have now but moreso.

        I’m just feeling impatient, as I’ve been watching this decline my entire adult life. Whatever is coming, I wish it would finally get here. That way we can deal with it or else simply die. I’m not in the mood for a slow descent into torturous hell — instead of a slow-boiled frog, it would be like being slowly dangled downward into a pot of boiling oil, inch by inch, such that you’d remain alive if drifting in and out of consciousness to experience the whole process of excruciating death. All the Democrats offer us is a drug to kill the pain, so that we will struggle less in our death throes.

        A failed revolution would at least signify something relevant happened. Maybe I’m simply hungering for a novel event, the potential for something unexpected, the narrative control breaking down. Or at the very least, maybe a gesture like that of Tank Man, something that fucks up the works however briefly, offering in its own way a glimpse of something entirely different. As present, it all feels too predictable. There is nothing worse than seeing a crash coming while being powerless to stop it — all you can think to yourself is, damn this is going to hurt.

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      2. rauldukeblog says:

        Well that pretty much nails it.

        The “left” doesn’t even have a clipboard let alone a plan and ‘they” can’t have a meeting without the Hoovers showing up and then getting into arguments about who is more “authentically” “radical.”

        To borrow a phrase: sad.

        At the same time there is a kind of weird atmosphere of punctuated acceleration like tapping the break at regular intervals. eruption followed by either enforced or self medicated stupors.

        Part of the issue is geography. The original revolution was in a relatively small area with relatively small urban centers. Large to the minds of the era but still small compared to now. An event in, say, Portland, might as well be the dark side of the moon to someone in New York. It’s almost impossible to have a cohesive movement in such an atmosphere and add in active disruption measures by the cops and the diffusion that occurs directly because of technology (despite claims at unity) and the myriad ways in which capitalism is a pacifier.

        But then the frustration as one watches something like the Brett Show which is both theater and a coup (though I guess all coups have an element of spectacle about them – they must demonstrate adherence to symbols both for the conspirators and the public).

        And you’re right of course the central fact of “revolutions” is violence – revolutionary or counterrevolutionary, reactionary, etc.

        And yes while it’s most likely going to be reactionary/right I wouldn’t discount a sort of Weatherman 2.0 for exactly the same reasons – a sense of frustration.

        I could see both elements acting out in the wake of another economic crash but the most likely scenario seems to me to be the looming environmental crash. Another devastating weather event and an equally inept non response from the feds and we could see the beginning of a “refugee” crisis inside the US. It all sounds dystopian and quasi sci fi but so what – insert forward thinking sci fi writer of your choice.

        “There is nothing worse than seeing a crash coming while being powerless to stop it — all you can think to yourself is, damn this is going to hurt.”


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