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The Ant and The Elephant. Notes on When Trump is Gone.

“There’s nothing in the streets
Looks any different to me
And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye
And the parting on the left
Is now parting on the right
And the beards have all grown longer overnight

I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
We don’t get fooled again
Don’t get fooled again, no no

Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss”

— Pete Townshend, Won’t Get Fooled Again


There’s an old joke about an ant sleeping with an elephant. One night of passion, says the ant, and you spend the rest of your life digging a grave.

We were thinking about that amid the vortex of the most recent developments regarding Il Douche.

While only a fool would discount History’s ability to play the Trickster and the possibility that Trump escapes, we’re betting that with the decision to allow the emoluments lawsuit to proceed, it’s all pretty much over, except for the screaming. Which is not to say the bastard can’t cause a lot of damage before they drag him away but it is to say, we have almost certainly entered a terminal phase.

The emolument clause of the Constitution says essentially, the president can’t make money from businesses where he gets paid by foreigners. In other words, it’s a no bribes barrier designed to keep the office, if not the occupant, clean or at least subject to domestic sketchy behavior and not imports. Putting aside the issue of whether or not the entire, shaky creaky contraption is corrupt, what we’re focused on here is an update to our previous missive on just who would be stupid enough to vote for the malignant troll.*

Previously, we examined the issue of bigots, and assorted morons and fascist psychopathic morons, like Steve Bannon, but there’s another issue we’d like to revisit and parse further.

Namely, that when you take a look at the metastasizing tumor of lawsuits with their cottage industries of discovery and depositions, any reasonable person must ask: having taken a look at Trump Incorporated, who in their right mind would not have seen this coming?

Given the man’s obvious insanity, and the fact that no one rises through the ranks of New York real estate without either knowing where the bodies are buried, or knowing the mooks and mugs who know where the bodies are buried, and taking a look at the Trump clan, with its inbred, mongoloid, piss themselves Romanovesque children, with their sadistic, viper’s nest mentality, with its third rate Macbeth meets Oedipal perpetual trainwreck issues, one must ask – what the fuck were they thinking.

The lump and proletariat klansman, and neo-fascists can be excused on the grounds of being so stupid they don’t know they’re stupid. The mid-level goons like Stephen Miller can be excused on the grounds that in addition to being too stupid to know they’re stupid, they are also too crazy to know anything more than what appears as an idea when the marble in their head rolls to a different slot. Monday they want to lock up Hillary, and Wednesday it’s Muslims, and Friday they slither out from their crypt to announce, Trump is a god. And so on.

But then there are the bosses. The Mitch McConnell gang and the bosses of the GOP. And the lawyers. Especially the lawyers. And we emphasize the lawyers not because they represent some bulwark against crimes and depravity but precisely the opposite. As the brethren of all things ethically sketchy, they should have been the ones to scream the loudest that either Trump wins and becomes Trump the First, God-King and Caligula of the Empire, or he gets hauled away to a comfortable room at Saint Elizabeths.

One can assume that as McConnell morphed into the Quisling he always wanted to be, that for him Trump was a roll of the dice – the political equivalent of a torrid affair with a built-in expiration date. But during that year or so, Mitch must have believed that he’d have a shot at stacking the court, setting the shaky remains of The Great Society and The New Deal on fire, and dancing on the grave of the remains of the republic. One could posit that Mitch has that one idea – stack the court and take control of all the long term levers of power by being the godfather of the court; the power behind the thrown that sets the nation’s legal course for the next 40 years. But wiley, sadistic squirming, rat fucking moral hermaphroditic weasel that he is, surely in his coal black heart he must have known, that it would all come crashing down in flames, because Il Douche is a carnival of legal catastrophes and PR apocalypses.

In other words either Mitch is so depraved he can’t think straight, or he is such a colossal moron that his criminal stupidity, now a permanent fixture bolted to his reputation, also highlights the terminal vapidity of the democrats. Or perhaps it’s all of the above. We’re not sure. Though we are sure there is enough blame to go around and the republicans aren’t alone. This was a circular firing squad.

One could be generous and say of Pelosi and Schumer et al, that there was a rare confluence of events including the Russians, but while that should not be discounted there’s no getting round the fact that when Nancy said – we’re capitalists get used to it – she wasn’t just going down on Marie Antoinette to eat her baguette, she was displaying one of the great tin ears of political history.

