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Trump vs The Generals. Is “President” Trump In Charge of Anything?

Following North Korea’s launch of a missile that flew across Northern Japan “President” Trump announced that talking to North Korea was “not the answer” to the ongoing crisis. Immediately after that the Secretary of Defense, James Mattis (one of the three generals/ex generals that form the junta co-running the government) contradicted the “President” and said, “We’re never out of diplomatic solutions.”

The crisis that is the Trump regime has clearly metastasized and now in addition to the general breakdown in standard government operations we can add that Trump is clearly no longer in charge. The generals are engaged in extra-constitutional control, and that the longer they continue to operate as the blunt end of the counter-coup (backed by the military, the intelligence agencies, and elements in the House and Senate and their financial loan sharks) the further we slip into the death spiral of what little remains of the republic.

To further complicate the crisis and to add fuel to the dumpster fire that is the government, the generals, while operating as a break on Trump’s Caligula-esque impulses and his natural tendencies towards dictatorship, are also not firmly in control either. That they exert power and some control is clear. However, what happens if there is a serious provocation by North Korea or some non-state actor is cloudy at best. For example, what if the next North Korean missile breaks up over Japan? What if North Korea again strikes a South Korean naval vessel?

It is not at all far fetched to envision a scenario in which Trump is “quarantined” and given a script to read or is suddenly “incapacitated” by an “illness” leaving the generals and Mike Pence (and the intelligence chiefs and their part-time allies in the House and the Senate) to restore order.

Donald Trump is “President” in something approximating name only.

The republic is on life-support.

Read an account of the situation here:


Update: 8/31/17.

Secretary of Defense clarifies his previous statement and says direct talks out of the question but sanctions represent diplomatic or non-violent means to contain, control, or convince North Korea to change its course.

See details here:

Update: 9/3/17

CNN correspondent calls statement on North Korea by Secretary of Defense and chairman of Joint Chiefs “unprecedented” – as Trump does not speak but general’s do.

and make White House on camera nuke statement. Unprecedented.. Both acknowledge being adverse to appearing on TV news.”

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