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What Are Little Girls Made Of? Jimmy Page, David Bowie, Lori Maddox and America’s Sexual McCarthyism.

“Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown.”

— Roman Polanski

“It doesn’t matter, someone will probably kick my ass.”

— Louis CK


So, the ayatollahs at The New Yorker, The Guardian and Esquire and other corporate media outlets, have discovered that Louis CK was not only giving hilarious and poignant guided tours of America’s Lynchian inspired dark side and its hypocrisy, but that he was living there as well.

And while competing to see who can scream the loudest for CK’s head to be cut off and placed on a pike to be paraded around a Cineplex at a mall near you, they’ve ignored the oily, lubed up gorillas in the middle of the nation’s living room.

We refer you to David Bowie and Jimmy Page. And their Lolita, Lori Maddox.

Who? Well, Lori Maddox was a 14 year old waif/ingénue who spent a lot of her time somehow getting into clubs in LA back, as they say, in the day where she caught the attention of any number of men. Including Page, who had her kidnapped, and Bowie who had her. Before Page. Or perhaps it was the other way around but regardless they had her, which is another way of saying she was raped.

Because being under the age of consent means just that – any sexual act between her and an adult is by definition without her consent and therefore is defined as rape.

Bowie of course died recently and was given the full hagiography usually reserved for saints. And Page was honored at the White House –  a regular treat for artists and a regular diversion for presidents who are normally to be found honoring mass murderers, like Henry Kissinger or third world despots with whom their financial pimps do business.

In the case of rock god Page, he went so far as to have Maddox locked up in various hotel rooms or his house for over a year, and then, having grown bored and distracted by an actual woman, he dropped her like a busted string on a guitar. Bowie, more louche but no less vile, apparently had her for one night along with her (underage) companion and some drugs.

She never complained and even went on to say she enjoyed it and was none the worse for it.

And we believe her and also believe it demonstrates the spectrum of human emotion. But that’s not the issue. The issue is the blind rutting pig rage and hypocrisy of a society that has cannibalized Louis CK for asking – asking – to be watched while he jerks off, versus two other prominent cultural auteurs who raped a child. And have escaped even a cursory public flogging or even so much as a polite inquiry, not only into their behavior but into the feckless shit bag fire and brimstone hypocrisy factory of the media. Even Roman Polanski has been forced into some sort of exile. Granted it’s a pretty fucking comfortable exile, that includes jetting between Switzerland and France and being honored by his peers, but it is exile none the less and when he dies the obituaries will not all be kind.

Which is not to say he hasn’t made great films. It is the same issue one has, if their honest, with any number of other vile people who made great art but were great assholes. We’ve discussed this elsewhere and have dealt with the likes of expert Jew hater T.S. Eliot, and slave trader, Arthur Rimbaud. Feel free to make your own list.

What we’re after here is to turn the critical lens on the hypocrites – the gatekeepers who swim in an ocean of pig shit, and demand that we ignore their stench while they scream at us about our need to take a bath. What we’re after here is to highlight that grandmaster of being an asshole Charles Baudelaire was right when he said: a man must be allowed to contradict himself and: Brother hypocrite I salute you. In other words to exist is to be a hypocrite, but that doesn’t mean raping a child is acceptable and shouldn’t be punished. It does mean that along with the great power inherent in being gatekeepers, the media also has a great responsibility to not bray for blood, and instead to be measured and proportionate – to be thoughtful and intelligent.

For example consider that Ellen DeGeneres, stalwart champion of being decent, had Page on her show to talk about being Jimmy Page. But not a word about the kidnapping and rape of a child. The same collaborationist and situational morality has afflicted moral smurf Jimmy Fallon, professional curmudgeon David Letterman and most of the rest of the late night and daytime T.V. gatekeepers. And the ayatollahs at the New Yorker and the Guardian and the other bastions of liberal outrage.

And ask yourself where were the cops while Page and Bowie were playing real life Humbert Humbert to Maddox’s fire of their loins? Are we to believe that the omnipresent Hoovers and the local cops had all of the “deviant” rock stars under surveillance except for Page and Bowie? Lennon, yes but those two, no? And as with the questions being asked about the eyes wide shut contemporary culture of the entertainment industry, we might ask, where the fuck was the long arm of the law back when these crimes were being committed? And then consider that in both cases, what Page and Bowie did has been an open “secret” for decades.

And what do we conclude about this?

