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Trump’s Birnam Wood. Some Speculation on Trump, The Iran Deal and Stormy Daniels

“Macbeth shall never vanquished be until
Great Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane Hill
Shall come against him.”
— Shakespeare
— MacBeth, Act 4, Scene 1


Correlation is not Causation but…

As expected Il Douche, Donald Trump, has tried to scuttle the deal to place a hold on Iran’s development of nuclear weapons.

Combining his narcissism, his bigotry, his mendacity and his unhinged stupidity into one enormous shit sandwich, Trump has pitched a fit and said the US would withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA. Technically unable to withdraw the US can stop compliance with the requirements of the agreement, and impose sanctions on Iran and countries doing business with Iran. The other nations involved can continue to adhere to the JCPOA and the result will be a kind of political Frankenstein’s monster, that is somewhat alive but prone to increasingly dangerous levels of decay. As it decays it raises several possible scenarios and none of them are good ranging from a war, to a war in which Iran races to build and use a nuclear weapon, or the collapse of the Iranian regime and a civil war that, given Iran’s population, would make Syria seem irrelevant in comparison.

While those are all important issues, what strikes us as more important if not more intriguing, is the sequence of events.

First, with Trump’s temper tantrum due at any minute, it was revealed that he had contracted a para-government company in Israel to dig up dirt on individuals who had helped negotiate and sheppard the JCPOA. Black Cube, a properly named Israeli company that is comprised of “ex” intelligence agents has of course, denied involvement. Given the size of the US intelligence “community” and how even within that vast parallel universe everyone keeps tripping over people they used to work with, the idea that in a country as small as Israel that Black Cube is not in effect, a private para-government army for hire, is absurd.

Of course they were involved – even though we can’t prove that.

But, let’s consider the idea that they weren’t – an idea that actually has merit for reasons we shall examine.

But first back to the sequence of events.

Following the revelation/accusation about Black Cube, Trump announces he’s pissing on the deal.

Former president Obama, makes a rare public statement directly condemning Trump’s actions, even if the statement never mentions Trump by name.

And then, just as the shock has settled into the already festering wounds Trumps has delivered in the last few months, Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, announces that he has proof Trump’s fixer, and lawyer who got his JD from the bottom of a box of cracker jacks, Michael Cohen, received a payment of 500k from a Russian oligarch with ties to Putin Inc.

Here’s what we think: The leak about Black Cube was designed to either get out in front of a looming leak/accusation, or was an attempt to smear Trump, or was a genuine piece of information or, some combination of all three. The idea that there can only be one conspiracy at a time is the sort of nonsense that hacks like Gerald Posner sell – as if the men we call Shakespeare (or the professional spooks) never thought to have more than one plot line in motion at the same time.

This is then followed by Trump’s announcement, which on points alone eclipses the news/leak about Black Cube because now everyone is faced with the stark facts of Trump’s insanity.

But then, right on time, like the cavalry arriving to save the day, comes the “news” that Trump’s fixer was on the payroll of the Russian state mafia.


Well, I have this bridge you might be interested in buying.

Of course it’s not a coincidence.

Someone wanted to smack Trump hard and did it at a moment when he was engaging in utterly reckless behavior, that could potentially start a catastrophic chain of events. A postmodern Princip at Sarevjo and suddenly it’s not the Guns of August but the Missiles of August.

The first obvious question is how did Avenatti get the information? Who is his source? Intelligence agencies? “Ex” intelligence agencies? Anti Putin factions looking to start the process of removing Don Vlad? Anti Netanyahu factions? A combination of all of the above or some other factor with an agenda?*

And take note that in a statement Avenatti said: “After significant investigation we have discovered Trump’s atty Mr Cohen has received $500,000…”

Language and grammar are funny things. Notice he didn’t say our investigation or the investigation conducted by people working for me. And of course for all we know he has, as is typical for many lawyers, a team of private investigators working for him. And no doubt those people have years of experience – working for organizations like the FBI, CIA or Black Cube. After all, Christopher Steele*, the man with the infamous golden shower dossier, was an “ex” British spy. And again, more than one thing can be true at the same time. Even if it was Avenatti’s investigation, that doesn’t mean the investigator’s don’t have sources and contacts inside the system who have their own reasons for sharing information.

