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New Questions in Chicago Symphony Orchestra Fundraising Scandal.

As The Ink has reported, DCM Telefunding, the fundraiser for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and dozens of other major non profit art organizations, has been under investigation by the Illinois Attorney General’s Office for Charitable Trusts.

The investigation has centered on allegations of fraud (including presenting corporate donors like Bank of America and CVS with inflated donor lists) ignoring the Do Not Call List (and harassing donors with repeated calls for money) and the hiring of notorious serial fraudster, Jacqueline Berkaw.

See our previous posts here:

But now, The Ink can report that the ghost of Berkaw still haunts the CSO.

A visit to the CSO job opportunity webpage reveals that Berkaw, or someone using her email, is the go-to contact for potential employees in DCM’s telefundraising office at Symphony Center.

Either the CSO is just being lazy (or consistent as when they were told that Berkaw was a convicted serial fraudster the response from the Board of Directors was – not our problem!) and still wondering when tea will be served, or, Berkaw’s replacement, Don Anthony, is using her email which raises several questions:

Is Berkaw replacement and corporate weasel, Don Anthony forwarding emails to Berkaw?

Is Berkaw still involved with the CSO?

Is she still involved with the telefunding office?

And most importantly: Does she still have access to donor credit cards?

Is she, as has been reported, now working for DCM’s office at The Houston Ballet? (with access to thousands of credit cards?)

Here’s the link (scroll to the bottom of the page):

If you or anyone you know has provided a credit card to the CSO or its subcontractor DCM Telefunding, you might want to contact the CSO and DCM and ask them why they hired Berkaw? Did she have a background check, (and if so was it ignored?) did she steal any credit cards, does the CSO have information about that it hasn’t made public and…why is Berkaw’s email address still on the CSO’s page?

Why not contact CSO President Jeff Alexander and ask him.

Or contact DCM and ask them if they ever conducted a background check on Berkaw and if not, why not and if they did, why did they hire her? And then ask them if they have any information on her access to donor credit cards.

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