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The Enemy of my Enemy. The Call to Arms in Defense of Robert Mueller.

Nearly 20 years into America’s newest experiment with fascism in the form of mass surveillance, and one of the chief architects of the suspension of the Bill of Rights, Robert Muller, has morphed into a new kind of folk hero.

Responding to the increased alarms surrounding Trump’s likely attempts to put the final nail in the coffin of Civil Liberties by either firing Muller outright, or by orchestrating a rube goldberg-esque end run around the law and replacing the tools on the political food chain, above Mueller, hundreds of thousands of people have said they will protest any attempt to fire or neuter the Special Councel.

In the dictionary, said the late and dearly missed Robin Williams, under irony, see irony.

Mueller, who comes across as a I was just following orders, cog in the Orwellian Machine, under the umbrella of the Cheney Bush Junta, is now recast as a stalwart defender of the rule of law.

That as head of the FBI, under the junta, he orchestrated and covered-up thousands of crimes, gross distortions of the already gross distortions allowed under the utterly unconstitutional Patriot Act, are for now, forgotten. That the American public is so utterly feckless is however not forgotten. That the spineless liberals are willing to be enraged over Trump’s latent fascism says nothing about their courage, but speaks volumes about their situational ethics. And what it highlights is that the defend Mueller movement is being spearheaded by the elite liberals of – because naturally, they are outraged when their rights are threatened. Everyone else can go fuck themselves.

For nearly 20 years they kept their mouths shut as the FBI ran over the Bill of Rights like a Mongol army over the steppe. Joe Biden, while still in the senate, pointed out that the number of national security letters (the postmodern update to the tyrannical 18th century lettres de cachet) under Cheney-Bush had gone from a few thousand to several hundred thousand – meaning that the FBI had effectively created a virtual gulag in which hundreds of thousands of Americans had been silenced and placed in a perpetual Kafka world of being neither guilty nor innocent but under permanent surveillance and suspicion. And the response to Biden raising the issue? Silence and a collective national yawn.

For nearly 20 years FBI agents have engaged in every one of their standard assaults on freedom all while wrapping themselves in the flag – break-ins, assaults, intimidations, loss of jobs, theft, and far worse and not a single protest. Not even after Edward Snowden laid everything on the table but, go after Bob Mueller and all of a sudden it’s May of 1968 2.0.

Of course Mueller is not alone. And we don’t just mean the vile senior members of the junta, or the members of the Obama regime who covered up the junta’s crimes and committed their own. We do specifically mean the cadre of judges who limply signed off on the FISA assembly line of warrants and above all, the soulless House and Senate members who broke the law, pissed on the Bill of Rights and passed the Patriot Act. A greater collection of spineless cowards, this side of Neville Chamberlain’s shorts, you will never find.

And yet, as we have detailed previously, Trump, the political afterbirth of the previous regime’s spunk, must be stopped and removed from power. Part of that equation is defending Mueller.

So, as the utterly ridiculous Queen Victoria said in slightly different circumstances: lie back and think of England.


For a look at some of the details, see the following:

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