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If Adam Sandler Made a Movie About Storming the Barricades…Some Brief Notes on Chapo Trap House (Part 1)

So apparently the revolution will be led by three White dudes from Brooklyn, whose idea of social change is based on a Lord of the Flies atavism with liner notes by Krupskaya.

if podcast 121 is an example of what they’re about the left remains, fucked, puerile, simplistic, bitchy, arrogant, and condescending, though not necessarily in that order.

And a sampling of the wit (we use the word loosely and provisionally) of these three revolutionary firebrands: like you know…like…like…you know like complexity on today’s podcast…this like you know if you could like talk about Syria…like it could totally get out of hand and…like you know…Trump…like attacked Mika…and like who cares because Joe and Mika…like they are like totally awful and like let’s hit some low hanging fruit…healthcare for everyone…and our name is like totally cool like it’s like a reference to a drug dealer’s stash house…see we’re White but we’re hip to what goes down…unlike the rest of you squares…healthcare…healthcare…Adorno, Breaking Bad, Gramsci like, like…

not that we have a plan* to deal with the corrupt gerrymandered house, or the decadent depraved whore house and gentleman’s club called the Senate, or the Stasi, who surely have arrested at least some of Chapo Trap House’s friends and turned them into informants.


So imagine three dudes passing a bong back and forth, while rereading the same sentence from Foucault seventeen times because they keep getting lost and keep repeating things they think are funny and brilliant…

but…like you know…the mass media is bad…Chomsky…Adorno…like (insert obscure reference to Walter Benjamin)…like you know…Horkheimer…like…foreign policy is a joke and invading Iraq Libya neo-liberal scum like…Hillary is bad…Hillary…Hillary…(powerful women make me feel funny)…if we were in charge everything would be better and from the crooked timber of history is bourgeois crap because we have truth by the balls…

cause there’s more of us then them (@43.43 – podcast 121) and they have to like defer to us…because they have to…and we’re soo fucking radical…we have a podcast…

and so it goes…

Three White boys in Brooklyn crack “jokes” about loading public intellectuals into exile…the crude fascist thug rears his head (@25.30 – podcast 121)…and they think it’s funny that Lenin forced dissident intellectuals to choose silence exile or death.

They think it’s funny to imagine firing Malcolm Gladwell into the sun…yes Malcolm Gladwell is a pinhead but he is entitled to write and speak and threatening him and making jokes about sending people into exile is an example of why you will always fail-especially when the truth is you have neither the balls or the organization to make it happen.

The fact that the right is corrupt, moronic and covered in other people’s blood does not and cannot ever exonerate anyone else’s fascism, which brings us to question of revolutionary terror. Three white boys in Brooklyn are going to get organized and be part of a movement that is alright with mass executions?


and the response: um like you know calm down it’s just a joke…you know locker room banter…

except it’s not a joke…(@53.42 – podcast 121 – he’s not joking)

yeah…three smarmy bitchy White boys in Brooklyn with their faux Trotskyite fanboy hypocrisy…as if Adam Sandler made a movie about storming the barricades…

obviously the establishment has nothing to fear…


*It was the same problem with Saint Bernie. When asked exactly how a pseudo-leftist was actually going to defeat the entrenched power of the ruling class and it’s tools (corrupt gerrymandered House and the decadent senile neo-fascist aristocratic Senate and the Stasi and the corrupt corporate media) the answer was always the same: Screaming at anyone who asked – Low Information Voter! – followed by empty rhetoric, pleas for faith, references to leftists writers you’ve never read, and what was going to happen when the right and the media painted Bernie as a fucking Bolshevik JEW who wants your money? (just like when they screamed that Jefferson was going to confiscate all the bibles) The establishment would scream, Bernie Bolshevik until America’s ears squirted blood…

for that they never have an answer.

Revolutions are violent and like every other human action, are full of contradictions. Something CTH seems to not understand and is apparently a concept for which they have contempt.

A man must be allowed, said a famous junkie, to contradict himself.

Unless, hipster armchair revolutionaries have their way, and then everyone will just have to walk the straight and narrow, and do as they’re told.


Note: In contrast to the foul adolescent atavism of Chapo Trap House (with it’s faux leftist grab’m by the pussy humor) and the extent to which The Guardian and other media are complicit in elevating their status and providing them with credibility, it is worthwhile to consider some comments from someone with actual experience of revolutionary violence, here writing about literature in the period from just before The first World War to the beginning of the Second. The line – necessary murder is from Auden:

“But notice the phrase ‘necessary murder’. It could only be written by a person to whom murder is at most a WORD. Personally I would not speak so lightly of murder. It so happens that I have seen the bodies of numbers of murdered men–I don’t mean killed in battle, I mean murdered. Therefore I have some conception of what murder means–the terror, the hatred, the howling relatives, the post-mortems, the blood, the smells. To me, murder is something to be avoided. So it is to any ordinary person…So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.”

The entire piece can be read here:























































































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