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The Mysterious and the Serious at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Sources report to The Ink that unidentified men and women, described as very serious, devoid of humor, charm or goodwill, paid a visit to Symphony Center last week and made DCM manager Don Anthony run back and forth from the call center to answer questions from the visitors.

Described as frantic, stressed, and under enormous pressure, Anthony, already up to his gills with issues stemming from the corrupt reign of his predecessor, Berkaw, was reduced to the emotional consistency of a jellyfish.

And the visitors?

The Ink concludes they were not DCM lawyers as it is unlikely the CSO would allow them into Symphony Center. Further, The Ink also believes it is unlikely they were CSO lawyers who surely would have hauled Anthony in to a meeting at a less open location.

Which leaves lawyers from the Illinois Attorney General’s Office for Charitable Trusts.

But for all we know there is another explanation.

Perhaps they were lawyers or investigators from the I.R.S.?

Or a roving gang of Seminarians…or management consultants…or Knights who say…nee…

Regardless, the plot, as they say, has thickened.

There are few things more gruesome than a man whose moral spine is melting because he’s being ground into dust on account of having been stupid enough to try and snatch a giant’s magic beans. Or has been accused of sexual harassment and of hiring someone with multiple felony convictions for drug sales and a conviction for illegally having a gun.

As we mentioned earlier watch for DCM and the CSO to try and blame anyone but themselves and with Don Anthony being the weakest link on the corporate food chain it makes sense for him to be the person they designate for target practice and being attached to the third rail of public blame and shame.

But of course, if that turns out to be true, watch for Anthony to cooperate and…name names…and, lawyer up.

Updates as they become available.

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