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General Kelly reveals the True Face of the Junta. Notes on Omarosa’s tapes

“I’m in charge here.”

— Al Haig


Omarosa Manigault – the token in Trump’s plantation house, has released secretly recorded tapes of conversations with senior regime figures.

While her claims about tapes, in which Trump allegedly uses racist epithets offer salacious promise, they will not convince his detractors that he is worse than they already believe, or convince his supporters, operating via magical thinking, that his bigotry is an issue. Everyone knows he’ a bigot and the people who hate him for it will go on hating him for it, and the ones who love him for it, will go on loving him for it.

What is far more significant is that she illegally recorded people, that the security in the White House is either compromised through incompetence, or by design suggesting an effort to discredit and or control Trump. And if it’s the former, then we must accept the fact that the United States Secret Service has been outfoxed by someone who got booted from, a Trump produced reality show.

Still even more importantly is that Omarosa apparently recorded a conversation inside the Situation Room. If this does not set off alarm bells across the political establishment than nothing short of Russian paratroopers landing on the White House lawn will – and honestly, at this point we’re not sure that would generate much concern.

But beyond even all of that there is what the tapes reveal about Chief of Staff, John Kelly. Kelly is heard saying: “Everyone at the White House works for me, not the president.”

This is at best reminiscent of Al Haig’s “I’m in charge here” comment with its sinister overtone of military juntas seizing control from the civilians, nominally running the circus. At worst it is the truth – John Kelly is the de facto ruler of America.

Kelly, like Haig, a former high ranking general, has all but said, Trump is president in name only. General Kelly is the president or at least first among not quite equals with Mattis and McMaster*.

We have discussed this previously

but now with the tapes what’s clear and undeniable, is that the bedrock business of the executive branch is being run by a military junta.

Trump is a figurehead – a dangerous, barely controlled figuredhead and the already shabby remains of the republic have in Omarosa Manigault, met its gravedigger.


For details on the tapes, see the following:

*Replaced by the perpetually dyspeptic, John Bolton.

7 comments on “General Kelly reveals the True Face of the Junta. Notes on Omarosa’s tapes

  1. “Everyone at the White House works for me, not the president.”

    Holy fuck! That is disturbing. It does confirm my sense that Trump is simply a puppet being manipulated. And I suspect there are many other powerful figures and forces pulling Trump’s strings.

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    1. rauldukeblog says:

      Agreed. Notice also how the comment is receiving no attention from either the establishment media or the “alternative” media. The focus is on Omarosa.

      I figured back when McMaster was, while still on active duty, moved to the WH, that the military, and the intel people, put pressure on the House and Senate and told them you will give Trump a list and he can select from the list which means he’s being run by the system. Which is not to say he’s completely under control.

      It’s a nasty compromise. The main focus was preventing him from starting a war – hence three generals surrounding him.

      Part of the deal is he attacks the intel people but as destabilizing as that is, he doesn’t start a war.

      But per the usual habits of the system no one is talking about it.


      1. With a different president under other circumstances, I could understand someone dismissing such a comment by arguing other interpretations. Kelly, after all, is the “Chief of Staff”. In that position, he is supposed to be the immediate authority over administrative staff.

        But part of the disturbing factor is how military officials have taken such leading roles. And Trump, of course, isn’t a typical president.

        Not only does Trump lack control of his administration, he lacks control of his own faculties such that he lacks self-control. He is incapable of even resisting the temptation to tweet his every thought as it pops into his head. If someone put a bowl of marshmallows on Trump’s desk as a test, I daresay it would quickly become empty.

        I’ve wondered, having been born into privilege with everyone around him doing everything for him, that maybe Trump has been a puppet his entire life. Those with the real power simply have to stoke his ego and allow him to take credit for their decisions.

        For that reason, I’d look to the advisors, assistants, associates, and friends that have been close to Trump for decades. The reason the shadow government wants to surround him with military types is to ensure that they are in control, not someone else with their hand up Trump’s butt.


      2. rauldukeblog says:

        Similar thoughts here. It will likely be years if ever before we get a look at any of the behind the scenes moves that resulted in the three generals being appointed. Obviously Trump had no idea who they were when he got in so someone had to create the list and there’s a vast bureaucracy involved with a lot of people knowing where bodies are buried and able to exert pressure, etc.

        While Trump is everything that we know him to be, interestingly enough he hasn’t started a war – no doubt because he’s been forced to show restraint and because he’s a coward and risk adverse on that scale. None of which means he hasn’t or cant cause significant damage but you don’t end up with three generals in key positions by chance.

        I can’t get around how the media is ignoring Kelly’s comment. You’re right one could say well he’s the CoS but that doesn’t work in this context and if any other CoS had said such a thing it would suck all the media oxygen out of the room and with a “normal” president they’d almost certainly have to resign.

        And to your point about keeping someone else from making Trump do as he’s told the “junta” doesn’t just block the Russians – Trump is up to his gills with New York mafia, Las Vegas (via Adelson) who in turn connects him to Israel and China and of course he’s taking bribes from the Oil Kings via his hotels.

        All of that in turn highlights the utter depravity of McConnell & co who only care about stacking the court and rolling back what remains of the New Deal – reactionaries+fascists+weak liberals= the standard approach.


      3. Some joke about ‘Trump’ being more of a brand than a man. But maybe that is true in a deeper sense. There could be longtime handlers in Trump’s life who have carefully built up that brand for their own purposes.

        A large part of those purposes would likely be profit. Even so, money always means power, which is where organized crime comes in and likely foreign influences as well. The question is where does that money flow and to what end. If not Trump the man, then certainly Trump the brand is worth more than seen on any legal accounting. It’s been pointed out that Trump’s inheritance would be worth more now if all this time it had been in passive investments.

        I assume that Trump’s handlers are making immense money, whether or not Trump himself is getting much of the take. My suspicion is there is a whole shadow side to Trump Inc, such that Trump probably doesn’t know about most of it. All of the legal business side is small-time stuff or else a vehicle for taking bribes, doling out favors, laundering money, etc.

        Trump Inc might simply be a front for some other organization or group of individuals. There is probably all kinds of bribes and blackmail and who knows what else. Trump certainly knows how to survive and do what he must, as I have no doubt that Trump is compromised in more ways than we can imagine.


  2. rauldukeblog says:

    I have no doubt there is far more going on than has been reported. As I mentioned just consider the equation that connects Trump Inc to Sheldon Adelson and from there to Macao – gambling, construction, drugs, etc.

    Macao is still run by the Chinese mob and the PRC is basically hands off as long as the money flows.

    I came across this the other day; it’s worth a read as it details Trump’s NYC mafia connections. I asked myself why this hasn’t received wider media attention and aside from systemic lethargy I think it’s also because once you start digging around in New York and the construction industry you start tripping over unions and fundraisers for both sides and pretty soon it’s a circular firing squad.

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