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Democrat Adam Schiff needs more people to be murdered before he says Trump has to go.

Speaking from the prone position Democrats use when engaged in expressing their principles, Congressman Schiff said in an interview with CNN, that it is too early to invoke the 25th Amendment in order to remove Trump.

From the Washington Post:

“The congressman said there is “a broadening recognition that there are some serious issues with our president that aren’t going to go away, that aren’t going to get better, and indeed with the pressures of the job, may very well get worse.”

Schiff, however, said he does not agree with some fellow Democrats who have argued that it’s time to invoke the 25th Amendment, which gives the vice president and eight Cabinet members the authority to unilaterally force the president from office if they deem him “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

On the one hand Schiff says things can and probably will get worse with Trump. For example the Nazis could run over people with a tank or a train. On the other hand the removal of Gruppenfuhrer Bannon should be the beginning of the house cleaning resulting in an expansion of the junta which will further reduce Trump to an ersatz version of a figurehead combining the best elements of King George III and Caligula. To be fair Schiff didn’t actually refer to it as a junta. To be honest that’s what he’s talking about.

He continues:

“I think for that reason at a minimum, we need the very best people around him in the White House,” Schiff said of Trump.

In the wake of the ouster last week of White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon, Schiff said he’d like to see others depart. He named Stephen Miller, Trump’s senior policy adviser, and Sebastian Gorka, a deputy assistant to the president who often speaks out on foreign policy.

“So, yes, I think there’s more cleaning house that ought to take place,” Schiff said.”

What Schiff means of course is that decapitating the fascists by removing Trump is too risky because of North Korea, etc. He also means, to be honest about what’s involved, that he’s telling Heather Heyer’s family to rub some dirt in it and walk if off because there’s bigger issues to consider.

Of course this is how politicians always justify what everyone else calls being a cold blooded sociopath. The politicians will tell you to see the big picture which somehow always seems to involve someone other than them being killed. What Schiff also means is that the strategy, as such, is to force the incompetent fascists out and to install more military and establishment professionals to ensure Trump does as he’s told and pray that either a moderate republican or a democrat can win the White House in 2020. Or to at least get across the bridge to 2018 and the predicted democratic sweep of the House. That in turn will either set the stage for impeachment or de facto impeachment as every and all Trump legislative initiatives will be dead on arrival.

Congressman Neville Chamberlain was unavailable for comment.

Profiles in courage. Read it here:

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