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A Brief Note on Having the Wrong Audience.

The Ink is both amused and somewhat chagrined to see that since it posted an article on the Chinese fetish for going to North Korea to gawk at the impoverished and desperate

the blog has been visited by numerous people in search of…Chinese and Korean porn.

One of the interesting features of WordPress is that, when it can, it displays to the blogger the search terms used and with how much frequency by people searching for everything from how to wax a surfboard to the dialectics of The Marx Brothers.

So, we find it amusing that so many people keep searching for what they like but, we assume much to their irritation, find that instead of Mz. Zhang’s Caged Heat or Hot Commissars of Pyongyang, they get instead, a screed about the absurdities of a tourism industry predicated on a poverty fetish.

We here at The Ink are not condemning the searchers. And we wish them luck in finding what they’re after. As that noted connoisseur of the erotic, Humbert Humbert said: A fetish of a thousand miles begins with one search engine.

Update: 10/24/17. The Ink has changed the title of the piece in question and has done so as kind of public service. We hope that those going in search of “Hot Commissars of Pyongyang” will find what they’re looking for…elsewhere.

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