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Last Train out of Petrograd. Dianne Feinstein Considers Buying a Toga Factory and Another Term in The Senate.

If there is anything in American politics more pathetic and emblematic of the spiritual bankruptcy of the Democratic Party, than an aristocratic liberal, we are unaware of it.

Displaying the self-awareness of a pox-riddled British lord or a Romanov princess, Senator Feinstein has hinted she may yet seek a sixth term in the Senate. The Duchess of California is 84. Were she to win and finish her service she would be 90 at the end of her term.

But surely, we hear you say, there are plenty of people that age who still have their wits about them.

No, there are not plenty of people that age who have their wits about them and more importantly this is the same spineless imitation human who just a few weeks ago said, she hoped Trump could learn and grow and become an effective president.

Speaking at the Herbst Theater for an event sponsored by the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, The Duchess said:

“The question is whether he can learn and change… If so, I believe he can be a good president.”

Feinstein is the sort of dowager who would find herself on a train platform in Petrograd, surrounded by her servants, her borzois, her Hermes luggage and her family jewels sewn into her ermine muff, wondering how it all went so wrong. She would be irritated that the train is late. She would be irritated that her intimate friend and whist partner, the Count of Bullshit has sent word he will be delayed and will meet her in Paris. She is irritated that her letters to her cousin in England the Earl of Horse-Cocks has not written back regarding the position of His Majesty’s government on the funding of a division of White Russian emigres. After all, the peasants must be looked after, the children must be given shoes and an education and the godless hordes must be defeated.

But first a kind word to the demented Czar who she hopes will learn and grow and become an effective leader. In the meantime there is a toga factory in Indonesia. It employs children. It teaches them useful skills. She likes children. And where is that damn train?–politics.html

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