It was the democratic version of being stupid enough to vote for Trump.

The result was then and is now, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. You want to know the meta reason for her winning against the democratic machine? It’s Nancy were capitalists get used to it Pelosi standing in the national commons and blowing Wall Street, while Chuck has anyone seen my spine Schumer applauded.

But they had help. Hillary is a a bit of a stiff though she has her charms and that’s no small thing and should not be discounted in any honest assessment of what went wrong. For Christ’s sake she won by nearly 3 million votes. And that’s with her sucking up to the Wall Street thugs. Yes, that includes losing in Wisconsin by just enough to lose everything else, but that just means you’ve walked out the front door of electoral politics and entered through the backdoor of Russians and social media. But that in turn means there was a chasm between the HRC brain trust and the dirty facts on the ground. The issue is not (only) that Putin is a goon, the issue is (also) that you don’t come to a gunfight with a knife. And that is also an indictment of Obama’s innate timidity and commitment to the cult of reasonableness which in politics, is the equivalent of believing your love, who is a wife-beating drug addict, is telling the truth when they say baby, I’ve changed. When Obama repeats that the moral arc of the universe may bend slowly but it bends towards justice, he is making it clear that he is both too afraid and too dull-witted to embrace the terrors of Modernity, and that his soul is locked into a 19th century faith in progress. That may win points at Harvard but the rest of us know better.

The ugly truth is that Obama left the party in a fundraising hole; a shambolic contraption with no bench and a growing schism between the Wall Street wing and the Progressives. But what does he care – he’s got a date with Richard Branson.

We still believe that Trump unlike Nixon, will not end by waving from the steps of Marine One. Nixon was a creature of the system. He may have been a slithering, morally gelatinous reptile, but he was one of them till the end. Trump may desperately want to be accepted by the swells of Manhattan, with all the rage his emaciated and irradiated New Money Queens soul can muster, but even if he were given what he wants – a place among the old money whores – he’d still vomit on their ball gowns and tuxedos and demand that they applaud and tell him, he’s the bigglyest vomiteer they’ve ever seen. Trapped in the hell of his childhood traumas, Trump is technically an adult but is in truth, a raging infant.

In the end the powers that be will get rid of him. Cue Jon Meacham* and Michael Beschloss. Then the cable echo chamber will go into overdrive with solem post mortems about how – said without irony – the system worked.*

They’ll cough up a few hairballs about how this is a lesson, and it was a stress test and yada yada yada, late night jokes from Colbert Incorporated and the Jimmys about the hangover and the fever breaking and so on.


But the truth is Trump is a puddle of blood, coughed up from infected organs in a system sweating its way through a political bout of hemorrhagic fever.

Everyone knew they couldn’t fuck an elephant.

Now then, here’s your shovel.

*For a previous look at Trump’s supporters:

*Meacham strikes us smart enough to know he’s swimming with sharks and smart enough to keep his mouth shut about it.

*After the coup* that got rid of Nixon, the hacks of the machine intonned with great solemnity, that his departure proved the system worked. That they said it with no sense of irony, ironically proving that the system did, indeed work.

*Pro-Nixon adherents have always insisted that their boss was taken down in a coup. For obvious reasons the anti-Nixon cadres insist that’s just revisionist propaganda used to undermine the legality of removing him and convince history, if not the public, that their chief was done dirty.

Needless to say the binary construction, which is the default setting of the establishment, fails to allow for how more than one thing, even a contradictory thing, can be true.

Nixon was taken down in a coup.

And, thank god he was.

4 comments on “The Ant and The Elephant. Notes on When Trump is Gone.

  1. I have a second cousin who voted for Trump. Like my parents, he was born and raised in conservative Indiana. When I say conservative Indiana, I’m speaking of a state with a history that involved the headquarters of the Second Klan and a high concentration of sundown towns. Living in a place like that might fuck up your mind in sad but predictable ways.

    This cousin is not stupid. He was raised by a mother who was a liberal evangelical — yes, they do exist — but he gave up his faith in Jesus for a faith in capitalism. He now hopes for bodily resurrection (he has paid to have his body frozen for future thawing) and a heavenly escape for the chosen elect (he obsesses over space colonization). It’s the standard fundamentalist becomes libertarian, another example of this being Robert M. Price.

