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Dead Canaries. John Oliver Vs. The Left.

Several months ago we wrote about the hypocrisy of John Oliver. We detailed the sanctimony of his assault on Dustin Hoffman, the hypocrisy of the otherwise angry liberals who gave his shallow nonsense a free pass, and his casual allegiance to the demagoguery of certain movements that having lost their reason, believe without evidence, that they had discovered their faith.

A few weeks ago a video popped on Youtube detailing the numerous ways in which Oliver had, in a recent segment on Last Week Tonight, played into the hands of the right wing by offering up a mile wide inch deep look into the trainwreck that is Venezuela.

Offering platitudes and snark camouflaged as penetrating analysis, Oliver dropped a turd, patted himself on the back and wandered off into the night.

The video explained the context of the grim situation in Venezuela, describing the various calamities from US intervention to indigenous corruption.

This was subsequently followed up in the bigger audience take-down from Majority Report. More plugged into the alternative media and what people are talking about than Oliver’s program, Majority Report went so far as to call Oliver a useful idiot of the right. And, that’s correct.

Pointing out that criticism of the Venezuelan regime is legitimate and that it is far from perfect and is in fact in many respects a self-inflicted gunshot, Majority Report actually provided what Oliver did not – context. And it did not engage in snark to boost ratings at the expense of people’s suffering, which of course paints Oliver as more or less a hypocrite. He’s against the system except of course that HBO is a wholly owned subsidiary of the system that is invested in the process of destabilizing Venezuela.

But beyond all of that what matters far more is that the increasingly dire domestic social scene in America, has driven a new wedge into itself. Like a hunk of the ice shelf breaking off, the Left has become desperate and is declaring itself unwilling to march in lockstep with liberals like Oliver who continue to mouth the mantra of their leader in self-imposed exile, Jon Stewart.

When confronted by journalists, Stewart consistently responded that he was a clown and not a journalist, therefore he could not be held to the standards of a journalist. Except that his set pieces relied on a series facts, and the assumption that his assertions and his evidence, had been fact-checked. Therefore, he should be taken seriously.

That had been a successful strategy.

Until now.

Predicated on the claim that they are telling the truth the Stewart brand maintains the pretense of being honest, but not being accountable when caught telling either half-truths or lies, in the service of making money by being “funny.”

What is happening is the necessary radicalization of the opposition. Majority Report declared Oliver traif; a fellow traveler of the right. This is how we enter the long moment of increasingly fraught confrontation.

Trump’s fascism forces choices.The Vichy liberalism of the democratic party is forcing the wage slaves to gather for a revolt.

Oliver will ignore the stale and fetid air and the dead canaries until he finds himself forced to choose. He will either admit he was wrong and denounce his former friends or he will obfuscate and collaborate and crack increasingly bad jokes, while the stale air chokes him off and the sound you hear won’t be laughter but sirens and screams.

This is exactly what it looks like before a revolution and exactly wht it looks like before the counterrevolution.

Ha ha.

Jokes on you.

See Majority Report here: Watch

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