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The Soft Signs of The Resistance

“Protest as much as you like; just so long as you keep paying your taxes.”

— Al Haig


The attention paid to signage at the expense of effective action is a symptom of the moral failure of the bougerosie and the cowardice of the sad remains of the working class.

The absence of an organizing leadership on the “left” leaves the anti-Trump movement in disarray. Mass protests make the protestors feel better but accomplishes nothing. If there is a better more profound sign of the inanity, hypocrisy and general ineptitude of the anti-Trump agitation* than Susan Sarandon getting arrested we are unaware of it. Sarandon of course vocally opposed HRC. Better to have another vocal anti-Trump voice than not, but having lost her faith, Sarandon appears to have found her reason which is composed of a situational morality and what we might charitably call an off-the-shelf-outrage.

Which is not to say she can’t protest Trump’s fascism, but a true anti-Trump movement would ask her to publically repudiate her previous acts of stupidity. And no, not in some sort of post-Maoist, I have deviated from the truth confession, but in the sense of, I’m sorry I was so fucking selfish and stupid and I want to make amends for how I, in any way contributed to the election of this catastrophe.

In other words, a display of what we might generously call a sense of moral consistency and intellectual rigor. And not just to publically humiliate her but to use her status (such as it is) to organize the morons and assorted infants who thought their “protest” vote for Jill Stein was a noble choice. And to convince the Bernie supporters that their petulance is a dead end and a damp squib. The brutal ugly truth about Bernie is that all of the vile misogynistic hatred that Trump ginned up for HRC, would instead have been transformed into a vile chant of Bernie Sanders is a fucking commie Jew who wants to take our money.

And the results would have been, predictably, the same.

Which brings us to the issue of singage.

The Guardian, as limp a liberal bastian as one can think of, even devotes space to “the best signs” at protests. Entire “news” stories are devoted to it.

Why is this a phenomenon?

Well, obviously because a sign is less offensive than going on strike and less of a risk and less dangerous and has become social code for I’m upset about Trump but don’t worry, I’m not really going to do anything that upsets the machine that keeps him in power and also forms the skeleton of the machine that keeps exchanging limp liberal Wall Street pols for limp conservative Wall Street pols.

In other words, the “anti-Trump” movement is the same old shit in a new package or the same turd polished twice.

Consider Stephen Colbert. Having, to his credit, positioned himself, as the late night voice of Anti-Trump rhetoric he has become the place to go for liberals seeking a few minutes each night of sarcasm that confirms what they already know – Trump is an idiot and a terrorist.

But then it’s lights out, make sure the alarm is set, and that your slave manufactured government sanctioned tracking device is fully charged.

After all, it was Colbert who in his Colbert Report iteration ended his show by having noted Beat Jazz hep kat and mass murdering fascist war criminal Henry Kissinger come out and wave to the crowd. Because nothing says sophisticated late-night irony like the stifled screams of South American nuns being kicked out of American supplied helicopters, ten thousand feet over the ocean. Horrified and repelled by the moral calamity of mothers separated from their children at the border? Well, that’s nice of you but perhaps you might want to ask after the tens of thousands of children separated from their mothers via the CIA’s Operation Condor which good old Henry K orchestrated.

Then of course Colbert followed this up by having Sean Spicer come out and do a bit at the emmys. Gosh wasn’t that hilarious.

And so it goes.

As we have said before, if you really are serious about getting rid of Trump, and enacting the platform of the “democratic-socialists” – healthcare as a human right, not a privilege, housing, education, debt relief* – then get organized, and spread the word and declare that for three months you won’t use your damn smartphone or the internet. And you won’t pay your bills for it.

Three months of that and the entire system will get the jitters and shakes followed by screams of subversion, antifa Bolshies and you’re all a bunch of ISIS loving treasonous brats, followed by the stock market having a nervous breakdown.

Tech companies, phone manufacturers, shipping, advertising, clickbait centric companies, all of it will panic and the republicans will call for the authority to treat dissenters and strikers as criminals.

And people will have to actually decide which side they’re on and face the consequences.

Or, you can make a nice sign and march.

Like Trump can read or gives a flying fuck in a rat’s ass what your sign says.


*We say “agitation” to mark a distinction from and with actual resistance.

For details about Operation Condor, see:


*The democratic socialists might want to remind people that their platform is essentially FDR’s Four freedoms:

1 Food is a human right not a commodity

2 Healthcare is a human right not a commodity

3 Housing is a human right not a commodity

4 Education is a human right not a commodity


And in anticipation of a host of practical questions including but not limited to: if I get rid of my phone and the internet, how will I function?

The genuine resistance will organize a system of couriers and chaperones to help members of the resistance. Need a message delivered? The Resistance will help you. Need a ride to the grocery or your doctor or to bring you dog to the vet? The Resistance will help you.

And who, we hear you ask, is going to pay for all of this?

The wealthy fucking liberals who’s combined net worth has got to be in excess of several hundred billions dollars.

As in, that’s what a fucking strike fund looks like as part of a genuinely committed and organized Resistance.

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