    Still, I’m not sure how to explain the support for Trump. There is nothing libertarian about Trump, if anything the complete opposite of every imaginable libertarian value and principle. I always suspected most of the right-wing rhetoric of libertarians is superficial at best (related to why so many neoliberals went fascist on the turn of a dime). I could note that my cousin is in the real estate business, maybe creating a special sense of bond with Trump the real estate tycoon/goon. I don’t know.

    My cousin is a nice guy. And he has a college degree. I like him on a personal level. We’ve had many interesting conversations over the years. But I couldn’t begin to guess what he was hoping for in backing Trump. All I can think of is that it goes back to my theory of the hand grenade thrown in the bunker. Many on the political right like to fantasize about destroying the state, which in reality means forcing the state to become the enforcement arm of the plutocracy.

    There is an old longing for authoritarianism in American society. Maybe it’s nostalgia for the British Empire, slave aristocracy, or whatever. Considering the impossible to deny failure of liberalism, I sort of understand how the reactionary mind takes hold. I don’t condone it, of course, but it all seems inevitable considering the kind of society we’re in.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rauldukeblog says:

      This is fascinating.

      I was vaguely aware of the Klan and its connection to Indiana in part via the pop culture issue of Major Frank Burns from M*A*S*H as Burns is from Ft. Wayne. add in some history and I was roughly familiar with the deeper story.

      Then I heard Mellencamp’s Scarecrow which I think is a masterpiece.

      What you describe about your cousin is what goes missing in the blunt blender of the mass media. It can’t describe nuance and shades of grey. There are a not insignificant number of odd types who are “nice people” who then vote for Trump. I’ve met a fair number of Reagan and W supporters who also love Springsteen and express the most strident psychological dissonance.

      What goes missing oin the media of course is psychology – they offer a psych 101 that repeats boilerplate but the deeper dives are left to the arts which of course get no play in the media driven political echo chamber.

      Nostalgia for the Brits and empire is a fascinating notion. Part of Trump’s appeal lies in that – the tyrant appeals to mysterious pathologies of power and domination. And you’re right – liberalism has failed and Trump(ism) is the proof of that failure.

      Part of what strikes me about your comment is that it touches on the illogical logic of movements. The media requires if not demands a logical explanation. It does not allow for contradiction(s). “Evangelical liberals” would make their heads explode. But what goes missing is the deeper truths and we pay for it.


      1. The thing is it is hard to just dismiss someone like this cousin of mine. He is smarter and more well informed than my liberal brothers. And he has always been willing to listen to my left-wing views, as we share certain complaints and criticisms. We both like each other.

        His support for Trump might be more of a cultural thing than anything else. I think he has spent his entire life in Indiana. That state is as much if not more a part of the Upper South than the Midwest, although there is a similar flavor in Ohio with Appalachia’s northern reach.

        A regional or ethnic culture can have a way of creating a reality tunnel. I sometimes wonder what kind of person I would have become if I had remained in the Deep South after high school. Looking back on my younger self, I can see how the reactionary, the right-wing, and the racist seeps into everything.

        Growing up in that, it is hard to see outside of it to something entirely different. It takes a lifetime to shake loose the twin forces of enculturation and indoctrination. Part of me sympathizes with those who get trapped in dysfunctional and destructive mentalities. But I have much more sympathy for those who become victims of it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. rauldukeblog says:

        Clearly there are non-morons who voted for Trump though there remains something idiotic about it with the exception being people who believe (however wrongly) that Trump is an instrument of chaos. It’s sort of a warped Trotskyist view or Mao allegedly saying chaos is the other side of opportunity.

        As you said it’s sort of the grenade in the bunker idea. Let Trump tear it apart because the system is rotten.

        It’s interesting you mention the tunnel vision one can get. Certainly true of the South and Indiana but also true of Manhattan despite its “cosmopolitan” vibe. While in theory it is a place of diverse views and educated palates the old New Yorker cartoon depicting a Manhattanite’s view of the world cuts two ways. A certain self-awareness which allows for self-deprecating humor but that humor wouldn’t work if it weren’t also true – it’s a bubble.

        And yes it’s the victims one feels worse for. Bukowski said somewhere that he feels bad for the thugs/fascists as something awful happened to them when they were young.

        It’s a empathetic view. But at the same time the person getting beaten is worse off and needs more help.

        Preaching to the choir but you take my meaning.

        Liked by 1 person

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