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Brett Kavanaugh Runs Into A Wall?

News broke today that the dowager of the Senate, Dianne Feinstein, had received a document that contained information about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, that was sufficiently troubling to warrant it being turned over to the FBI.

The Hoovers we are told, are now investigating the details.

The story, appearing originally in The Intercept, states that the issue concerns something that happened when Kavanaugh was in High School. Several hours later The Guardian reported that it concerned Kavanaugh’s time clerking for a judge subsequently removed from the bench because of sexual harassment, raising questions about Kavanaugh being even more dishonest than he had already had been, in his confirmation testimony.

Under the heading of speculation we offer the following: Asking what he could have done in High School that could possibly warrant an investigation and potentially destroy his path to the Court, only two scenarios occurred to us.

Either he raped or assaulted a young woman, or he paid for a girlfriend to have an abortion.

Given Feinstein’s statement that the person who provided the details in the file demanded anonymity, that they are being represented by an attorney associated with defending women loosely grouped under the heading of  #MeToo and the dots begin to connect themselves. Add to that Feinstein stated she would honor the request for anonymity,* one is left to believe that the issue is that Mr. Conservative, is a first rate hypocrite, who may be guilty of a felony depending on whether or not it was an abortion and it was done in a state where it was illegal, or he paid for an underage woman to cross state lines for the procedure. Or perhaps he was more involved with the harassing atmosphere when he was a clerk. Either way, the democrats are for once showing some spine. Whether or not it keeps Kavanaugh off the bench remains to be seen.

See the details here:

The Intercept

The Guardian

*Anonymity in this story is likely to evaporate as quickly as a puddle in a desert.

Addendum: Being mindful of previous instances where things turned on a dime, and being mindful of deliberate acts of deception, we are also prepared to be told that there is neither smoke nor a fire and the entire story will vanish into the ether of zeros and ones.

Update: 9/14/18

The Guardian has an updated version of the alleged High School incident. The new version is that when he was seventeen Kavanaugh and a friend may have locked a female friend in a bathroom at a party. Oh dear, seventeen year old’s at a party; and they locked her in a bathroom. Perhaps they also chugged some beer.


As we said we were prepared for this to be a lot of nothing and it looks like it will be a speed bump on his way to a lifetime appointment on the court.

The only way this gets bad enough for Kavanaugh to be stopped is if a significant number of people (i.e. women) come forward to say he was fully aware of the judge’s behavior and either did nothing or participated in the harassment.

Absent the proverbial smoking gun of a crime or some legitimate allegation or proof he sexually harassed someone as an adult or that he ignored the harassment of colleagues by a judge for whom he was working as a clerk, it is, as the saying goes, all over except for the screaming.

Update: 9/14/18

Well now this is changing at a fairly rapid pace and one of our two initial pieces of speculation may turn out to be accurate. The New Yorker is reporting that the young woman at the party wasn’t just locked in a bathroom but that Kavanaugh attempted to “force himself” on her which is a euphemism for attempted rape. If true it then raises inevitable questions about how it was dealt with by authorities, if at all.

Naturally Kavanaugh has denied the event took place but added the lawyerly equivocation that he has no recollection of the events as described.

On the one hand as a, “he said she said” situation this would normally go nowhere but there is allegedly another witness – a young man who, according to the woman, helped Kavanagh. Post #MeToo it is possible Kavanaugh will either be thrown overboard, and be rightly finished as a jurist, but no one will ever go broke overestimating the conservative’s ability to justify anything – including an attempted rape – in their efforts to seize power.

See the details here:

The New Yorker

Update: 9/14/18

Just when it seemed one could not have less respect for Senator Feinstein, there’s apparently reason to nominate her for the hall of fame for utterly worthless politicians and best imitation of a moral husk:

Daily Beast


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