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Justice Kennedy Retires. An Open Letter to The Liberals.

The liberals have handed America to the fascists.

The dithering, the cowardice in the face of thugs, the corrupt bargains of neoliberalism have brought the nation to the brink of political collapse. Trump may still be a professional demagogue and an amature fascist but it is a distinction without a difference. Donald Trump is a tyrant and the democrats in the Senate must engage in what amounts to a strike. They must refuse to participate in the confirmation process and prevent a Quorum and deny Trump’s nominee a vote. All Trump appointees for other positions must be blocked by senators placing a hold on that nominee. And senators with classified information must use their privilege that guarantees immunity from prosecution for anything said in the senate and threaten to reveal that information unless McConnell agrees to democratic terms.* Defenders of the status quo will say that is extremism and a threat to national security. We say McConnell’s refusal to give Merrick Garland a hearing was a threat to national security and it is well past time to stop pretending otherwise. McConnell’s refusal to allow a vote on Obama’s nominee should be seen for what it is – a fascistic subversion of the legitimate process.

At the same time those who identify as “progressives” and “leftists” must get organized and engage in a series of rolling general strikes. In support of these actions the wealthy liberals whose combined fortunes amount to billions of dollars must create a strike fund to support wage slaves.

And these same wealthy liberals must announce that if Trump’s nominee is installed on the court and if Roe V. Wade is overturned, that they will establish a fund to provide poor women in states where abortion will be illegal, the financial means to travel to a state where it will remain legal. This fund will provide for travel, medical needs, and a place to stay while recovering.

Failure to act in this manner or in similar ways should be regarded as collaboration with the regime.

Failure to act to stop the establishment of the dystopian tyranny must be met with the response it deserves and then Nancy we’re capitalists get used to it Pelosi and Chuck where’s my spine Schumer must be replaced with leaders who understand the true nature of resistance.



We admit to confusion on the legal issues surrounding whether or not Congress has the authority to make it illegal to cross state lines in order to have an abortion or to knowingly assist someone to have an abortion.

The most obvious issue centers on “state’s rights” and the 10th Amendment. This of course means, more or less, that all rights not specifically enumerated as being within the purview of the federal government, belong to the states.

The second issue centers on the extent to which people will be willing to engage in subversion of such a law were it to already exist or be brought into existence in some sort of Handmaid’s Tale dystopia.

One can easily imagine a kind of “underground railroad” and the use of technology – drones with abortion drugs – and the picture that comes into focus is indeed one of a borderline civil war.

However, we cannot easily envision the federal government’s ability to enforce such a travel ban without using the National Guard domestically. Despite immediate cries of – that’s not hard to imagine – the truth is, tyranny will be both more blunt and less obvious. It will involve economic tyranny backed up by restrictions in access to education, jobs, and legal recourse. As always in the shadows will be the jack boots. That is the American way of fascism.

But never forget, there is also the American way of resistance.


*Make no mistake – the democrats will never do anything that bold. Every step of the way, as the Constitution has been truncated, folded, spun and mutilated, the democrats have marched in lockstep with the republicans. Mass surveillance, the use of “secret evidence” and a host of other actions in support of the “Imperial Presidency” have shown that the democrats are as always the liberal wing of the Wall Street Party and the republicans are the conservative wing of the Wall Street Party.

However, if anyone doubts the result of the democrats failing to block Trump’s pick, put Chris Matthews into a search engine of your choosing and match it with Kennedy retires. the normally combustible Matthews, a former aid to party boss, Tip O’Neill, has been positively apoplectic not only because he rightly fears the lunatic Trump is likely to select but because, he knows if the democrats fail to block the pick, they will be swept away by a wave of Alexandria Casio-Ortez-esque Leftists. Matthews fears for his perch, his power and his prestige (such as it is) and knows that the days of the increasingly old, White Irish men tracing their political lineage back to the days of Honey Fitz, are numbered.

But, while a Left wave would be welcome it must be seen in a wider context. It would occur precisely because the middle had been eviscerated, leaving only the Trump fascists, a shell of conservative liberals and the true opposition.

That of course means Weimar and violence. But as Trump’s ultimate goal, and the ultimate goal of Bannon and McConnell and the rest of them is the destruction of the opposition, there is no realistic alternative.

Update: 9/6/18

Cory Booker grows a pair?



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