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Las Vegas. Shadow and Fog and the New American Fascists.

Expanding our examination of the mass shooting in Las Vegas within the context of the fascist wing of the Republican Party’s deliberate passive aggressive non-response/response we want to consider the rise of denials and accusations of “false flag operations” leveled by pro-gun militants.

Most notably in the aftermath of Sandy Hook accusations and videos emerged claiming that the event(s) reported were not only fake but were part of an elaborate, covert government false flag operation designed to legitimize efforts at gun control. This also occurred after the Boston Marathon bombings and is a regular feature of what sadly have become the regular features of domestic terrorism in the United States.

This strategy and phenomenon has two overlapping aspects.

First it speaks to the terminal lack of moral authority possessed by the government. Precisely because the government has so often engaged in false flag operations and deception (from Tonkin Gulf to Watergate to MK Ultra, the syphilis experiments, the radiation experiments, etc) it has made itself susceptible to charges of fabrication.

The facts of the government’s corruption, mendacity and blunt force trauma in the service of immoral covert operations like Operation Condor and lies about WMD, and support for tyrannical despotic and sadistic regimes, for which no one has ever been held accountable, leave the government sounding in its moments of defense not just like the boy who cried wolf but the boy who cried wolf while dressed as a wolf who has been caught holding a dead wolf cub and a steel trap with a bloody paw in the teeth.

The second aspect is an example of the fascist tribalism of the right wing of the Republican party and the NRA/Bund. It is the adaptation of the Nazi tactic known as shadow and fog.

The Nazis believed that only outright brutalization would be an effective tool in combatting and eliminating resistance both morally and practically. Foregoing the idea of hard labor or penal servitude because they suggested a trajectory of eventual rehabilitation they decided that death was to be the one and only response to any and all acts or suggestions of resistance. But in addition to this they decided to include a program of psychological warfare aimed at keeping their opponents in a debilitating state of uncertainty. This was called shadow and fog and was based on the sudden, shocking forced disappearance of their enemies in conjunction with a blanket refusal to discuss anything that might shed light on the fate of the disappeared. The shadow was always watchful and the fog always concealing and terror was always present, always a potential force that could emerge without warning from the shadows and fog and then retreat leaving behind paralyzing uncertainty.

The denial of certainty, and assaults orchestrated by the pro-gun Bund are essentially the same tactic with the same goal – the elimination of a morally cohesive response and an attempt to delegitimize both the government and civil society.

In conjunction with the deliberate refusal to take action the Republican fascists and their fellow travelers and assorted useful idiots in the commentariat are engaged in a dedicated, premeditated program of destabilization designed to collapse the government’s ability to act as both impartial but moral arbiter of the commons, as enforcer of a level playing field (i.e. justice is blind and therefore fair and balanced) but also to delegitimize the ability and the right of the public to effect change.

Refusing to provide safety eats away at not only the practical facts of participation in society (attending a rally or a concert) but it eats away at the ideals and conceptions we take for granted as being the bedrock assumptions of what it means to live in a free, open, pluralistic democratic republic.

The idea is to strip government of any function except opaque labyrinths of bureaucratic conformity that serve to exhaust resistance and lube the pathways of wealth-based exploitation and overwhelming force in the service of a kleptocracy both at home and abroad.

These are the tactics of fascists. These are the ideals of atavistic tribalists committed to the destruction of the Bill of Rights and the establishment of a perpetual state of emergency held in place by hostile rhetoric, and the prospect of catastrophic violence and terror.

There was an act of catastrophic domestic terror in Las Vegas.

Denial is a continuation of that terror. It is complicit in what occurred and it is complicit in what could occur. It is the American form of Holocaust Denial and it is just as evil in its goals.

Resistance is essential.

Resistance is moral.

Resistance is the obligation of a patriot.


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