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Fascist Steve Bannon Has a Bridge to Sell.

In need of a human fire extinguisher Trump has pointed Gruppenführer Bannon at the flames in a desperate effort to appease the traditional non-fascist wing of the republican party. In an interview just released Bannon repudiates the “ethno-nationalists” as “losers.”

This is an obvious bid to stop the collapse of the regime in the face of the reality that Trump is an insane bigot who by all rights should be screaming at kids to get off his lawn and calling the local paper to say Jake Tapper is sending secret transmissions to him through his television.

Instead, he is the president of the United States and Steve Bannon, the lizard king of the neo-fascists has offered up the disenfranchised Trump base to the altar of Wall Street. That’s the short term strategy. Stop the bleeding caused by Trump’s rambling, vile defense of murder and Nazis marching in the streets of an American city. Appease the Senate, the House and the donors, and the businessmen. Give the media something else to focus on.

To show how reasonable he is Bannon also pivoted away from Trump’s Dr. Strangelove threats to burn the planet in radioactive fire. Then Bannon added he is after China. That will he hopes, allow Trump to continue to be Trump while Bannon can continue to work on the destruction of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the nation. That’s the long term strategy. Talking about trade with China, disavowing fascist street thugs and war with North Korea suggests Bannon is reasonable and that along with the Generals he will keep Trump on his leash, if not his meds. And in doing so he gives the whores in the House and the Senate cover so they don’t have to actually denounce Trump as the malignant troll he is.

But it is all a shabby, transparent, cynical con job.

Donald Trump is insane; a racist, misogynistic thug and wholly owned subsidiary of Putin Incorporated. And Steve Bannon is a libertine neo-fascist rat fucker.

Don’t fall for it.

Read the article here:

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