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Sexual Harassment at The Chicago Symphony Orchestra

On June 8th 2017 The Ink reported the story of systemic sexual harassment at the fundraising office of The Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

This involved repeated attempts by a manager to coerce young women into physically intimate interactions in exchange for a chance to receive consistent commissions on solicitations from Symphony patrons. A refusal by the women was met with increased hostility, diminished access to legitimate leads and then punishment for failing to achieve “satisfactory” levels of sales resulting in their being fired.

The manager in question was consistently observed engaging in inappropriate physical contact, was consistently verbally demeaning and on multiple occasions engaged in episodes of screaming and using threatening language against the staff.

A second manager at the CSO was informed of the harassment, and multiple media outlets were contacted and told they could speak on the record with the primary whistleblower (whose information led to a corollary ongoing investigation into corrupt fundraising at the CSO), the individual making the accusations about having been sexually harassed and three other eyewitnesses who observed the harassment.

The CSO manager refused to discuss the issue. Attorneys consulted stated that they believed the harassment occurred but such cases were notoriously expensive to litigate and due to the lack of financial resources would not take the case. And to date, of the more than a dozen media outlets contacted not a single one has bothered to report on the story despite being provided with the names and contact information of multiple witnesses.

We draw your attention to the fact that the New York Times reporter who first investigated Harvey Weinstein is now claiming that her work was spiked by the Times due to pressure applied by Weinstein and of course we draw your attention to the unfolding saga of the accusations against Weinstein.

Our protections are only as strong as the people responsible for standing the watch.

How Do you Know they’ll Print It? Does The NY Times Kills Stories for its Friends or ignores stories that don’t fit their agenda of what constitutes “all the news that’s fit to print?” Or is it a matter of the victims or their abusers needing to be famous enough to generate enough clicks to rise to the level of being “news?”

Update: 10/10/17

Claim and counterclaim. See the details here as denials are made by The Times and others.

Update: 9/1/18

Eventually the media, having attempted everything else, will get around to doing the right thing and will have no choice but to report on DCM and the CSO.
In light of that interested parties may consider the following:

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