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Trump’s Affairs. Mueller Closes in for the Kill

Further proof is now available (if any was required) that Trump supporters are a collection of morons.

The form of this proof? Elliott Broidy, a republican fundraiser who copped a plea to avoid a harsh sentence for bribing New York state officials, has been working with Trump fixer and village idiot, Michael Cohen to pay hush money to Trump’s stable of porn stars. This of course involves Stormy Daniels, as well as two other women. One of whom, Shera Bechard, allegedly was impregnated and paid not only to keep quiet about the affair but to have an abortion. And if all of that wasn’t enough there are reports that Broidy may have been a conduit for Trump to take payments from Arab Gulf States in exchange for investments and arms deals and for the Gulf States to accept deals that amounted to bribes.

A convoluted legal back and forth has erupted with different lawyers claiming different versions of the truth and now, Broidy and Cohen have both announced that they are no longer going to “keep quiet.”

The assumption(s) are: Trump had multiple affairs with at least three former porn stars. He paid each of them to keep quiet about it, and these payments were arranged through Cohen and Broidy. And that one of the women (Bechard) was impregnated by Trump, Trump had Broidy claim to be the father, and that she was paid to both remain silent and to have an abortion.

Cohen Tweeted today: “Silence is broken.”

In other words the Feds have him by the balls and the silence being broken is his falsetto squeal that includes the words – yes I’ll cooperate.

Mueller will now have texts, emails, documents and multiple witnesses who will cooperate and corroborate that Trump is guilty of bribery, collusion*, and probably misusing funds raised for the GOP. And that’s without mentioning how Cohen connects Trump to the seemingly endless parade of Russians with nebulous if damning connections to Putin Inc.

The political fallout will be centered around three areas.

First the democrats will demand impeachment and/or use the information to crush the republicans in November.

Second, the Evangelicals will have to denounce Trump or lose their support. Republicans supported by Evangelicals (looking at you Pence) will have to denounce Trump or risk losing their supporters and their seats.

The slithering Quislings led by McConnell will have to denounce Trump or risk losing their seats.

Trump will panic, deny everything, create diversions, pick fights with everyone from North Korea to Angela Merkel to Alexandria O-C, to the NFL.

And while all of that is going on, one should not underestimate the democrat’s ability to screw this up and still either not win an outright majority in November or even lose seats.

A military maxim holds that you should never get in your enemy’s way when they are making a mistake but that usually never applies to the democrats who can almost always be counted on to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

And one cannot discount the absolute lack of morality on the part of the Evangelicals and the slithering McConnell’s because for them no price is too high to pay if it means the opportunity for stacking the court.

The only problem with that is that even if Trump stays in power long enough to appoint someone he and the rest of the volk approve of, make no mistake, their Torquemada will face impeachment and removal from the bench as soon as the details emerge concerning Trump’s crimes and hush money schemes. Trump’s pick will be tainted by these crimes and will at the very least have to recuse themselves from any theoretical SCOTUS decisions about Trump’s crimes.

Beyond that one can expect Trump to retreat to his bunker. As we posted months ago there is no way Trump goes quietly like Nixon waving from the steps of Marine One. Trump is all gotterdammerung and he will aim to take down as many of his fellow lizards as possible.

But, there’s chum in the water.


For details, see the following:

*There is a question as to whether or not “collusion” in this context is a crime or is being bandied about as if it were a crime but is, in fact not a crime. We will amend our post accordingly after looking into the matter.

6 comments on “Trump’s Affairs. Mueller Closes in for the Kill

  1. If not for knowing the consequences to come, this would be amusing to watch.

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    1. rauldukeblog says:

      Yes, like a front row seat at the apocalypse.

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    2. rauldukeblog says:


      regarding my post: All Along The Watchtower.

      When you read it did you click on the link to coincentral and if you did, did the link work?

      I’m getting messages from coincentral saying the link doesn’t work and I’m narrowing down if the glitch is at my end or theirs.



      1. The link works for me. It brought me to the article.


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