That the template was laid down and hammered into place a long time ago. Salem was not an anomaly, it was a beta test and it worked to perfection. And so it gets repeated. The social tension builds. The hypocrisy eats away at everyone and corollary rage seeps into the nation’s soul; becomes part of the shared cultural DNA. Until it has to be channeled somewhere. And since capitalism requires exploitation, and exploitation requires corruption, hypocrisy is essential and is force fed into the public like a toxin in the food chain. And of course the resulting anger can’t be turned on the system itself because that could become a revolution. So instead the whores in the corporate media cover their mirrors and find someone who’s guilty of just enough (CK) or more than enough (Weinstein/Spacey/Judge Moore) and they let loose the dogs of faux justice and then they light the cyber torches and the cyber stakes burn.

But it has nothing to do with justice. It has nothing to do with morality or honesty.

It does however, have everything to do with America.


For a brief look at Page’s rape of a child, see the link below:

And for a look at David Bowie, as a child rapist, see the link below:

Update: 12/1/17

The first (that we are aware of) nuanced, thoughtful article on the ongoing shit storm:

Update: 10/16/18

We note with wry amusement, a missive hurled our way today, by an irate reader who begins by informing us that before casting aspersions, we “have to understand groupie culture” from the early 70s. And, they insist:

“First of all Lori Maddox has always made it very clear she gave complete consent.”

A point we made ourselves in the post, above.

Of course the irate knob, seems not to understand that “consent” is attached legally to being “of the age of consent” and therefore, Maddox was legally unable to give consent.

Another point, we made in the post, above.

This is followed by what we might charitably define as the “she was asking for it rationale” favored by gangsters, mass murderers, republicans, and rapists:

“You also have to understand Groupie culture of that era. Groupies who were underage dressed to look older and lied about their ages often using fake ID in order to get into clubs to hook up with stars. They knew what they were doing and what they wanted hence the reason they were Groupies in the first place.”

In other words, the bouncers at the door failed, the bartenders failed, the waitresses failed, the undercover cops, journalists, mangers, and roadies all failed and the musicians were fooled – by a thirteen year old girl.

It’s a valid point as after all, after that much coke, weed, booze, assorted painkillers, bennies, and downers, and no sleep, standing in the dark of a club, trying to tell who is putting a finger in your ass can be difficult. Thirteen? Feels like at least thirty-five.

This piece of sinister pretzel logic is followed by still more half truths, that stick the landing amid the empty bottles of lube and the jizz stains.

“Of course that didn’t make it right but if someone looks older and they manage to get into a club for over 18s and they are up for sex, then how are the guys supposed to know.”

Here we have the battle cry of the wife-beater, and the rapist; the troll who, believes, “no” means, “hit me” and “I want it in the ass.” (notwithstanding the times when “no” does mean “yes” despite people who say otherwise.)

How are they supposed to know?

Let’s see: breast size, height, hips, voice, face, sense of humor, pubic hair, and general experience.

But our aggrieved correspondent has this to say:

“It’s not right” but rape of a child who wanted it, is oaky.

After all, since the outraged correspondent has already established that thirteen year old’s can offer consent, it follows logically that if she is sneaking into a club, then, ipso facto, she’s “up for sex” and therefore, she’s fair game.

This of course is the “gateway drug” argument of your average conservative goon, except instead of the psychotic delusion that weed means you’ll soon be bolted to a crack pipe, this genius is peddling the idea (we use the word loosely) that sneaking into a nightclub means you want to be fucked by men twice or three times your age, and they have no responsibility for what happens because, by definition, it’s the child’s fault.

Followed by the dismount based on the reptilian notion that the poor, unaware sods, can’t distinguish a child from an adult woman, can’t refuse the seductive wiles of a child, and even if they could, she’s obviously gagging for it, so what’s a poor drugged up multi-millionaire rock god to do, except, take her back to his hotel and keep her locked up for a few years.

But wait, there’s more:

“Can (you) prove (asks outraged correspondent) that Bowie or Page knew that girls age?”

Having opened with the assertion that they could not tell her age, and that even if they could, she was clearly asking for it, our correspondent flips the script and claims that as we can’t prove she was a child, the lads are off the hook.

Except of course, no one involved, not Bowie, not Page, not Page’s manager, or Maddox herself, have ever denied the story, or denied that she was underage. Given the evidence of photos showing Maddox, clearly underage, at clubs, with any number of musicians, including the members of Zeppelin, we’ll ignore the temptation to say something about people selling, Fake News.

Our correspondent however is not done, having been moved to offer us a near epic in defense of child rape:

“Its a very different situation to deliberately seeking out and raping a child and should never be labeled the same because all that does is insult and take away the credibility of genuine victims of sexual abuse and seriousness of it. Maddox also claims to have slept with Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, Jeff Beck and numerous others whilst underage. Yet we dont see any of them being lynch modded*.”

