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Justice Kennedy Announces Retirement. Welcome to Weimar, America

Supreme Court Justice, Anthony Kennedy, has announced his retirement from the Court.

Trump just got a political hard on and the nation is heading towards levels of civil unrest not seen since the late 1960s and early 70s.

Mitch McConnell and the rest of right wing aristocrats and assorted fascists will view this as the legitimate price to be paid for blowing Trump. A coalition of the vile will rejoice – the McConnell Aristocrats will be able to fill the court with supporters of state’s rights who will destroy the flimsy remains of The New Deal and shift power from DC to the states – except for the Stasi whose power will increase. The Handmaid’s Tale bible fascists will rush to overturn Roe V. Wade and the useless corporate democrats will be destroyed.

Pelosi Inc. will use this fear as legitimate cause to raise massive amounts of money. But changes to the confirmation rules in the Senate and the timeline are against the democrats. Barring a crisis – not unlikely – or intervention from the intelligence agencies or semi-private citizens with dirt on Trump, the odds are a neo-fascist soulless goon will be installed on the court shifting it to the extreme right.

The demise of Roe V Wade is then inevitable. The response in the form of massive civil disobedience is also inevitable. The response to that in the form of draconian police brutality is also inevitable.

Add in the very real possibility of Trump’s Trade War imploding the economy and unleashing violence from his right wing foot soldiers and we have a recipe for political violence easily on the scale not just of the 60s but with echos of Weimar as it lurched into terminal decline.

Trump’s delusional magical thinking, and his racist rhetoric have poisoned the already fetid national discourse. If and when the Trade War causes millions to lose their jobs those among his supporters will not turn on him but will join him in the bunker. They will blame the foreigners and the “elites” and the feminists and so on and the violence will come like a nightmare.

Update: 6/27/18

To parse this further, consider that when Roe V. Wade is overturned (and make no mistake, it will be), it will be up to the states to decide on whether or not it will be legal in each state. Thus, one can assume it will be illegal in Texas, Alabama and Kansas, among others, and will be legal in California, Washington State, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, etc.

But poor women, by which we mean women who cannot afford to travel, will be reduced to borderline slave status.

Additionally this will provide still more fuel to the fire for the midterm elections. Expect the “Blue wave” to be massive but even if it swamps the House and moves the needle in the Senate, Trump’s fascist bible thumping goon will be installed on the court.

This brings us to the next issue. It is not just abortion that is a factor but a host of other issues all of which Trump’s court will adjudicate in favor of tyranny.

Environmental protection, privacy, worker’s rights, corporate piracy, education, and a host of other planks in the already on life support liberal order will be overturned.

Looking down the road to a democratic victory in 2020, with, a democratic president and a democratic House and perhaps a weak republican Senate, will force the issue on expanding the court from nine justices to thirteen. The Left will call it necessary and morally correct, and the fascists and their allies will call it stacking the court and unconstitutional.

Regardless, there will be blood.

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