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Spy Vs. Spy Vs. Moron.

While the fascist wing of the Republican Party continues to flirt with tyranny by attacking both the rule of law (such as it is) and the (odious) FBI, Il Douche continues to prove that he’s a first rate moron.

Having greased the skids to break the FBI and stop the investigation into his being a wholly owned subsidiary of Putin Inc., Trump somehow managed to forget that the Hoovers and the spooks from Langley don’t like him, but do like their perks.

So, as the current head of the Bureau announces he’s taking early retirement and Brownshirt in training, Representative Nunes pays with his blocks, and prepares to release classified information in an effort to derail the Russia/collusion probe, and while Ayn Rand fanboy, Paul Ryan calls for a purge of the FBI (but uses the poll tested word “cleanse” instead of purge) someone has gone and leaked all over Trump’s first State of the Union, as well as all over his attempt to install himself as de facto dictator.

The nature of the leak, hitting the media a few hours before Il Douche is to speak, reveals that Trump surrogate and human soda jerk, Pompeo, met with the head of the FSB. Claiming it was about terrorism, Pompeo and others are trying to spin their way past and out of the fact that the head of the FSB is on the sanctions list, and is barred from entering the US, and that the meeting took place right after Il Douche refused to impose additional and tougher sanctions.

Finding his balls in a box somewhere in the back of a closet, Chuck Schumer pounced and called it a dereliction of duty.

In other words: Release the FBI memo and we will replace it with your CIA chief breaking the law, and set up a new avenue of questions.

So, check, if not checkmate.

Life (such as it is) in the banana republic continues.

For a blunt look at the story see the article below, and notice the absence of any in-depth analysis. Schumer’s attack is not unusual at all when you read his comments which are clearly designed to create momentum for an inquiry to repair the damage done by Nunes & Co. Further, note that what is also missing is the obvious question: Why did the US ambassador to Russia announce the meeting? Answer: Because he had been tipped off that someone had tipped off the media, which brings us back to the fact that the intelligence agencies and their situational allies are engaged in a bureaucratic civil war with the regime.

Update: 1/30/17

It looks increasingly as if Trump is going to use the impending release of the utterly fictional and cherry-picked Nunes Memo as a pretext to fire Rod Rosenstein to whom Robert Mueller answers in regards to the Russia probe. By firing Rosenstein Trump hopes to collapse the investigation by, one assumes, appointing a blow-up doll of his choosing to replace Rosenstein and at the same time to create an atmosphere of hocus pocus in which anything Mueller discovers can be called traif.

While the irony of the Republicans trying to discredit the Hoovers is worth its weight in gold, they are not alone in this circular firing squad.

Here’s Obama’s former Attorney General Eric Holder speaking about Trump, Nunes and the rest:

“Eric Holder, the former attorney general, added a warning of his own on Wednesday. “People must understand what is at stake by release of the bogus, contrived Nunes memo,” Holder wrote on Twitter. “It uses normally protected material and puts at risk our intell capabilities in order to derail a legitimate criminal investigation. This is unheard of – it is dangerous and it is irresponsible.”

This of course, is the same Eric Holder who, in defending his boss’ claim that it was legal for the government to use what it claimed was secret evidence to justify the execution of a US citizen, said: “Due process does not necessarily mean review of evidence by judges.”

In other words when it’s convenient for the government to act like fascist thugs it’s kosher, as long as you get the blessing of a rabbi or an Attorney General with a serious case of situational ethics.

Or as Woody Allen said in a somewhat different context: “Yes I’m a bigot, but for the left.”

Nonetheless, Holder is correct; this is a dangerous situation, Trump while not a fascist ideologically, is a fascist psychologically and the goons around him with their Tourette’s syndrome response to everything from The Bill of Rights to Abortion, Social Security, Medicare, clean water, climate change, and pesky old fashioned ideas like, freedom, are clearly all too willing to really try and make an end run around the flimsy, gossamer remains of the constitution, and establish a dictatorship with Il Douche as First Consul.

The equally dangerous factor in this equation is of course that not only are the Democrats leaderless and rudderless, but that in place of leadership they have Nancy (we’re capitalists, get used to it) Pelosi and Chuck (look ma, no balls) Schumer, a man so congenitally afraid of principles that we have no doubt his aids have to stitch him into a suit every morning with a fake spine, and a list of talking point tattooed to his hands.

This of course brings us right back to where we were when this catastrophe started: waiting for the intelligence agencies to topple the regime.

The irony of that being of course that the mongoloids who support Trump are not wrong when they wail about the deep state. Anyone who thinks the mandarins can’t and don’t whisper in the dark is a fool. As we’ve mentioned before, one need only consult Bill Clinton’s autobiography for a glimpse into the idea that there are cadres at work with agendas that may or may not match the requirements of constitutional government.

If Trump fires Rosenstein there will be a showdown between what remains of the Democratic Party, the “liberal” wing of the Republican Party and of course a loose affiliation of spooks and their friends, all on one side, and Trump and his gang of thugs and morons on the other.

When Mouth of Sauron, Steven Miller said “This president will not be questioned” the alarms should have gone off and they should not have stopped ringing until Miller and Trump and his sorry gang were all in a cage.

These people are fascists.

Trump is insane and a thug because he’s insane, not because he believes in some ideological principle like Mussolini or Franco but, at this point, who gives a flying fuck in a rat’s ass. It is a distinction without a difference.

If he is not impeached or removed via the 25th amendment, and he gets away with this stunt to fire Rosenstein, then all bets are off and we’re heading for the real thing – detainment without trial, no lawyers, and rule by emergency decree or, twitter which will amount to the same thing.

As with a Shakespeare tragedy, you’ll know it’s over when the stage is littered with corpses.


Read about it here:

Update: 2/1/18

Schumer has a bone to chew.

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