And why make the dump via Stormy’s lawyer? Because he’s not subject to the diktat of Trump’s demented camp followers in the House and Senate. David Nunes can’t do shit about Stormy and as a result, whispering in Avenatti’s ear that there’s radioactive dirt directly linking Trump’s crackerjack lawyer to the Russian state mafia (and linking Trump to them as well) is priceless, and politically lethal.

And to add yet another layer to this keep in mind that Trump’s Haldeman and Ehrlichman, Bolton and Pompeo are loathed by the establishment. Especially Bolton. Politically kneecapping Trump opens the airlock on Bolton and leaves him racing for the oxygen mask.

The braindead media with its fetish for being the official gatekeepers for the establishment love to offer ghost stories. In these tall tales everything is retrograde. Nixon was the worst. LBJ was a beast. Cointelpro, Mongoose, MKUltra yada yada yada it’s all in the past.

The truth of course is that the Grassy Knoll is, aside from everything else, a metaphor that resonates precisely because no one who isn’t a fool or paid to keep the fools entertained, believes that these things aren’t happening right now.

The past, said Bill Faulkner, aint even hardly past.

Avenatti’s bombshell was given to him by someone or some loose affiliation of people who believe Trump is insane and poses a clear and present danger to national security.

It is a puff of smoke from the Grassy Knoll.

Trump is too stupid to realize what triangulated fire is and any feral political instincts he possesses are of an inferior quality, wholly unsuited to the war in which he is engaged.

But someone, some Deep Throat, has decided to play Avenatti and Stormy.

And Birnam Wood just took a big step closer to The White House.

For some details see the following:


*Notice how towards the end of the segment both Maddow and her guest discuss how Avenatti got the information and notice that they also discuss the details of that information and point out that the source has to b someone with access to details that a prosecutor (or a Special Counsel) would not ordinarily release to the public.


Update: 5/10/18

You know the gang that can’t lie straight is nervous when they trot out their human Ken doll, Mike Pence, to quell the flames. The Veep spoke to Andrea Mitchell and managed the always entertaining trick of riding two horses with one ass. On the one hand, Pence said it was time for the Special Counsel to wrap up his investigation. Careful to preface his request with “respectfully” as a means to create a distinction between his sense of decorum and Trump’s sense that decorum means only throwing fresh fecal matter at the bars of his cage, Pence went on to also highlight that the revelation about the 500k from Putin Inc was a private matter and he had nothing to do with it.

So let’s break this down a little.

In near full panic mode, Trump Inc sends out the Veep for some damage control as Rudy the G is clearly off his meds and only makes things worse every time he opens his mouth.

Pence, a true creature of the system, slithers out of the meeting having secured an opportunity to be both loyal soldier and “his own man” which means he both defends Trump by calling for an end to the investigation but also throws Trump overboard by creating some (however artificial) daylight between himself and the goon from Queens.

We would also add that at this point it might be worthwhile to keep an eye out for a fresh round of balcony high dives in Russia. While it’s true that you haven’t really experienced Shakespeare until you have heard it in the original Klingonese, the fact is tragedies always end the same way – when the stage is littered with corpses and Putin’s riding the tiger has serious potential for blowback. Destabilizing the US is about as smart as destabilizing the Soviet Union. A war of all against all in the Middle East, scientists with knowledge of how to build a bomb looking for the nearest exit out of Iran, potential civil war in Iran, coup, counter coup, impeachment, midterms, Russian oligarchs, Special Counsels, porn stars with ferocious lawyers, more spooks and “ex” spooks than a le Carre symposium and the potential for catastrophe gets closer by the minute.

For a look at Pence’s circus act, see the link below:

Typos, bad editing, and the like, are the bane of our existence here at The Ink. For months we neglected to notice that we had Michael Steele when we meant Christopher Steele. We regret the error the same way we would regret a dose of the Clap.


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