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Trump Retreats.

The good news is that Trump has seemingly caved in to pressure and is suspending the vile practice of forcibly kidnapping children and holding them hostage. The better news is that it highlights Trump’s vulnerability and the limits of the power held by fascists like Steve Bannon.

The bad news is that the republican whores in the house and the senate and across the country who turned on Trump did not do it because they suddenly discovered they had a conscience but because they suddenly discovered they might lose their jobs. It should surprise no one that the human bowl of moldy jello, Ted Cruz, smelling defeat in the wind, would turn and call for an end to kidnapping children. It should surprise no one who isn’t a half-wit that republicans could see that the center would not accept state sponsored kidnapping and holding children hostage. But that of course means that they can always change their minds again and decide to support a return to state sponsored terrorism or they can find some other way to placate the blood and soil cadres that now control the republican party.

It is crucial to remember that Trump and the Bannonnite fascists did not arrive from another planet. The republicans may be shocked – shocked to discover that they have been in bed with bigots all along but the truth is they courted these people and fed them rhetoric the same way one feeds chum to sharks. Inevitably there is a feeding frenzy and the water is full of two things: blood and hungry sharks.

From Nixon, through to Reagan, H Bush and then W the republicans have been the party of bigots. Trump is the shark they summoned.

That however does not mean the spineless democrats are not to blame as well. Though grossly overused the apt description is: The best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

Nancy we’re capitalists get used to it Pelosi is complicit and so are the Clintons and Obama. NAFTA may have been the less bad alternative to another devastating collapse of the Mexican economy but however awful state sponsored kidnapping of children has been it pales in comparison to the thousands of women murdered in Ciudad Juarez over the last decade. And why did Ciudad Juarez become a murder factory?* Because of NAFTA. And why was NAFTA a less bad alternative to yet another catastrophic collapse of the Mexican economy? Because Mexico was colonized long ago and turned into an American vassal state. And in the absence of the transformation of the American economy away from colonization and exploitation, Mexico will continue to be a vassal state, and a semi-autonomous colony frozen between bad and worse – bad being NAFTA and a periodic surge of immigrants and refugees trying to cross the border and worse being periodic collapse and a resulting surge of immigrants and refugees trying to cross the border.

Who is going to do something about that?

Which of course brings us to the ghosts of Operation Condor.

The Mothers of the Disappeared deserve better than to be ignored or to receive the thin political gruel of yeah sorry about that. Next.

Agents of the government of the US and elected officials are war criminals. They are guilty of murder, torture, extortion, kidnapping, drug dealing, money laundering, and aiding and abetting rape and kidnapping on an industrial scale. Hanging over all of that is the destruction of the environment and corollary support for repressive regimes and the insane and endless “war on drugs” which fuels drug lords, mass murdering paramilitaries, and in turn all of that fuels the endless flow of refugees and human traffickers that drift from South America to the Rio Grande.

It is no small thing that Trump has been forced to retreat. One hopes that the democrats press the advantage and ride this to victory in the Midterms in November.

But no one will ever go broke underestimating their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. And no one should ever underestimate their guilt and their complicity in the destruction and colonization of the people of Mexico, and Central and South America. Nor should anyone romanticize those people for among the millions of victims there are just as many bigots and fascists and mass murdering psychopaths who were and are all too willing to collaborate in Murder Incorporated.

It is no small thing that, unlooked for, amid the maelstrom, Trump has been forced to retreat.

But no one should underestimate the inevitable temper tantrum and rage that are sure to follow. Not just by Trump, but among his base of thugs and fascists and committed violent racists.

Blowback is inevitable. Do not be surprised if you wake one morning in the not too distant future, to a headline about a mass shooting somewhere along the border or in a predominantly Latino community and find that the shooter was active online with some branch of the Trump base.

We are reminded of the highly problematic hero Churchill saying: Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

Now is the time for vigilance and action.

No retreat.

No surrender.


*For a flawed but often brilliant examination of the industrial scale mass murder in Ciudad Juarez, see Roberto Bolano’s epic posthumous novel, 2066.

3 comments on “Trump Retreats.

  1. Republicans pushing right has for decades offered cover for Democrats pushing right.

    But if Republicans retreat from the worst reactionary reaches of the right-wing, that leaves Democrats in a dilemma. Either they have to also retreat which would empower the political left or take responsibility for continuing to push right without being able to hide their true motivations.

    I suspect that, when push comes to shove, Democrats will continue to push right. They don’t want to win if it means the political left wins. That is to say their winning has everything to do with maintaining the power structure and very little to do with elections.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rauldukeblog says:

      I keep returning to Pelosi’s Marie Antoinette-esque “we’re capitalists get used to it” mission statement. It represents the complete capitulation of the Democrats to Wall Street.

      Crucially, outside of blogs no one reads (ha ha) and blogs a few people read there has been a deafening silence on the significance of the statement.

      The “liberal” bastians have been silent – all establishment collaborationist rags – New Republic, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, etc.

      They may have had something back when she said it but it certainly didn’t make a splash.

      There are two levels to the comment. First it highlights how utterly tone deaf Pelosi is as a politician. That in turn highlights a complete lack of leadership. That in turn highlights a fundamentally sense of being out of touch – a regal sense of not just let them eat cake but a sense of imperial contempt for any suggestion or hint of alternatives.

      The second level s about the lack of spine on the part of the rest of the party.

      One can indulge “unity” up to the point where it ceases to be unity and becomes capitulation and collaboration not only with the status quo but with the opposition.

      Sanders/Warren should have called her out and demanded she repudiate the statement and accept a caucus dedicated to alternatives to the status quo. A Democratic caucus as think tank/policy shop.

      But they didn’t and they wont.

      Gore Vidal who was wrong about any number of things was right when he said there is one political party in America with two wings. The liberal wing of Wall Street and the Conservative wing of Wall Street.

      Add to that the Trump populist and fascist wing but it’s still a one party state.


      1. You have a similar mind to my own. I latch onto something like that and try to make sense of it, long after most others have forgotten about it. There are certain statements, facts, etc that jump out at me and they remain in mind for years.

        To understand how out of touch Pelosi and the DNC is, consider how popular has become ‘socialism’. Even in fairly conservative and moderate rural farming states like Iowa. Many Republicans have also become attracted to ‘socialism’, just as long as it is of the national socialist variety.

        All across American society, there has been worsening loss of faith in the capitalist economic system and corporatist social order. The only place where faith remains strong is within the two wings of the one party rule.

        “There is growing willingness to name corporate rule and global capitalism as key problems, and to look to decentralized, place-based economies as the answer. While capitalism is viewed more favorably among all Americans than socialism, the reverse is true among those under 29, African Americans and Hispanics, and those making less than $30,000 a year, according to a Pew poll. And more Americans have a favorable view of socialism than of the Tea Party.”

        “The latest Selzer and Co. poll of Iowa likely Democratic caucus-goers shows that more consider themselves socialist—43 percent—than capitalist, at 38 percent.”

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