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Through a Glassdoor…Darkly

The Ink is amused to report the following:

A correspondent reports that a review was posted on about the atrocious working conditions at DCM’s Chicago office – at Symphony Center.

The review stated that: DCM Telemarketing was under investigation by the Illinois State Attorney General’s Office for Charitable Trusts and that…DCM had hired Jacqueline Berkaw, and that Berkaw had a notorious criminal background that made it illegal for her to work in fundraising. Additionally the review pointed out that DCM and the CSO had instructed callers to ignore do not call requests because it was the time of year when the CSO was approaching its corporate clients for money and had to show them that the CSO “community” was alive and well and growing…or at least not on life-support.

Well Glassdoor must have heard from someone who doesn’t want the public to know the truth because our correspondent received a drone-generated email saying the review did not abide by “community standards.”

So our correspondent rewrote the review and informs The Ink they received the following response:

“We determined your review does not meet these guidelines because we believe it may disclose trade secrets or other confidential, internal company information that we don’t allow on our site.”

Perhaps DCM and Glassdoor are confused.

They seem to be under the impression that the Attorney General’s Office of Illinois is one of their subsidiaries.

Or perhaps they believe that information delivered by a whistleblower, to the state authorities is somehow a violation of “trade secrets” or is “confidential” or strictly confined to the gangsters who work for the company and can not be shared with the state agency that is empowered to oversee fundraisers doing business in the state of Illinois?

So to review: Glassdoor and DCM believe you are not allowed to know that DCM is being investigated for possible fraud, illegally hiring criminals, and being a gang of maggot-infested malignant trolls.

Ok, The Ink admits it made up that last part.

DCM is absolutely not being investigated for being a gang of maggot-infested malignant trolls.

After all, why would anyone bother to look into that?


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