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The Slow Motion Counter Coup: Sebastian Gorka Receives Political Guillotine.

Sebastian Gorka, self described Alpha Male and neo-fascist, has been sent off by the sharp point of the junta.

Chief of Staff, former general John Kelly, has had Gorka removed from his position as Trump’s brown shirt and amateur anti-terrorism adviser.

Following on from the ouster of libertine neo-fascist Steve Bannon, Gorka’s removal represents the ongoing, slow motion counter-coup against the installation of the Trump regime.

Operating as the sharp end of the Senate, the intelligence community, the House and Wall Street, the generals (Kelly, Mattis, McMaster) are working to reestablish the traditional operating procedures of the government.

One would assume Bannon’s mini-me, Steven Miller is either going to be able to stay and become a ghost wandering the halls or should be updating his resume.

Read about Gorka’s removal here:


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