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David Simon Drops a Deuce: The Intercept releases new information from Edward Snowden.

Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept have published a new set of documents from Edward Snowden revealing details about the government’s illegal mass surveillance program.

In light of this The Ink asks: Is it time for David Simon to issue a public apology to Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald? Simon denounced Greenwald and managed to ride two horses with one ass by claiming that while mass surveillance would inevitably lead to abuse it was necessary and the government could be trusted to maintain effective oversight of the intelligence agencies except for when it couldn’t and besides, there’s no proof of any abuse. Except of course for the fact that the mass collection of private data is by definition illegal. And a clear and present danger to freedom. And thus, abusive.

(For a deep dive into Simon’s collaborationist rhetoric see the link below)

And let’s not forget that Simon called Greenwald and The Guardian* hysterics who could not be trusted precisely because they had done what journalists are supposed to do: Report the facts. Something Simon, a former journalist, might want to remember.

So, about that apology.

The Ink believes it’s well past time.

*This is a reference to the past when The Guardian still had a spine and journalistic ethics.

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