Here of course is the total collapse of any pretense of logic.

First, she fooled everyone.

Second, she was asking for it.

Third you can’t prove she was underage.

Fourth even if she was who care it was part of the “culture”

Which we’re pretty sure, was Polanski’s defense for drugging and anally rapping a child.

And consider this gem of twisted logic and hermaphroditic morality:

“Maddox also claims to have slept with Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, Jeff Beck and numerous others whilst underage. Yet we dont see any of them being lynch modded*.”

Right, the difference being that these rapscallions had the children delivered like pizza, versus your average low rent child rapist, who stoops to actually going out and hunting for their victims.

And the last line is a whopper as it seems to be a plea for either everyone to be lynched or, to be selective in one’s outrage about moral reprobates acting like Medici popes, in a race to the bottom of a whore house – after all, says our correspondent, if the other bastards were raping young girls, and no one is calling for their scalps, then you should leave poor old Bowie alone.

And, since Maddox also claims to have had sex/been raped by a who’s who of talent, she can’t be believed, even though she was asking for it, she fooled everyone, and it was just how things were done back then.

In other words: blame the victim, exonerate the rapist, and scream: if she floats, she’s a witch!

Followed by:

“I would recommend that you actually do some proper research and fact checking before writing such a nonsense, offensive article. Not only is this deeply offensive and insulting to Bowie’s grieving family and friends remember he has a teenage daughter of his own.”

“Proper research” in this case being the multiple eyewitnesses including Page’s manager, and the photographs and the host of tell-all biographies documenting the carnival of adult men fucking children, while assorted mothers signed off as pimps. And of course our faithful, if myopic correspondent who tells us other people confirm the stories, and besides, that’s how things were back then, and she was asking for it and so on.

Followed by the inchoate plea for sympathy for poor old Bowie’s family because, sniff, he has a daughter of his own.

Followed by a series of conflicting time-lines which said correspondent uses to establish that Maddox is unreliable, which we don’t doubt, in a the facts seldom have anything to do with the truth, sort of manner, though we do doubt the reliability of the missive’s author in as much what he sent us is a train wreck of twisted syntax, pretzel logic, blame the victim sophistry, and pleas for understanding tucked inside denunciations of anyone who points out the g-force exceeding tolerance of hypocrisy that is the current zeitgeist.

We end where we began – with wry amusement. The excavation of systemic misogyny, rape culture, sexism, and the twisted justifications that people use, leave us straddling the line between misery and hilarity.

The world is full of people like this outraged mollusk, who is clearly either in an intellectual stupor or a moral coma or perhaps, both.

And to be clear, in case we were too subtle, the chief complaint is not with the artists (mainly) but with the selective outrage of the hypocritical media and a system that is designed to allow the media to act like a gang of vigilantes.


*We assume they mean “mobbed” but we let the typo stand.


Update: 11/26/19

We’re really unsure just how Page continues to avoid media retribution and the hysteria of #WitchHunt but he does.*

His current relationship is with a young woman in her mid or late 20s while he is closing in on 80.

And again, in case we weren’t clear before, we’re not appalled by that.

It’s legal and if someone were to say it’s not normal they would be correct but then again you don’t hear them wailing about Stepford wives, and Tupperware families.

Our complaint, such as it is, lies with the systemic hypocrisy of the establishment media, and its toxic selective outrage.

It is a threat to social cohesion and civil liberties.

It is a kind of state sanctioned terrorism.

If Page and and the young lady want to recite bad poetry to each other that’s their business.

If the people behind Twitter et al want to make money by ginning up the mob to cyber lynch and burn people at a cyber stake, that’s entirely different and should alarm anyone with a conscience.

Of course that’s a smaller crowd and since they don’t generate cash from clicks, no one give’s a fuck what they think.


*We guess that Page’s free pass is down to a few basic issues: He’s old and packed in a kind of nostalgia-heavy cultural aspic.

If you’re old enough to remember Zeppelin you’re too old to care.

And he’s financially secure by which we mean he’s financially independent and not locked into clickbait.

However, take note of Disney/Marvel’s use of The Immigrant Song and a twee joke in the most recent Spider Man film.

While selling themselves as Woke, Disney/Marvel made use of the work of a man who could easily fit into the Polanski zone.

And as with the selling of Wonder Woman as New Wave Feminist Icon, one must take into account the power of money and patronage.

What’s that you say?

Harvey Weinstein!?!

Never heard of him.



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