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On the Moral Necessity of a General Strike to Remove Donald Trump from the Presidency.

Donald Trump poses an existential threat to the nation. Denial of climate change and the capture of the Republican Party, and government by oligarchs, marketers, and neo-fascists as well as the collapse of the Democratic Party into a whiter shade of pale imitators of the Republicans has brought us all to the brink of catastrophe.

  1. Donald Trump is clearly insane. He is an unhinged megalomaniacal demagogue and neo-fascist utterly incapable of moderating himself and utterly incapable of accepting responsibility for his actions. His denial of climate change poses a direct threat to life on the planet. His incoherent rambling squirming defense of fascists, his attempts to establish moral parity between fascists and those protesting against them are a direct threat to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Further, his failure to condemn domestic terror groups and his attempts to legitimize them provide evidence that he has betrayed his oath of office and poses a clear and present danger to the nation. These actions are clear evidence of his mental instability and clearly establish grounds to impeach him by invoking the 25th Amendment.
  2. Steve Bannon is a cultist, neo-fascist thug with no experience in government who poses a dangerous threat to the essential stability of the White House and by extension the essential stability of the government. His embrace of the neo-fascist bund, and his refusal to disavow the neo-fascist wing of the Republican Party is as dangerous a threat to the nation as any terrorist organization or rogue state. His access to the president and presidential power is a direct threat to national security. Trump’s selection of Bannon further establishes that he is unfit to hold the office of President and even if Bannon is removed Trump is still tainted by having chosen him,
  3. The moral failure of the Republican establishment – specifically Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan – is in the face of the above threats, as dangerous and reprehensible as the appeasement of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.
  4. The “we’re capitalist get used to it” arrogance, and spineless quasi-antagonistic limp resistance of the Democratic Party represents a complete forfeiture of the moral authority required to lead.
  5. Reliance on generals both in and out of uniforms to keep Trump from starting a nuclear war or engaging in potentially catastrophic military adventures poses a clear and present danger to what remains of constitutional government.
  6. Protests, while morally righteous, will provide the neo-fascists with opportunities to commit additional acts of terrorism which will in turn provide the government with an excuse to declare a state of emergency and suspend civil liberties. Anyone who thinks Bannon and the other fascists have not considered this as means to achieving their goal of unimpeded power is whistling past the graveyard.
  7. The power of the people lies in the power of the wallet. Stop paying the government to spy on you with slave manufactured government sanctioned tracking devices. Stop going to work. Stop paying your rent. Stop participating in supporting corporations that are engaged in Global Warming-Genocide.
  8. Demand that wealthy liberals and people of means and conscience commit to the strike and provide financial support to a nation-wide strike fund.
  9. Churches and Synagogues and Mosques, which are under direct threat from the neo Nazis should provide safety and services to the winder community regardless of faith.
  10. Demand the impeachment of Trump under the provisions of the 25th
  11. Demand the resignation of any and all members of the House and the Senate who do not demand the impeachment of Trump.

Cowards collaborate with the regime. Patriots resist.

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